Guide to Heirloom Seeds


What are heirloom seeds? The word heirloom refers to anything that is useful and valuable to people and families from generation to generation. This could be family owned crockery, gold, silver, stones, furniture, and so on. Heirloom seeds also get their name due to their attribute of being passed down from one …

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Saving Water for the Garden Not Just a Case of Convenience


My second 58-gallon water barrel arrived the other day, making our saving water efforts a lot easier. One of the things we’ll be doing a LOT in the peak growing time is watering. Rainwater as far as we’re aware is a lot better than tap water for the plants, so having a …

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Creating a Window Sill Herb Garden


Not all gardening needs to be done outside. Creating a window sill herb garden is easy and creates a nice look for the kitchen or dining room – and you don’t have to walk far when your recipe calls for a few basil leaves. One of the most important parts of growing your own herbs is that, in a case where grocery stores are shut down, or your food is limited in taste or textures, herbs can be a great way to add flavors and that little bit of extra “zing” to make a bland meal more appetizing.

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Garden House Guide


If a person who is choosing to live off grid wants to buy a garden house, it could be because of the desire for a tiny house. On the other hand, even garden houses can get quite large, depending on which house is purchased. Many garden houses are unsuitable for living in, …

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Growing Herbs in the West Window


A window facing the west gets less direct light than one that faces south, but better light than a window that faces east. This means that plants that need light but cannot handle much direct sun will grow well in a west-facing window. Flowering houseplants often enjoy a west window, as do …

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Kitchen Herbs for the Windowsill


A sunny windowsill in the kitchen is a great place to put a windowsill herb garden kit and grow a variety of herbs that can be used in the food created there. These can be started with seeds or young plants, but it will take longer to get usable herbs if starting …

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Thirty Minute Thirty Dollar Raised Bed


Many people around the country grow a garden each year. What do you do when you don’t have a tiller to till the soil or good quality soil to plant in? For some people, building raised bed planters is the perfect solution. What’s more, they can be built in about 30 minutes …

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Improvising: Masonry Ladders for Plant Protection


Today was a day. It involved a rediscovery of termites, which are slowly eating away at our dear old house.  (Almost one hundred years this house has been here, and these darn termites choose NOW to start their destruction!?) It also involved taking kids to the doctor and having to get the …

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