Tips for Not Breaking and Taking Care of Super Long Nails

Long light manicure with ring.

It can be excruciatingly painful to have dry, brittle nails that tear or break. If you have nail breakage, you can make a few lifestyle changes to help your nails return to a smooth, healthy, and strong state. This article will relate everything from how to improve your diet to which external …

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Easy Nail Art Designs Using Tape

Nail art with stripes

If you’ve been following nail trends lately, you’ve probably noticed lots of geometric nail art. If you’re wondering how they get perfectly crisp lines and flawless patterns, the execution probably involved something as simple as tape. There are many ways to make nail designs using tape, and here are some of the …

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What Are the Different Types of Manicures?

woman polishing nails

Whether you like pampering yourself or just love to step up your nail game, there’s no reason why you should not treat yourself to a manicure every once in a while. After all, this is the simplest but best way you can give your hands a complete makeover. That is why if …

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What are the Different Types of Nail Polish Finishes?

What are the Different Types of Nail Polish Finishes

Picking out your nail polish can take much of your time, especially that there are lots of things to consider to get your desired signature look. Beyond the color, you also need to decide on the shine, texture and finish. Not to mention that nail polishes have also evolved massively over the …

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Easy nail art using tape


Hey dolls! Today I have a really fun and easy gel polish tutorial for you using some colors from the new Gelish “Hello Pretty!” summer 2015 collection (review & swatches here). This tape manicure looks fancy but really anyone can do it, and you can use gel or regular polish. It’s up …

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How to Do French Manicure at Home

French manicure

If we have to choose the most classic nail art of all time, it would be the French manicure. It may have been considered “outdated” for a time, but it always comes back. While beauty enthusiasts are always looking for new nail designs, colors, and textures, simple and elegant nail art is …

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Nail Art Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


When people think about events in October, Halloween always comes first in their minds. Because of that, October is typically associated with orange and black and anything spooky. For some, it’s the rusty golden leaf fall colors that mark their October. But did you know that it’s also the pinkest month of …

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