Guide to Boysenberry Syrup and Preserves


Like most edible fruits, the boysenberry is packed with a plethora of nutrients. The amazing fruit is rich in potassium and folate that are said to be beneficial in improving brain function. Boysenberries also contain vitamin K to strengthen our bones and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones in our bodies. But …

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Grade B Maple Syrups


Maple syrup made by thin paste (like water) after boiling it, sugar maple tree is slightly sapped and sweetened, then its put into a very hot fire in shallow pans. Then the sap is boiled until most of the water content is evaporated and further it is concentrated in the form of …

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9 Best Heart Shaped Waffle Maker Reviews


Technology has changed almost everything and the lifestyle has been affected severely. This has been exactly the same case with our kitchen which has got so many innovative things which were not even possible decades ago. The waffle heart shape maker is actually one of those things which have given you the …

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10 Best Grade A Maple Syrup Reviews


Grade A Maple Syrups Grade A maple syrup is made by boiling thin like water paste sort of sweet sap of sugar maple tree in large shallow pans. It is cooked until the water content is evaporated and its concentrate is reduced to a syrup called maple syrup. It is known as …

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Top Organic Pancake and Waffle Mixes


When it comes to food, we all probably want to stick to organic products. They can be healthier, and their ingredients also contain less chemical pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. Since we already eat a lot of foods processed with additives nowadays, it’s wise to splurge in an organic product once in …

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Best Gluten Free Pancake Mixes


Gluten is a form of protein found in barley, wheat, and rye. Some people, especially those with celiac disease, have a problem digesting gluten, as it causes damage to the lining of their small intestines. For some, gluten can cause distress in their gastrointestinal tract. For those people, following a gluten-free diet …

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Guide to Sugar-Free and Low-Calorie Syrups


Are you trying to cut back on your sugar intake? Are you concerned about your blood sugar levels, or simply concerned about your health in general? One food group that nutritionists warned us about consuming a lot are sweets. But if you can’t resist eating your morning pancakes or waffles without any …

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Can you Make Keto-Friendly Pancakes?

Pancakes with banana, walnut and caramel toppings

One of the struggles that most people have when they first start their ketogenic diet is resisting their cravings for carb-rich foods that they should avoid. If you’re an all-breakfast type of person, setting on a low-carb diet won’t be an easy task. When it comes to breakfast, one of the most …

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