What is soap scum, and how do you clean it up?

cleaning scum from tiling

Soap scum, also known as multifarious sludge or lime soap, is one of the many annoying sedentary messes you can see sitting on your tiling, shower, tubs, sink, or bathroom fixtures. This off-white, often yellowish, flaking residue is a dried substance formed by the reaction of salts and minerals found in the … Read more

Your Guide to an Organized and Clutter-Free Bathroom

A blue themed, organized bathroom

Having a well-organized bathroom could lift the productivity of a person to new heights. It’s the first place you go to after waking up, so it needs to be a place that makes you feel comfortable instead of making you depressed. Making your bathroom thoroughly clean and organized may look like a … Read more

Time-Saving Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom

a snapshot of a clean and tidy bathroom with blue and white towels and candles

The majority of people find cleaning the bathroom a tedious and boring task. The washroom requires cleaning regularly to maintain proper hygiene levels. It is also the most used space of the house and needs to be kept thoroughly clean at all times. It gets difficult to regularly take time out of … Read more

Guide to Potty Plungers

The water is rising, and the stress is rising with it. It is nearing the edge! What to do? Grab the plunger and bust that clog! This scene happens daily in homes around the world. It is a simple thing, but sometimes people might wonder which is the best plunger to use, … Read more

Useful and Unusual Bathroom Accessories

Useful and Unusual Bathroom Accessories

For some people, the most important room of their house is the bathroom. Every day, we go to the bathroom countless times. Some people treat the bathroom as a relaxing getaway, while for some it’s just a room used when necessary. No matter how you look at it, your bathroom should have … Read more