How to Add Industrial Style to Your Home


Industrial style of interior decoration has been a trend nowadays. There is just something charming about the minimalistic, the basic and the raw. Its utilitarian and authentic appeal has lasted since it was developed during the Industrial Period until today, though modernism has influenced it to be the clean and no-fuss style …

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Great Ideas for Sectional Sofas


  Sectional sofas and couches are a common type of seating found in modern living rooms and dens. It’s one of the most practical pieces of furniture for both large and small living rooms. When the term “sectional sofa” is mentioned, most people think of the large L-shaped couches. While this is …

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Guide to Artificial Plants


Decorating your home with artificial plants is a viable option for adding life to your interiors. After all, artificial plants are more comfortable to take care of than the real thing. Faux plants are an appealing option for those who cannot keep real plants alive. While it’s true that it’s easy for …

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Decorating with Minimalist Lamps

  When you start pursuing a minimalistic lifestyle, every choice you make counts. The right choices will give you those clean lines, versatile designs, and practical uses that define minimalism. Your lamps can be both decorative and functional, providing a cheery interior for every room. A minimalist style for decorating your home …

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Decorating with Minimalist Abstract Art


Decorating your house or apartment is what gives it that unique touch and makes any space your own. If we’re going for a minimalistic lifestyle, though, our outlook has to shift to accommodate his theme. Bare walls are still a no-no for minimalistic home décor; in fact, the right picture, canvas, or …

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The Perfect Dining Table for a Small Dining Room


When you have a small house, or if you live in a small apartment, one of the dilemmas is furnishing each room. And one of the rooms that are difficult to furnish is the dining room. It’s because dining rooms of small houses and apartments are usually included in the kitchen. It …

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Best Self-Watering Planters


If you have been growing houseplants for a while, maybe you’ve heard about self-watering planters. With these, you don’t need to water the plants every day, but still, your plants will thrive. Sounds pretty good for a lazy gardener, right? Buying Guide for Self-Watering Planters So, what should you look for when buying a …

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Beautiful and Useful Kitchen Towels


Kitchen towels are one of the underrated materials in the kitchen. We use them every day, but most of us never get to appreciate its usefulness. Do you know that your choice of dishtowel can instantly add personality to your kitchen? It’s a rather small item, but when displayed or used in …

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