Great Father and Son Building Project Ideas


A father and a son can have an extraordinary but a times complicated relationship. Sometimes, their male tendencies of not being able to communicate their feelings freely can negatively affect their relationship.  In addition, a father and his son might have different interests and this can make it hard for them to …

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20 Movies Ideas for Dads and Sons to Watch Together


Bonding with your son does not always have to be awkward. You can always pop up a good film and have a good laugh or maybe even shed a tear together. We have assembled a great list of movie ideas that you can enjoy together ranging from classic sci-fi to action-packed films. …

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Dads Are the Grilling Kings


It’s easy to picture out dads on the grill, especially during the summer. Dads were out there in the backyard, serving up hot dogs, steaks and hamburgers, while wearing their hat, gym shorts, white socks and New Balances. Grilling has become a dad role and the backyard grill is the dad zone. …

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Tools Every Dad Needs


Take every dad to the mall with you, and when they are given some time to roam around, their go-to stores include hardware stores and DIY home improvement shops. Dads are the whiz at home improvement because many of them are naturally handy. If your father needs help financing important home repairs, …

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Guide to Moisturizers for Men


Sure, washing your face is the most important starting point in maintaining good skin. But we know that that’s not enough. Perhaps you have seen people your age looking a lot younger and a lot older than you are. The difference lies in how they take care of their skin. Facial moisturizers …

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Natural Ways for Men to Moisturize Their Skin


Skincare is very popular for women, but did you know that for men, taking care of their skin is also as important at going to the gym, eating right, and getting the right amount of sleep at night? Even though the beauty industry spends a lot on advertising products for women, the …

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The Best Beard Trimmer Reviews and Comparisons


If you’re a guy with facial hair and you don’t dig the homeless look, you’ll need to get yourself a beard trimmer, it’s as simple as that. Manliness smiles upon the recent resurgence of the beard and mustache as many dudes become patrons of fine whiskers. The thing that hasn’t fully caught …

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Find the Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews


Beard trimming isn’t the only thing that we men have to worry about when it comes to grooming and maintaining our facial hair. Much of the time what takes us from a “not bad” to a “great” is the smaller details. The fact that your beard is trimmed down just that extra …

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