The Guide to Axe Sharpening


The axe is an important tool to have while camping or backpacking, as it serves multiple beneficial purposes like cutting wood for bonfires, cutting raw meat, and even as a weapon against intruders.  If you still don’t have an axe then it might be a good idea to start looking for one … Read more

Guide to Splitting Mauls


A splitting maul is a heavy, long-handled axe that is used for splitting a piece of wood along its grain. It is also known as a block buster, block splitter, go-devil, hamaxe, sledge axe, or chop and maul. One side of a splitting maul is like a sledgehammer, while its other side … Read more

Guide to Nettle – An Unusual Herb


The nettle, or also known as the stinging nettle, nettle leaf, or just merely stinger, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant that was first cultivated in Europe, western North Africa, and temperate Asia. Today, you can find nettles all over the world, such as in North America and New Zealand. Nettles has … Read more

Guide to Herb Clover


Herb clover or also known as red clover, is a widespread weed that commonly grows in roadsides, fields, and yards from May until September. Herb clover is a perennial herbal plant that belongs to the pea family. It has a sweet flowering head that can be used for both culinary and healthy … Read more

Guide to Herb Ginger


Guide to Herb Ginger Ginger is a flowering plant whose root or rhizome is widely used as folk medicine and spice. Ginger is a herbaceous perennial plant that stands about one meter tall and has narrow leaf blades. Even during ancient times in China, Greece, Rome, and Arab countries, ginger has been … Read more

Guide to Milk Thistle – An Unusual Herb


Milk Thistle or also known as Saint Mary’s thistle, blessed milk thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle, and Scotch thistle, belongs to the annual plant family of Asteraceae. The milk thistle plant often has red or purple flowers along with shiny but pale green leaves that have white veins. Experts believe that the milk … Read more

Guide to the Dandelion – An Unusual Herb


Dandelions or scientifically known as Taraxacum is a large genus of flowering plants that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Dandelions are native to North America and Eurasia. Dandelions are perennial herbs that have been used for centuries because it is believed that they help promote good health and weight management. Research shows … Read more

Expert Tips to Film a Garden Tour Video

Expert Tips to Film a Garden Tour Video

If you have a garden, making a garden tour video will help your business weekend by weekend. But this business-boosting strategy requires you to use it wisely. You need to set the stage carefully and make it as professional as possible. This blog will show you how. A garden tour is an … Read more

Best Outdoor Rock Speakers


If you like to indulge in audio equipment for your home, perhaps you have been familiar with the term outdoor rock speakers. For those who are not familiar, they are not speakers made to enhance rock music; they are speakers that look like rocks! They are designed to camouflage in your landscaped … Read more

Top 5 Patio Furniture Outdoor Dining Sets under $200


A lovely lawn or a garden in a home is incomplete without a lovely set of outdoor furniture. After all, it is a lovely experience to cherish the natural environment and admire the beauty of your garden, which is the ultimate result of all your gardening skills and efforts. We realize the … Read more

Best Gardening Tools

Gardening tools with pots

Gardening has become a popular hobby all over the US. Earlier, people used to do some minor gardening on their lawns but nowadays, proper spaces are being set for a multi-functional gardening environment. To enjoy this hobby, one needs to have different types of safety equipment too. Several important gardening tools assist … Read more