Loving Your Leftovers


    Are you a busy person? Always around the clock for your job and meetings and you couldn’t find extra time for other important things such as eating or sometimes sleeping. With this kind of hectic schedule, you are surely heading straight to either starvation or sleep deprivation. You should at least get a life.

    Well, in most cases, that can’t be helped especially in the kind of situations where you can’t simply take your leave from work and obligations. When this happens, you should consider some options to aid the other important things in life, such as eating. Because if you don’t eat, well, you won’t have enough energy to walk straight to your office or won’t have enough brain food to do your job.

    Before learning to love your job or obligations, you need to learn how to love yourself as well, or maybe the love of your job and yourself can somehow meet halfway. This means you gotta love leftovers!

    Eating Leftovers Foods

    This is natural for busy and workaholic people like you. It can significantly save a lot of time, effort, and money in cooking your every meal. Well, who would want to cook two or three times a day and spend three to four hours a day cooking? If you’re getting paid for cooking every meal that you eat every day, maybe you’ll cook up to six times a day, including morning and afternoon snacks plus the midnight snack!

    But, sadly to say, you are not paid for cooking your meals every day. So, the most efficient way for you to do this is to cook once and eat twice or even thrice a day. And you can only do this by eating leftover foods throughout the day.

    Preparing for Leftovers

    Leftovers can come from any meal of the day. They could come from your breakfast, lunch at noontime, or your dinner meal. To prepare for eating leftovers the entire day, you will need to cook yourself enough food that will last for the next meal or two.

    As an example, if you can eat one hundred grams of pan-fried chicken breasts in a single meal, you will need to cook at least three hundred grams of it for you to eat them on your next two meals. This way will save a tremendous amount of time and effort in cooking every meal. You will simply prepare your food once and eat it two or three times a day.

    Tools for Leftovers

    Before eating leftover food, you will need to have tools or equipment to prepare them. This will make your leftover foods be served hot and sizzling and maintain their delicious taste after being cooked for several hours.

    • Microwave Oven. This is one of the common equipment for heating or reheating your leftovers. Simply put the leftover food in a container, then put it inside the microwave, set the timer and temperature, then heat away. In just two to three minutes, your leftover food is smoking hot and ready to eat.
    • Microwave Safe Containers. Using the microwave can be sensitive at times, especially when you are using plastics containers. So to prevent your food from being contaminated with melted plastic from a microwave oven, be sure to use a microwave-safe container. This will protect your food while heating them using a microwave oven and also maintains a high level of freshness in the food.
    • Slow Cooker. This is one of the best pieces of equipment you can use to prepare eating leftover foods. A slow cooker is like a hot pot that cooks your food at a lower temperature than the usual cooking methods such as baking, boiling, and frying. It can slow cook your food unattended without worrying about overcooked. Similar to microwave ovens, slow cookers also have a timer to automatically stop the cooking.

    With the help of these tools, you gotta love your leftovers from now on. Preparing them will put your life at ease and puts you back to work as fast as possible while not ignoring your health requirements to eat proper food. You can even cook once a day and feed a small army with the help of these tools.


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