Gift Ideas for New Gardeners


    When beginning a new pastime or endeavor, it’s simple to feel intimidated. This is especially true for new gardeners who lack direction due to the abundance of information available. It’s critical to choose a starting point that works best for you because every blog, book, or video says something different. 

    Here are some gift suggestions you might make if you are an experienced gardener and know someone who wants to try their hand at gardening.


    With a great pair of gardening gloves, you may help the novice gardener safeguard their hands or avoid ruining a manicure. These are practical for all kinds of gardening tasks and come in a range of features and price points. Get a strong leather pair if the gardener will be working with cacti.

    Garden Hat

    Wide-brimmed gardening hats provide shelter from the scorching sun. Heat fatigue can result from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which raises body temperature. Thus, gardening hats assist in maintaining a cool body temperature and preventing accidents like sunstroke.

    Knee Pads

    Knee pads can help you avoid damage or discomfort to your knees while working in the garden. Since the knees are a sensitive area, it is best to take precautions if you are kneeling on harsh surfaces.

    Gardening Tools

    Any gardener can benefit from having loppers, bypass pruners, knives, and scissors on hand. These are frequently required while propagating plants and are crucial for a well-kept landscape. Using a brand-new, well-cut pair is really enjoyable. For many smaller tasks, bypass pruners are the ideal kind. The energetic gardener would also appreciate a tool sharpener or tool sharpening kit as a gift.



    This Japanese gardening equipment can replace at least three other hand tools, making it the Swiss army knife of the garden. Due to its sharp edge, it makes a superb weeding tool and is ideal for either slicing weeds or entirely digging them out. It can be used to safely harvest your root crops as well as for transplanting, seeding, and planting. The most important gardening hand tool you can purchase is a hori-hori.

    Gardening Shovel

    A garden shovel is a crucial gardening tool that may be used for a number of tasks, including planting different plants and digging up or moving other plants.

    Water Hoses

    When it comes down to it, plants simply require two things: water and sunlight. You should consider buying a hose for your inexperienced gardener if they don’t already have one; a decent one should last five to ten years.

    Hand Trowels

    Herb planting, weeding, and digging in tight spaces are all terrific uses for trowels. This would probably be the one tool that every gardener should own.


    A rake will help clean up a garden at the beginning and end of a growing season, as well as at all other times. It may not be as exciting as a seed kit, but it will be useful nonetheless. A tidy workspace will be appreciated by your new gardener.

    Your novice will quickly develop into a passionate gardener with your assistance and a fruitful growing season. Don’t be afraid to add to the toolkits of devoted and knowledgeable gardeners either.

    Watering Can

    The ideal gift is a sturdy metal watering can. They undoubtedly already have a watering can of some kind, but the most of them are neither well-made or simple to use. It’s excellent to have a few, both indoors and out, so an extra one will be very well appreciated, even if they already have a decent one.

    Unexpectedly, it’s challenging to locate a durable, attractive can that can withstand the weight of water when it’s full. Choose a container with sturdy handles that is well-built. The handles should not be narrow and flimsy, but rather easy to hold.



    The most expensive gardening tool you’ll need to buy as a novice is definitely a wheelbarrow. It will be quite helpful, especially if your garden is big. You can use it to transport sacks of mulch, compost, and soil from one place to your garden.

    Row Cover Kit

    Row covers are excellent for controlling temperature, moisture, and pests. For brassicas like broccoli and cabbage, insect control is especially crucial. All the necessary supplies, including clips, row covers, and stakes, are included in this set.

    Garden Planter Box

    A tiny planter box that they may fill and plant in the spring is a wonderful present for a novice gardener. It will need to be built, but the instructions are fairly thorough and even a rookie carpenter can do it in an afternoon.

    Gardening Calendar

    With more options than you might think, this is a simple garden gift. Beautiful images of plants, flowers, and gardens are available in large print or small print with space for notes. You might also give a garden calendar that has details on when to plant, when to harvest, the weather, or even information specific to a location.

    Seed Catalogue 

    Give them a few seed catalogs so they can decide what to grow. The majority of seed catalogs also include planting guides for certain regions.

    Plant Ties

    These are useful because they can trim a piece to the right length, wrap it around the plant, and secure it with a stake. Additionally, when the plant’s stem thickens, it is simple to modify them.


    White packs of salad, cucumber, beet, pumpkin, tomato, paprika seeds on fresh dark soil background

    A few of seed packets make wonderful stocking stuffers. The instructions for planting and caring for the particular plant are typically included on seed packets. Purchase seeds online, at a local nursery or garden center, or from a seed supplier.

    Plant Labels

    Knowing what was planted where is essential, especially for beginners who are still learning to identify a carrot top from a celery top. Although these plant labels are made for kids, adult gardeners can also use them for a fun touch. It will take a little over an hour to print them off and laminate them.

    3-IN-1 Soil Meter 

    Beginner gardeners frequently struggle to determine whether their plants are receiving enough sunlight, how much water they require, and the pH level of the soil. This meter offers data for each of the three.

    Soil Test Kit

    The pH and nutrient levels of the soil won’t likely be known when someone is starting with dirt that has lain dormant for some time. They may apply the proper amendments and receive excellent harvests by using a soil test kit, which will provide them with some crucial information about their soil.

    Drip Irrigation System

    Not needing to water plants every day is one way to save time. An excellent irrigation system is one that drips water straight to plant roots, where it is most needed and can typically be utilized while watering restrictions are in place. 

    Gardening Books

    A gardening book is usually welcomed and enjoyed, whether or not you know the gardener well. Gardeners realize they can always learn a new technique or a new layout, whether they are novice or expert. Additionally, they like seeing the stunning gardens and garden features. The books themselves are a source of fresh ideas and inventiveness.

    Plant Pots

    Color plastic pots for plants of various designs and sizes

    There is no such thing as having too many plant pots, as many gardeners are aware of. Gardening is basically all about growing plants, so having more pots means having more room for that. A fresh pot is a thoughtful gift option if you’re short on ideas for a gardener.


    Low-maintenance plants are the ideal option if you want to start gardening. They can endure in many different settings. As a starting gardener, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of plant care regardless of the size of your garden.

    The New Organic Grower Book 

    This third edition of The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman (from Chelsea Green Publishing) is simply a must-have for every organic gardener, whether newbie or pro. It is among the presents available for first-time gardeners. Every beginning gardener, whether doing home gardening or starting a small farm, should have this leader in organic methods’ timeless advice on their bookshelf. It has been completely revised and is filled with wonderful color graphics. Organic gardening is incredibly fulfilling, especially when you first start out. Although this author has long been considered an authority on organic gardening, the book is completely up to date with cutting-edge concepts and tried-and-true methods. This is a present that will return in so many different ways.


    You can find yourself wandering aimlessly through your neighborhood garden center for hours attempting to find the perfect present for the gardener in your life. It’s common to feel a little daunted by the wide range of companies and goods that make wonderful presents for gardeners.

    The person who will receive your present, their gardening skills, and the amount of space they have are the first things to take into account. After evaluating each of these elements, it’s time to have some fun.


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