Guide to Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Patios and Decks

An outdoor ceiling fan is a great option for cooling down an outdoor space like patios, decks, and porches. It’s an excellent way to keep yourself refreshed, especially during hot summer days. It even adds to the style of your outdoor area.

When looking for an outdoor ceiling fan for your home, there are a few things to decide about and take into consideration. Here are some of them:

Damp-rated or wet-rated

Outdoor ceiling fans are unlike indoor fans – these are adaptable to damp and wet areas. Meanwhile, ceiling fans only appropriate for indoors are dry-rated. Outdoor ceiling fans are built with finishes that can withstand humidity and rain, preventing rust and corrosion. Also, their motor casing has a waterproof seal, which helps protect it from moisture.

Determine what type of ceiling fan is more appropriate for the outdoor space you have chosen. Damp-rated ceilings are only great for covered patios and decks, screened porches and also areas like garages and bathrooms. Wet-rated ceiling fans are designed to withstand any weather, moisture or liquids and even safe to clean with a garden hose. This type of ceiling fan is advisable for exposed decks, gazebos, verandas, lanais, and pergolas.


To choose the right size of an outdoor ceiling, consider the square footage of your space. Here’s to help you choose what diameter of the ceiling fan to consider:

  • For spaces up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch
  • For spaces up to 76-144 square feet = 36-42 inch
  • For spaces up to 144-225 square feet = 44 inch
  • For spaces up to 225-400 square feet = 50-54 inch

When installing ceiling fans, you also must consider clearance. It must be placed at least 12 inches from your ceiling. The blade tip must be at least 24 inches from the nearest wall, and the fan itself must be at least 84 inches above your floor.

Color and material

For the fan to blend with the ceiling, choose a solid color that would blend, complement or contrast the color of your ceiling. If you want to make a statement, select something with a bold color or style that will surely stand out. Ceiling fans can be made of galvanized steel, iron, wood, aluminum, and stainless steel. From these materials, stainless steel and aluminum are the most resilient.


The style of the outdoor ceiling fan you choose must blend with the scheme of your porch, deck or patio. Outdoor fans can look traditional, rustic, modern, contemporary, industrial, tropical and cottage-style.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

There are a lot of outdoor ceiling fans you can choose from, but here are some of the best from Amazon:

Where to Buy
Casa Vieja Casa Delta-Wing Bronze
Hunter Fan Weathered Zinc
Hunter 54098 Bayview
Home Decorators Collection Tahiti Breeze
Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze
Honeywell Duvall Tropical
Kensgrove Indoor/Outdoor Espresso Bronze
Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove
Emerson CF135DBZ Callito Cove
Hunter Key Biscayne Weathered Zinc
Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick
Casa Vieja Casa Largo Oil-Brushed

1. Casa Vieja Casa Delta-Wing Bronze

One of Casa Vieja’s bestselling outdoor ceiling fans, Casa Delta-Wing is a trendy, fancy 52-inch fan made of walnut with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Its sleek design yet warm color makes it appropriate for contemporary patios and porches. Its 3 blades (which when combined, looks like an airplane propeller) spin at a 90degree pitch to provide better airflow. It can generate an impressive 6225 CFM air circulation at highest speed, while still providing a silent and wobble-free experience. To control the unit, the kit contains a handheld remote that makes it run on 3 reversible speed levels. This fan is UL-rated for damp locations, but is not advisable for high humidity levels and salt-water locations.

2. Hunter Fan Weathered Zinc

You’ll be getting a uniquely designed outdoor ceiling fan with the 54-inch Weathered Zinc ceiling fan from Hunter. The unit is damp rated, making it appropriate for use in covered outdoor areas. Its stainless steel hardware resists rust. It has a weathered zinc and gray pine finish that can give any outdoor area an Old West feel. In the middle of the fan, you can see an integrated light kit with clear glass with a cool metal frame. The kit includes a 5 watt LED bulb. There is no pull chain to operate this fan and light, so it comes with a remote control. The motor is reversible and can produce about 3400 CFM air circulation to any room.

3. Hunter 54098 Bayview

This stunning outdoor ceiling fan can effortlessly transform your outdoor area to a comfortable fortress. Featuring its WhisperWind motor, the Hunter Bayview delivers ultra-powerful air movement up to 5803 CFM air circulation at highest speed, yet still being silent and wobble-free. Besides its impressive performance, it’s also stylish, as it consists of five reversible, dark-colored blades shaped like palm leaves. This fan is ETL damp-rated for use in covered porches, sunrooms and patios. It even supports three mounting positions, since it’s compatible with angled, standard or flush ceilings. It can be operated using a pull chain to set the fan in 3 different speed levels.

4. Home Decorators Collection Tahiti Breeze

The Tahiti Breeze from Home Decorators Collection is a 52-inch ceiling fan that can be safely mounted on any outdoor ceiling. Its heavy-duty motor that delivers 4295 CFM airflow at the highest speed. Using the pull-chain, you can set this fan to three speed levels. Its beautifully-crafted, bamboo styled blade with mahogany finish and its frosted opal glass makes it a beautiful addition to your ceiling. The blades are also durable and the unit is wet-rated. It does not come with a handheld remote control, but you can use a universal remote if you prefer.

5. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze

This is a beautifully designed double ceiling fan perfect for large outdoor areas with transitional style decor. The Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze has two sets of blades in its 74-inch span, with a frosted glass shade in the middle. It has a 3-speed reversible AC motor that can provide up to 4450 CFM airflow and can be operated by a pull chain. The light, which uses an incandescent bulb, uses a separate chain. To keep the fan from touching the ceiling, this fan comes with a 4-inch down rod.

6. Honeywell Duvall Tropical

This 52-inch ceiling fan made of wicker blades can easily add a tropical touch to your home. The Honeywell Duvall Tropical outdoor ceiling fan is a wet-rated fan with a 4-speed reversible motor that can produce an airflow of up to 5022 CFM at maximum speed. It can be operated using its pull chain handles, and runs quietly. One great thing about this fan is it has the “Quick 2 Hang” technology, making it easy to assemble and install to the ceiling.

7. Kensgrove Indoor/Outdoor Espresso Bronze

Rated for a large outdoor area, this 72-inch ceiling fan will provide a great deal of breeze for large outdoor rooms starting around 400 square feet. It has 8 weather-resistant blades made of maple. Its quiet DC motor can generate more than 10,000 CFM at maximum speed. Speaking of speed, it provides you 9 speeds to choose from, yet only using 31 watts of power. At the center you can find a dome-style light kit with frosted opal glass, provided with a 16-watt LED light. It can be operated using a remote control, allowing you control light dimming and fan speed control.

8. Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove

An outdoor ceiling fan with an award-winning tropical design, the Palm Cove from Home Decorators Collection is made of five teak-colored, palm leaf-shaped blades, a beautiful iron motor housing and a matte opal glass bowl kit for the lighting. This wet-rated fan is ideal for any outdoor areas as it is able to withstand any weather elements. It delivers 4709 CFM air circulation at highest speed, and works with the latest Quiet Motor Technology Plus that ensures silent operation. This fan comes with 2x 14 watt CFL light bulb. You can choose from the three speed levels and turn the light on and off by using the pull chains.

9. Emerson CF135DBZ Callito Cove

The Callito Cove by Emerson is a 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan that suits both indoor and outdoor spaces like patios and porches. It has a UL Wet-Rated stamp, so you can install it without having to worry about the weather. This fan has a classic tropical design as the blades of the fan itself looks like palm leaves, making it an interesting focal point in your space. Add to that it’s a beautiful and warm distressed bronze finish. Performance wise, its motor is capable of delivering 5532 CFM air movement at highest speed. It also has an opal matte glass light fixture that come with a light kit and 3×13 watt light bulbs to deliver light to your patio. This has 4-speed levels that you can set with a handheld remote control.

10. Hunter Key Biscayne Weathered Zinc

Hunter Key Biscayne Weathered Zinc outdoor ceiling fan is a 54-inch fan with a 13-degree pitch. Its burnished gray pine and weathered zinc finish can add a touch of old London to your outdoor room. It’s an ETL damp-rated unit for use in covered outdoor settings. Featuring WhisperWind motor, it delivers powerful air movement up to 6239 CFM with whisper-quiet operation. It’s also reversible, so you can change the direction of your fan when the temperature drops. This fan also has a lighting fixture, which uses 2 14-watt standard base CFL bulbs.

11. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick outdoor ceiling fan is made of beautifully hand carved balsa wood made of walnut with three 60-inch blades. Its sleek design is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces, for rooms larger than 350 square feet. It is also designed for damp locations like patios and porches. Its premium power DC motor operates quietly and is precision-balanced for wobble-free operation. You can control the 6 speed levels of the fan with its remote control. One amazing thing about this product is that it can work using Alexa, provided that you use a Bond hub (sold separately).

12. Casa Vieja Casa Largo Oil-Brushed

One great thing about the Casa Largo Oil-Brushed outdoor ceiling fan is that it can be mounted on the ceiling in two different ways, such as close-to-ceiling installation and down rod installation. On the outside, this ceiling fan offers beautiful walnut blades that span 60-inches with 14-degree pitch. It also comes with a frosted glass light kit on the middle to include 2x 13 watt CFL bulb. On the inside, its motor can generate 6396 CFM airflow, producing powerful breeze. It’s operated via pull chain, but you can use a universal remote for extra convenience.