Tips for Selecting Barbecue Sauces

a cooking brush dipped in barbecue sauce

The art of barbecue is a skill that can take years to master. But if you’re looking for a way to make your next cookout stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways to do that is by using a flavorful sauce. To start, you must know what you want …

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A Guide to Meat Cooking Levels


Everyone has a preference when it comes to food. Some like their food spicy and others might like it mild. Same is the case when we talk about meat cooking levels, or in other words, the doneness of meat. The more experience you have, the more accurately you can tell how cooked …

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The Ultimate Guide to Grilling

If there’s one summer activity we’re excited about, it’s grilling! Grilled meals join the ranks of cool ice cream, picnic fare, and pitcher drinks as one of people’s favorite items to consume during hotter months. If you’ve got a brand-new passion for grilling and have never ventured near an open flame before, …

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Guide to Picking a Seasoning for Grilling Steak


A grilled steak looks easy to cook and tempting to eat but the right seasoning can truly add to the flavor and enjoyment. The right meat with a great blend of spices will help ensure you get that juicy, tender and flavorful steak on your table. Here are a few tips to …

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Guide to Picking a Seasoning for Grilling Hamburgers


There is no disputing the fact that American’s love their hamburgers. Many love to grill their burgers year-round – hot or cold out.   Whether you are grilling for two in your backyard by the pool for a romantic evening or planning a big old family and friends cookout– a classically grilled hamburger …

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Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Grill


In most households, grills are out in the open. That is to say, when the users aren’t busy grilling their steaks, kebobs or veggie skewers under the sky, the grills are sitting in a corner of a backyard, deck or patio. While there might be a shade or roof where you store …

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Guide to Luxury Grilling


If you just want to do basic grilling of hamburgers and hot dogs, then an average grill will work just fine for you and will not cost that much. If you are really into outdoor grilling and what to grill things like steaks, tuna, turkey and more to perfection then be ready …

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Are Portable Grills Safe?


Portable Grills have been a great deal of convenience for all those who love to spend their spring evenings in the cool breeze, music and grilled meat. Much as this sound inviting, for many, their grilling experience may go wrong if the grill is not used in the right manner. Portable grills …

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