50 Percent Raw 100 Percent Healthy

Spaghetti and Tomatoes

Chapter 1: Introduction The book 50 percent raw is written to tell readers about how they can improve their health by switching completely, or partially to raw foods. However, as per the author’s disclaimer, this book is made for the general audience and is not to be confused with health books. Raw … Read more

Raw Food on a Budget – Book Review

Raw Food on a Budget

The raw food diet is quite popular nowadays; it is similar to what most people call veganism because this diet also majorly deals with fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts. While raw food diet has several health benefits, it is still hard to get your hands on raw food while staying on … Read more

How to Adopt Minimalism

minimalist desk

Becoming a minimalist, or a person that is not living in excess and tries to live with as few items as possible at home, can be quite difficult. Most of us have become accustomed to buying frequently, and the constant purchases could only lead us to have more clutter or unnecessary items … Read more

How to Make a Small Space Seem Larger

living room

If you’re a student who lives in a dorm or someone who lives in an over-priced apartment in a metropolitan area, you probably know about the struggles of having small rooms. Where you have bedrooms that are barely large enough to fit a bed in, in such cases, the living room has … Read more

How to Stay Organized Living in a Small Apartment

A tidy living room

Living on your own can be a scary thought. No matter the reasons, you are enjoying yourself in your family house one day, and the next, you are struggling to cram everything in your small new apartment. Small apartments are nothing new, but they are necessary these days. There is not enough … Read more

How to Repurpose Old Soap?

soap bars

Soaps tend to be fast disintegrating household items. After a month or so of usage, all that you are left with is a piece the size of a silver dollar or a few silvers stuck to the edge of the tub. While this calls for replacing the soap with a new one, … Read more

Top 10 Dishwashers

A MOOSOO countertop plus built-in dishwasher

Dishwashers are a must-have application for a busy household. And that must-have rating jumps higher the more people that live in that house. Not only do dishwashers save you a lot of time and busywork that would be spent on scrubbing plate after plate and mug after mug, they are also better … Read more

Tips for Getting Laundry Done Quicker

folding clothes

Doing laundry is considered to be one of the most time-consuming chores to do at home, as most people would take hours to finish the task. The time-consuming aspect of doing laundry usually comes from the many processes that are a part of it, and these processes include sorting clothes, washing, drying, … Read more

The Only Small Appliances You Need at College

a bedroom of a hostel

College life is a testing time for all. The new environment and the burden to live on your own add up to the ever-existent pressure of studies. Every student tries to pack as much as possible to prepare for the new experience ahead. However, the dorms are not designed to fit each … Read more

Essential List for a Puppy

a white puppy

Similar to how new parents prepare to welcome their child, there is a list of items that pet parents have to get before welcoming their baby. From making sure that there is no hazard in the home for your little pup to ensure the availability of all the necessities, the to-do list … Read more


DRY MEASURE CONVERSION CHART Use the volume converter for the conversion of teaspoons to tablespoons and ounces to cups and other measurements. Dry measurements are not typically used in USA recipes. Those from the USA generally measure ingredients by volume rather than by weight. If you ever wondered what made the difference … Read more

Top Life Hacks to Stay Cool During Summer

Sure, summers mean the fun-filled beach trips and pool parties, but they also accompany excessive sweating from head to toe. This year, beat the heat with these cool life hacks that will make summer a lot more bearable and cooler. Get yourselves ready for beating the heat and not letting it take … Read more

The Top 5 Chess Tutors For Learning Chess

Chess is a popular strategical board game played all around the world. Some people can’t get enough of it, and some can neither make heads nor tails of it. Like any intelligently devised board game chess is easy to learn but hard to master. And if you’re determined, you can make a … Read more

The Essential Items You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep

screenshot of men sleeping on a bed

Whether you’re a true morning person or a natural night owl, you’ll occasionally find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. While switching off Netflix, avoiding late-afternoon Red Eyes, and doing yoga before bed can help calm your senses, many individuals still find it challenging to close their eyes (and sleep … Read more

Best Air Quality Monitors – A Buying Guide

An air quality monitor showing data related to air pollutants along with temperature and humidity of the air

As this world is moving on to making groundbreaking discoveries and inventions that are completely changing the whole outlook of life, little could be done to eradicate pollution from the air. Air is what we breathe in and feed to our lungs. If the quality of air is compromised somehow, you can … Read more

The Essential Items You Need For a Home Gym

The Essential Items You Need For a Home Gym

There’s no doubt about: having a dedicated gym at your apartment or home has a big positive effect on your physical and mental health. You can exercise at any time of the day, without needing to account for commute costs from and to the gym. You also don’t need to pack a … Read more

The Only Things You Need to Set Up a Home Office

Man working on a laptop in an home office

With the recent leaps in communication technology, the ability and opportunity to work from home has become possible for many workers. This is quite a positive trend, as working remotely gives us the chance to have flexible schedules and a comfortable environment. However, it can also be easier to get distracted when … Read more

Best Culinary Torches: A Buying Guide

using a culinary torch to heat different food items

Most of us love cooking and are experts in what we do, but one thing that might be keeping you away from becoming a professional chef is that Gordon Ramsey finesse, that professional touch, or that presentation. Now, how to imitate that finesse and touch is the real question. Among a plethora … Read more

Things You Should Pack At A Moment’s Notice

A man at an airport with a suitcase

An emergency can manifest itself at any moment. Be it an evacuation or a visit to a far away funeral, an urgent need to leave the house can leave a person disoriented and confused. You may not think straight and might forget to pack important things. You may completely overlook vital items … Read more

Best Self Stirring Mugs

A self stirring mug by Evelots stirring coffee

Self-care is as important as your daily meals. It is not equivalent to being selfish at all. In this time and era, technology provides us with so many ways to take care of ourselves and make our lives easier. Take an example of mug warmers. Who would have thought that their drink … Read more

Best Office Gadgets to Boost Productivity

A person sitting in his office in a relaxed position

Are you a happy morning person or an annoyed one? Do you like mingling with your co-workers as soon as you reach or do you need some time alone until you have had your morning coffee? Are you a popular person in your office who has those cute little desk gadgets that … Read more

The Best Massage Chairs: A Buying Guide

a woman resting on a brown recliner massage chair

You can’t deny the fact that getting a massage after a long tiring day can be very relaxing. If you are a job person, you won’t have the time and energy to go to a massage parlor after spending so much time at work. Massage chairs are comfortable and cozy chairs that … Read more

Best Mug Warmers: A Buying Guide

A mug warmer sitting in the cup holder of a car

Undoubtedly, it is a universal phenomenon that everyone prefers their coffee or tea hot. We witness people all around us, snugly holding onto their cup of coffee or tea to take its warmth in. That is what the real essence of having a coffee is – you sip it in slowly and … Read more

Best Garage Floor Tiles and Mats

A person installing a floor mat in the garage

Its easy to recognize the importance of flooring for garages. It undergoes high pressure due to heavy vehicle movements frequently. The floor of your garage can get stained easily, making your garage look unattractive. Although there are a lot of options available when it comes to garage floor tiles and mats, not … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Saving Time in the Kitchen

a woman cutting bell peppers with a knife on a cutting board

People today have extremely hectic and busy schedules. We are often running late on time and struggle to meet our deadlines. Chores stay pending while we scroll through social media seeing the latest updates. Our lives today are so caught up that we usually don’t have time for things with lengthy and … Read more

Ten Ways to Reduce Cooking Time

Ten Ways to Reduce Cooking Time

Cooking at home saves both money and calories, along with making sure you control the ingredients that go into each meal. Still, many people might simply not have time to cook a hot meal from scratch three times a day. The good news is, they don’t really have to. Experienced home cooks … Read more

Ten Easy Ways to Organize A Party

a picture of a table during a party with refreshments and drinks

Everybody loves throwing a party. The food, the games, meeting friends and unwinding are all the best parts of organizing your party. If you have a huge circle of friends, throwing big, lavish parties also makes sure you stay connected with the people in your circle. But the effort it takes to … Read more

Easy to Make Salad Ideas

Two bowls of salad

Losing weight is an important goal for many of us, but it can be hard to stick to a proper diet plan. The tried and tested way for sustainable weight loss is to consume fewer calories, eat healthier, and exercise more often. Again, this can be quite difficult with our busy lifestyles. … Read more

Essential Items You Need For Any Great Birthday Party

A round birthday cake with decorative candles all lit up

Birthdays are special times of the year. There is cake, there are presents, and most importantly of all, there are friends and family, present and happy in commemorating the day of your birth. Most of all, birthdays signify the passage of time natural for all living things and mark another year of … Read more

How To Peel Potatoes Fast

closeup of a few peeled potatoes kept in a bowl

We all love food, don’t we? Eating good food is a delight for the taste buds. But if you are a homemaker, the efforts that go into cooking a wholesome, fulfilling meal for your family can at times be exhausting; and if you have to do it daily, it just becomes all … Read more

Best High-quality Travel Electronic Organizers

an electronic accessories travel organizer with cables and chargers

Remember the last time you were on a trip and had to charge your phone? The dig in the bag to find and retrieve the charging wire, in many other items, is a daunting and frustrating task. Besides, we all hate the ball of tangles our headphones turn into while being in … Read more

Building Margin in the Life of Your Family

Travel Family Contour Shadow Man

Sometimes life seems like it is going in every direction at the speed of light with no end in sight. It is easy to get overwhelmed and when something unexpected comes up, it can be very difficult to weigh the options of necessary and unnecessary when this happens. Margin refers to the … Read more

The Only Things You Need For A Great Day Out On A Boat

various boats cutting across water

There is a multitude of ways you can spend a day having fun. Perhaps you enjoy taking a helicopter tour of the city, or maybe you head to a nearby park for a nice, relaxing picnic. You could even just go bowling, or perhaps throw a fun filled party at your place. … Read more

Guys’ Grilling Guide

Guys Grilling Guide

Grilling is a simple pleasure that is enjoyed by many. It can be an enjoyable pastime whether one is omnivorous or vegan, whether it is cold or hot outside, and whether you prefer propane or charcoal. If you can eat, you can grill! While many assume dinner when discussing grilling, it is … Read more

Efficient Cleaning Methods: Saving Hours in Minutes

Broom cleaning a brown wooden floor

Cleaning the house can seem like a neverending task, especially when there are kids around. It might seem like you’ve been doing nothing but clearing up clutter, sweeping away debris, and dusting all day long. It might take many long hours of your spare time to get the house looking halfway decent, … Read more

How to Improve Your Home Management Skills

Managing a household can be quite a challenging task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Even somewhat experienced homemakers can find themselves disorganized and falling apart due to certain changes in their lives. This could include moving to a new place, having a new family member in the household, or a … Read more

What is 50 Percent Raw Food Diet?

Dried beans on a plate, with some whole tomatoes on the table

Introduction to Raw Food Diet Introduction Benefits of Eating Raw Food What Eating Raw Food can Do to Your Body Foods to Avoid On A 50 Percent Raw Food Diet Basic Raw Food Groups Tips for Preparing Raw Foods Introduction to the Raw Superfoods Tips for Eating Raw Food on a Budget … Read more

The Challenges (and Perks) for Expats Living in Thailand

Being in another country can be sometimes rewarding and sometimes frustrating. But no doubt about it – it is always an enriching experience. But living in a foreign country (most likely permanently) is otherwise a completely different matter, compared to having a vacation there as a tourist. Building your professional life, raising … Read more

Guide to Laundry Drying Racks

Laundry drying rack

A laundry drying rack can be an important item in your laundry room. You can use it if you want to save money since a dryer is one of the top energy-sucking appliances. During summer or hot days, you can use a drying rack instead to dry your clothes. Aside from that, … Read more

Ideas for Laundry Room Décor

a blue and red laundry room rug with a clothesline design on a wooden floor

Laundry rooms are often overlooked spaces and sometimes they just share a space with a mudroom, a hallway closet, or the kitchen. But isn’t it more enjoyable and easy to do laundry if your laundry room is a pleasant space to be in? Well, not everyone is accustomed to having an entire … Read more

Best Ironing Boards for Travel

Best Ironing Boards for Travel

Ironing our clothes is really important so that we will look presentable when we wear them. However, this can be a difficult task when you travel to different places because aside from needing to have a travel-friendly clothes iron, you also need an ironing board to be able to iron your clothes … Read more

Gift Ideas for Leather Workers and Leather Crafters

Leatherworkers enjoy their craft. There are several reasons why leather is always a popular material to work with, some of them include its durability, versatility, and stylish appearance. A material with such features will always enable a craftsmanto create unique, stunning products he can be proud of any day.So gifting any tool … Read more

Gift Ideas for UFC and MMA Fans

UFC Personal Trainer – Xbox 360

UFC continues to grow in popularity,andthere are fans of the sport everywhere now. You are probably a fan or know someone who is. So, when you are looking items to gift a UFC fan (or yourself) check out these great UFC gift ideas. 1. Boxing Glove Style Stainless Steel Strong Key Holder … Read more