Best Portable Charcoal Grill – You’re Gonna Want These!


The way I see it, the only thing stopping portable grills from gaining mass popularity is the lack of cooking space. Because, believe it or not, some of these portable grills cook food as good as any grill in the market today. Here’s my list of the very best portable charcoal grills …

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Top 4 Charcoal Grills That Work Great for Every American Home


Are you a veteran when it comes to the barbecue? Do you still have an affinity for the classic old charcoal briquette? You’re not alone! Many Americans prefer the aroma and taste of meat, veggies, seafood, etc. cooked over charcoal, and find charcoal grills easier to carry and work with than portable …

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The Most Affordable Lump Charcoal for Grilling


You are going to need fuel that will keep your charcoal grill going for a long time. You can choose between charcoal lump or charcoal briquettes. The charcoal lump is preferred by most grilling enthusiasts because briquette charcoal is commonly sold in stores. The charcoal lump is prepared by burning the pieces …

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What are the Different Types of Charcoal for Grilling?


Charcoal is one of the essentials for your barbeque. Although people use both charcoal and wood to cook their juicy meats, a lot of people prefer charcoal over wood for its smoky and charred taste. It may seem that all the charcoal is the same, but they come in different types that …

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Best Charcoal Grills You Can Buy


Nothing beats charcoal grills when it comes to a good old American barbecuing experience. It gives the food its own unique taste but there’s a degree of skill associated with cooking on grills. Cooking on a badly designed grill can be a nightmare. I compiled a list of the best charcoal grills …

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Best Charcoal for Your Charcoal Grill


Have guests coming over? Get your grill going and let the fantastic aroma signal that summer has started. Grilling is one of the best ways to get everyone together outside, and it also gives your food a unique smoky flavor. There are several grills available in the market, but the three basic …

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Best Charcoal Grill Starters


To eat that mouthwatering grilled food, you need to fire up the grill first and igniting it is not an easy task. Charcoal takes time to get ignited and can be a frustrating process. Some people use starting fluid, mineral spirits, gasoline, or kerosene to make their work easy but it is …

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The Yakitori Charcoal Grill Isn’t Like Most Grills


You might not have heard about the Yakatori Charcoal Grill before but it is something big in Japan. In fact, it is considered a traditional item for cooking kebabs and skewered meats in addition to regular grilling. Yakatori is actually a street food dish that is found near train stations and high-quality …

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