Using Essential Oils for Flea Control


If you love your furry family members, you want to keep them free of fleas. However, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Pest control products abound in the market, but the chemicals pose health risks for both the pets and the human family members. It also poses harm to the … Read more

Best Multivitamins for Cats


Cats are mainly carnivorous, which means they need meat to survive. Felines can take their share of vitamins from some grains and veggies, but they certainly can’t go without consuming any protein. Your furry friend requires plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and multivitamins to become a healthy cat. Regrettably, our furry friends … Read more

Don’t Forget the Toys When Getting a New Cat


Getting a pet is a new milestone for families. It is a great addition to the family that loves you dearly and becomes an important part of your daily routine. Imagine returning home from work and your cat purring to get your attention. There is no comparison between having children and opting … Read more

10 Great Pet Hair Care Products

dog taking a bath

A shiny, clean, and smooth fur or hair is usually a sign of a healthy pet, which is why many owners focus on giving their pets a good bath every once in a while. Because of the importance of bathing for pets, there have been numerous companies that have capitalize on the … Read more

Guide to Pet DNA Kits

DNA testing has become a very popular way for people to find out their ancestry and background. For those whose background is not clear, DNA tests can provide information that can be exciting to discover.  In the same way, it is possible to discover the background of your dogs and cats. This … Read more

Halloween Costumes for Your Puppy

Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky

Halloween is celebrated by doing a lot of things such as trick or treating and going to costume parties. But aside from that, you can also celebrate Halloween with your puppy by entering him or her into hilarious and adorable pet costume parties and contests. Nothing is cuter than dressing up your … Read more

Useful and Fun Pet Accessories

Useful and Fun Pet Accessories

                                                                                                                  The sheer number of fun, expensive products which are available to help you appreciate your pet is just one of the very best things about owning a pet. There are various accessories for your pet to use. Check out these useful and fun pet accessories. Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier   … Read more

Useful and Fun Dog Accessories

Useful and Fun Dog Accessories

A pet dog is a great friend for the whole family. Many of us have lots of fun with our furry friend every day, but there’s always something to makes things better! Read in for some items that can help you get the most quality time with your pooch: Canine Anxiety Relief … Read more

Useful and Fun Cat Accessories

Useful and Fun Cat Accessories

If you’re a cat lover, you probably want to make them as happy and comfortable as possible. When cats are taken care of properly, they can respond with a lot of love plus entertainment. Check out the following items in order to have the most fun with your feline friend: Licki Cat … Read more

Getting Started with Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker training for dogs involves using a handheld noisemaker, which is called clicker to mark wanted behaviors. It is a “conditioned reinforcer” because it is paired repeatedly with what the dog wants to work for, usually food but not always, which you then use to communicate with your dogs. The treat is … Read more

Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers

Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you have a furry best friend of your own, or you know someone who really loves his dog and would like to get them something special – you’re in luck! We have come great ideas for those dog lovers in your life. Whether for you or a friend, picking an ideal … Read more