Making your laundry routine eco-friendly

This post was sponsored by NEW! Tide purclean as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve become more environmentally conscious and worry about my family’s impact on this world we live in. Even though we are just 5 people on this Earth, I feel like every little step we take to reduce, reuse, recycle helps keep this beautiful planet cleaner, better place, right? Imagine if everyone cared enough to do their share.

Switching to this mindset has made me really scrutinize my lifestyle and habits in all areas of my life, including how I keep my home clean. One thing that’s recently gotten a major overhaul is my laundry routine. I mean, with three kids, one of which is a messy toddler in cloth diapers, and with another baby on the way, it’s safe to say we do a ton of laundry around here. The washer is almost constantly running at this point, and it made me question how our dirty laundry impacts the environment. Today I’m sharing some easy tips for making your laundry routine more eco-friendly! 

Only wash what’s necessary. This rule doesn’t apply to everything, obviously, but a lot of things can be re worn and can skip a washing. Don’t fill up your washing machine with clothes that aren’t really dirty- it wastes space, which makes you wash more loads, using more water, energy, and detergent (plus, it’s just a waste of time). So go ahead and re-wear those jeans, hoodies, cardigans, etc, 

Adjust your water temperature. Washing items at too high of a temperature can not only ruin the fabric (depending on the washing instructions), but it also wastes energy heating the water. I wash a lot of our clothes on cold rather than warm, and I try to only use the hot setting when absolutely necessary, like when I’m bleaching white towels and whatnot. 

Watch your load sizes. Using a load size that’s too big for the load you’re washing is wasteful. Why fill the basin completely if you only need it half full? If you’re using the highest water setting make sure you’re washing a full load. If it’s smaller, change the settings accordingly and save water and energy.

Switch to Tide PurClean. Have you ever thought about the environmental effects of the detergent you’re using? I recently switched to new Tide Purclean, the first bio-based detergent with the same cleaning power of Tide, and I am so happy with the results. It has a delicious scent- honey lavender, and it’s made with 100% renewable electricity. It’s also made with zero manufacturing waste to landfill sites and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle. I seriously love the smell of this stuff. I kept walking into the laundry room while the washer was running just to get a whiff of it again, and then I found myself sniffing the clean laundry when I was putting it away (kind of like in a commercial). It smells that good! 

Upgrade to an HE washer. If you’re looking to upgrade your washer, consider purchasing a High Efficiency machine. These newer washing machines use much less water and energy than the old ones, which will save you money in the long run. Plus, most of them automatically adjust the load size for you by sensing the weight of the clothes, so no guessing how much water you actually need. We switched to an HE machine and  I absolutely love it! I’ve already seen savings on my water bill and a drop in the amount of water we use every month, which makes me feel great.

Shop smart. While shopping for your laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, bring your own reusable grocery bags and stock up while you’re there. Cutting down on the amount of packaging and extra trips to the store cuts down on waste and transportation costs- both great things! Plus, plastic bags are horrible for the environment. 
Speaking of shopping smart, I headed to my local Target store (my favorite place) to pick up the new Tide PurClean. I used my Target Cartwheel mobile app (which I’m obsessed with!) to save 5% on Tide PurClean now through 7/30, and combined that discount with the $1.00 off neckhanger coupon found on the bottle in the store for extra savings. If you haven’t used the Cartwheel app before you are missing out- it’s super easy to use in the store on your phone and the savings really add up.


So how does your laundry routine stack up? Are you concerned with making your home more eco-friendly? Do they include environmentally conscious cleaners like the new Tide Purclean?