Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Kids


    With the environment we live in today, it’s no surprise that we could be too busy with our work and other extracurricular activities. Relatively, it’s okay if you don’t have a family to look out for, but when you have a wife and kids, it’s a different story. Unfortunately, parents would often concentrate on their tasks, may it be their job or household chores. Don’t get us wrong, it’s part of a parent’s responsibility to do those tasks, too; but there is so much more to being a parent than just dusting your T.V rack or doing paperwork. Reconnecting with your kids plays a vital role in their growth – as parents, we should know how to connect with them. This parent role wouldn’t be possible if we were stuck doing our daily routine to our work or chores, so make sure to plan your household activities.

    Ways to Reconnect with your Kids

    It may be a difficult task to connect or reconnect with your kids, especially if you’re not fond of doing so, but as you progress, you will eventually get the hang of it. It’s best to get signals from your kids; it doesn’t have to be a signal directed to you; kids tend to hide what they feel or need, but often they are not good with it. Once you know those small signals, you can base your approach from there. But regardless of the signs, you can still do simple things to connect with your child.

    Smile: Regardless of the situation, frequent smiles to your children can boost their emotions towards you. Kids would feel much appreciated and loved, preventing the feeling of loneliness. It’s a simple gesture that could go a long way.

    Have a Laugh with them: Making jokes with one another, even the corniest one, would do the trick. Laughing with your kiddo could help boost their self-esteem and confidence. Not only you’ll be enjoying a good laugh, but it will also serve as a bond between you and the kids.

    Ask How Their Day Went: This gesture existed for a long time, but as times changed, the way we act towards our kids also changed. We would often eat and not talk about our day, not knowing what might be happening. Make it a habit to talk with your kids, not only during dinner but maybe some spare time as well.

    Listen to Them: Talking to them is good, but being a listening parent is much better. They may have sentiments that they are afraid of talking about, so it’s crucial to listen to your kids during this time as parents. If you need to give a piece of advice, make sure to time it correctly – as you may ruin the moment with your kid.

    Be Appreciative!: If they did a household chore or may something else, make sure to say those words of appreciation. Just like smiling, appreciating your kids’ efforts could go a long way.

    Give and Take Compliments: Compliments are best for your kids, let alone for anyone. Not only it provides a boost to confidence, but it also provides a sense of appreciation of what they might like.

    Be Supportive: If they opened up about something they like, let’s say sports or a hobby, it’s ideal for supporting them by providing the things they need. If they want art, maybe get them some art materials to have the start. If they are into any particular sport, get them the equipment they need, or you could also enroll them in a sports camp if they want to. Be supportive as much as possible; this will help them find the path they want to be.

    Do Activities Together: Plan some fun activities you could be doing together, for example, baking, gardening, or jogging. Doing these simple activities can serve as a bond between you and the kids and help you understand them better.

    Being a Parent

    Being a parent is more than just chores and providing for your family. Always remember that your kids’ physical and mental growth solely depends on you while they are young. It will be best to talk with your partner about handling these tasks since no one can help you guys out besides you two.


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