How to Decorate a Mom Cave {guest blog post}


Hi lovelies! Today I have a really cool guest post from! This post is full of tips for decorating your “mom cave,” which is right up my alley at the moment. You may or may not recall, but my craft room is still a disaster zone in desperate need of a makeover and some major organization, so I thought it would fun to share these fun tips before the holidays get too crazy. Enjoy!


How to Decorate a Mom Cave
Kaitlin Krull


We’ve all heard of the man cave: a space set apart from the rest of the house just for men, filled with beer, TVs, sports, and all kinds of other stereotypically male pastimes. How very 1950s. If you think your house is in need of a social revolution, then it’s time to set aside some space just for moms. Here are some the essentials for a perfect mom cave.

Choose your color palette

Just because your mom cave is a woman’s space doesn’t mean it has to be filled with pink, tulle, and flowers. If these things are to your taste, then go for it! But don’t be afraid to decorate your space with neutrals or monochrome, or even bright pops of color. The space should be exactly how you like it, and not conform to any social stereotypes. If you want a bright green wall, then go for it!

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Furnish your space

For moms who work all day in or out of the house, a place to put your feet up is a must in your cave. An oversized armchair with lots of cushions and soft blankets will help your space to feel relaxing, but be warned that you are likely to fall asleep there and not emerge for hours at a time. A serious problem, I know. After you’ve chosen the perfect chair, make sure you have a place to house your computer and the trashy books you are required to have in your room (see the next paragraph), as well as a photograph or two of your family. Or George Clooney…no one will know!

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I haven’t yet met a mom who doesn’t love a tidy home. Whether you’re a naturally organized person or have learned the skill of tidying after becoming a mother, you appreciate a floor free of Legos and desks and bookshelves free from clutter. In order for your mom cave space to be truly relaxing, have it set up in such a way that things are relatively neat. Don’t go too crazy here, though; your mom cave should be a place where you can forget about responsibilities for awhile. A basket or two to catch all of the random stuff you accumulate should suffice. (Side note: if you want your mom cave to be filthy and unkempt, then go for it, girl! It’s your space, so do what you like!)

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Stash your cave

A good mom cave has room for all your favorite hobbies. While lots of moms enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, and crafting, plenty of others love binge watching Deadliest Catch and playing computer games. Have a craft station in your mom cave if you like, but make sure you have some elements in your space to help you really relax, too. Good (trashy) books and magazines are a mom cave must, as is a stash of the indulgent treats you normally have to hide from your children. Just make sure no one knows where you keep your secret sweets.

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If none of these ideas seems appealing to you, then feel free to make your own space exactly how you like it. The only requisite of a mom cave is that it is only yours. The possibilities are endless! The only catch? There are no promises this won’t happen:

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Good luck and happy (mom) caving!