Top 5 Organic Lavender Handmade Soaps


Handmade soaps are the latest à la mode. With every passing day, people now prefer handmade soaps over factory soaps for various reasons. Some look up to them for their aesthetically pleasing looks: several handmade soaps are available in the shapes of cupcakes, ice cream cones, and even fruits and vegetables. Others …

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Best Calily Life Products


In a world with too many choices, the decision-making process can be tough. But if you’re looking for a simple solution for your wellness needs. It can be challenging to find personal care products that can be trusted, but Calily Life can be one of them. What is Calily Life? Calily Life …

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The Best Liquid Mineral Foundations


A mineral foundation is a great natural-based alternative to a regular foundation. Unlike those with traditional formulas, they are mostly made using natural ingredients without any fillers. They are also usually made without using any alcohol, preservatives, talc, and fragrances. This means that they are perfect for every type of skin, including …

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Tips For Selecting Lipstick Shade According To Your Skin Tone

three lipstick in a variety of colors, cosmetics, red, fuschia, dark nude

When we think about makeup, the first thing that comes to mind is lipstick. There are hundreds of different lipsticks available in a variety of tones and finishes, so how to choose lipstick shade might be overwhelming. Adding color to your lips may dramatically alter the appearance of your face. Many hues …

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Guide to Liquid Collagen Drinks

a liquid collagen drink by Heivy

People are always in search of ways on how to live a healthier life. That’s why we often read books and articles and study up on nutrition and macronutrients. We study what we need to eat and when to eat it. Part of living a healthy life is taking care of our …

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The Best Eyelash Curlers

woman using an eyelash curler

Aside from lipsticks, foundations, concealers, highlighters, and other makeup products, makeup tools are also important to have as they help you apply and enhance the products that you have. Some of the must-have makeup tools include brushes and makeup sponges. But if you are into making your eyelashes look more beautiful, you …

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Best Teeth Whitening Kits: A Buying Guide

after and before picture of using a teeth whitening kit

Smile is one of the most beautiful expressions of emotions. A smile translates a lot of emotions and thoughts. While making your face appear prettier, it also gives away emotions like shyness, happiness, love, warmth, welcoming, fondness, and even a reflection of your lifestyle. However, a yellowish smile can give away tea, …

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Beauty Tips that Save Time

Hectic schedules and an extensive beauty regime often don’t go together. One thing that takes a backseat when you face time restraints is your beauty routine. Extensive skin, hair, hand and feet care takes a lot of time. Laziness and lack of time may result in you neglecting the self-care you need. …

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