How to Decorate a Mom Cave


    We have all heard of a man cave – a space set apart from the rest of the house just for men, filled with beer, TVs, billiards, sports, hobbies, and other stereotypically manly pastimes. Man caves may be a part of the house (such as a remodeled garage) or a small building detached from the house.

    Being a stay-at-home mom has its ups and downs. No doubt that it is a joy being with children. But more often than not, the responsibilities of taking care of them can take a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. So as a mom, if you think that you need a little sanctuary from the usual domestic disaster zone, it’s time to set aside some space just for you. And it should be “off-limits” to everyone else (except perhaps when you invite some of besties over for the weekend).So, what does consist of a “mom cave”? Well, it’s like the “she shed,” filled with all the things you love – not necessarily the stereotypically girly things.

    In other words, decorating a mom cave is highly subjective. So, there is no right or wrong way to choose a theme or design element for your space.  Perhaps it just has to have a feminine touch to differentiate it to the typical man cave.

    The following are tips and suggestions to help you build the perfect mom cave:

    Choose your color palette

    Just because a mom cave is a woman’s space doesn’t mean it has to be completely feminine. It doesn’t have to be all pink and pastel. If you like monochromes or neutrals, don’t be afraid to decorate your space with these shades.

    If you like vivid and highly contrasting colors, have your walls and furniture painted with them. The space should be exactly how you should like it and a reflection of your personality and design tastes. You don’t have to conform to any design or social stereotypes. If you want metallic colors and lots of shimmery things, then go for it!

    a woman resting on a brown couch

    Furnish your space

    Again, just because it’s a female space doesn’t mean it has to be all lace, flowers, and tulles. If you’re the type who likes more angular or minimalist designs, you can incorporate them as design elements to your mom cave, too. Or you may also choose to design it in a way that will bring back your childhood memories.

    Comfort should be one of the top goals when furnishing your space. An oversized armchair with lots of cushions and soft blankets will help you feel relaxed. A warning, though: you may be likely to fall asleep and not emerge from your room for hours at a time! Then, make sure to create a nook for your workspace: an appropriate desk for your computer or laptop, a comfortable swivel chair, and shelves to store your books and other office odds and ends. As your own space, of course you would want it to be a reflection of yourself. Put pots of indoor plants to introduce some greens into your space. Set up a vanity table with a large mirror. You can put a photograph or two of you and your family. Or George Clooney… no one will know!


    Every mom appreciates a floor that’s free of scattered toys and bookshelves free from clutter. We have to meet a mom who doesn’t love a clean and tidy home. Many moms are born naturally organized while others have learned the skill of tidying up after becoming a mom.

    To make your mom cave a space to be genuinely relaxing, have it set up in such a way that things are relatively neat. Don’t delve into that too much, though. It should be a place where you can forget about your duties and responsibilities for a while and let it all loose. A basket or two to store all of the random stuff should be fine. But if you want your mom cave to be unkempt and filthy, then go for it! It’s your space, after all, so do what you like!

    white wooden shelf with books and brown wicker basket photo

    Stash your cave

    Since it’s your mom cave, it should be a place for your favorite hobbies. Lots of moms love crafty things like knitting, cross stitching, scrapbooking, or sewing, while others enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and computer games.

    Create a craft station in your mom cave where you can tinker with your hobbies without someone else bothering you. However, make sure that you have some elements in your space that make it relaxing. Have a stash of good books and magazines. Create a small pantry of indulgent treats that you would normally hide from your kids. Just make sure no one knows where you keep your secret junk food and other sweet treats!

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