Top 5 Multi-Functional Printers


Though some businesses are moving away from the requirement of paper copies, there are still a lot of scenarios that demand the use of printers. For fast-certain types of businesses there can be a plethora of documentation to sign, post, and store, printers can be a lifesaver. There are so many options …

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Best Surge Protectors for a Home Office


A surge protector is a firewall between your expensive or cheap electronic appliances and the electricity coming in from the wall socket. It is just like a superhero for all your electronic appliances that sacrifices its own life over and over again to save them until it is dead. Every house can …

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Tips for Saving Money on Printer Ink


The major problem faced by people who print in high volume isn’t the expense of printer’s energy usage neither it is the paper to create the document. The real cost component of a printed page is its ink. No matter how minimal the energy consumption of a printer is, there will still …

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Best Document Scanners


Even in this day and age, many individuals still work with paper: receipts, utility bills, and even company cards. What you require – until this lot wakes up to email and starts sending you the relevant information digitally – is a document scanner. The equipment serves as a modern-day alternative to traditional …

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Scanners in the Canon Product Line


Scanners tend to be simple yet expensive products. Since there is a huge variety in the market, users are bound to become confused. Although Canon is one of the most trustable brands in the world of scanners but you still need a bit of information to choose the best option. Therefore, in …

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How Are Monitor Arms Useful?


Most of us are viewing monitor screens one way or the other as a part of our daily routine. People who are working at offices have the most usage of a monitor. Given that monitors are perhaps one of the most used hardware, maximizing comfort and enhancing the viewing experience becomes an …

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Top 5 Handheld Scanners


Improved technology and the rapid progress in the field of science has cut down many wires. Back in the 1900’s when the first computer was the size of a container and today everything is just here in our palms. Similar is the case for scanner machines. Once being too big in size …

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10 Best Monitor Arms for a Home Office


One of the primary reasons why monitor arms are designed is to save desk space at your home office. It also provides you the versatility of adjusting the monitor wherever you like according to your preference. In this day and age, we have great mounts for different things such as monitors, iPad, …

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