Infographic on the Different Types of Purses and Handbags

woman carrying a handbag

Most women can’t go by a day without carrying a purse or handbag along. They are useful accessories for handling important items that are brought every day to work and school, when running errands, and when attending events. In addition to their usefulness, purses and handbags are also a wardrobe staple that …

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High-Quality Handbags for an Active Lifestyle


Surviving the long day outside the house without a handbag doesn’t make sense at all. Where to cram your all cosmetics – the lipstick, blush on, or a comb? – surely, in a clutch or a handbag! After all, handbags are a necessity – to carry such things and to make you …

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Get an Expensive Looking Handbag without Going Broke

A handbag is an essential item for any event.

We know you love shopping and want to go for warm-weather shopping. New seasons demand new items in your wardrobe and what could be more important than a handbag. All the ladies out there know how important it is to get the trendiest bag out there so as to stay up to …

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Bags to Carry with Ethnic Wear

A woman wearing an ethnic saree

Accessorizing the outfit is just as important as the outfit itself. Accessories add a distinct style and personality to the attire, making it look entirely your own. Whether it’s a pair of pretty shoes, statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, accessories are symbolic of the wearer’s sense of fashion. But handbags are probably …

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Affordable Bags for Formal Events

Dasein Women s Evening Clutch Bags

Some of us are lucky enough to splurge on a least one expensive, branded handbag for attending formal events. Ideally, the best formal bag should have enough room to hold all our necessities while still being small enough to act as an accessory to our outfits. Plus, the bag should have an …

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Top Japanese Handbag Brands

Porter Original One Shoulder Bag Yoshida Kaban

American goods may be dear to your heart but perhaps you know that there are plenty of well-made fashion pieces that come from all around the world. One nation across the Pacific comes to mind: Japan. Japanese goods, not only in technology, are one which Americans also hold into high esteem. Their …

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Tips for Choosing a Practical but Stylish Handbags for Women

Being practical doesn’t mean you have to give up on your style. It applies on everything – dress, shoes, hats, accessories and most of all, bags. Bags are made to serve their purpose – to carry one’s belongings. At the same time though, they also represent one’s personality and taste in fashion. …

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Affordable Handbags That Look Expensive

Many women are on the lookout for the latest and the coolest handbag styles that are hung over the arms of many fashion models on fashion magazines, billboards and websites. But most of these designer labels have a price tag that’s too steep for most average women to afford. But we have …

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