What is soap scum, and how do you clean it up?

cleaning scum from tiling

Soap scum, also known as multifarious sludge or lime soap, is one of the many annoying sedentary messes you can see sitting on your tiling, shower, tubs, sink, or bathroom fixtures. This off-white, often yellowish, flaking residue is a dried substance formed by the reaction of salts and minerals found in the … Read more

A Guide to Robot Vacuums and Mops

a white robot vacuum cleaner

If you are tired of walking around your house, vacuuming, and mopping the floors yourself, it’s time for you to give yourself a break from this hectic job. But how can you do it? You can make your cleaning chores much easier by replacing yourself with robot vacuums and mops. These automatic … Read more

Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

A woman wearing cleaning gear posing for a shot

Cleaning a house and maintaining it at the same time is not only a tedious task but tough as well especially if you are a busy parent. While you have to look after your kids and career as well, cleaning even the smallest of things around the house can be tough. The … Read more

How to Repurpose Old Soap?

soap bars

Soaps tend to be fast disintegrating household items. After a month or so of usage, all that you are left with is a piece the size of a silver dollar or a few silvers stuck to the edge of the tub. While this calls for replacing the soap with a new one, … Read more

Tips for Getting Laundry Done Quicker

folding clothes

Doing laundry is considered to be one of the most time-consuming chores to do at home, as most people would take hours to finish the task. The time-consuming aspect of doing laundry usually comes from the many processes that are a part of it, and these processes include sorting clothes, washing, drying, … Read more

Tips for Doing Laundry Fast and Efficiently

Dirty clothes in a laundry basket

Laundry is easily the least favorite chore of most people. It always takes so long, and there are so many stages: from sorting to folding and putting it back to the wardrobe. And it’s just laundry – there are so many other tasks to do at home. But since it’s something we … Read more

How to Do The Dishes Quickly

Dirty plate with knife and fork

Nobody seems to enjoy doing the dishes after a meal. After all, the not-so-soothing noise of running water, the pruning of your fingertips, and the back-breaking task of standing still at the kitchen sink for 40-60 minutes are all unpleasant scenarios. Though it’s not a chore that most individuals (especially those with … Read more

Time-Saving Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom

a snapshot of a clean and tidy bathroom with blue and white towels and candles

The majority of people find cleaning the bathroom a tedious and boring task. The washroom requires cleaning regularly to maintain proper hygiene levels. It is also the most used space of the house and needs to be kept thoroughly clean at all times. It gets difficult to regularly take time out of … Read more

10 Ways to Speed Up House Cleaning

10 Ways to Speed Up House Cleaning

House cleaning! It can either give you happiness or be the bane of your life. If you’re anything like most house owners, the task isn’t something you look forward to. But no matter how much you hate doing this chore, one thing is certain: you want to do it faster. For most … Read more

Efficient Cleaning Methods: Saving Hours in Minutes

Broom cleaning a brown wooden floor

Cleaning the house can seem like a neverending task, especially when there are kids around. It might seem like you’ve been doing nothing but clearing up clutter, sweeping away debris, and dusting all day long. It might take many long hours of your spare time to get the house looking halfway decent, … Read more