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    Have you decided to upgrade the look of your living room but aren’t sure where to start? Go ahead and let the hearth of your home guide you with the direction of your home decoration. It makes sense that to create a cozy living room, you must make sure that your fireplace is your main focal point. Revamping your mantel is a simple way to make a noticeable change in your space. With the right mantel décor, your fireplace can stand out prominently as the focal point of your room.

    If you are contemplating to refresh the look of your fireplace mantel, here are some ideas that you might consider trying out:

    1. Paint the brick.

    Accentuate the features of your fireplace by painting the brick surround, mantel, wall, and surrounding trim using the same color. An all-over paint job will help emphasize your molding and other details while creating a cohesive backdrop for mantel décor. If your walls are white, you can paint ray so the mantel will stand out crisply while still staying as an excellent backdrop for other decorations you want to add, like plants, candlesticks, and artwork.

    2. Paint a contrasting color.

    Turn your ordinary-looking fireplace into a focal point by painting the wall above the mantel with a color that contrasts with the room’s main color. Base the color that you choose on another element within the room that you want to display. For instance, you can match the paint on a navy blue vase you want to display on the mantel or the emerald green stones on the fireplace surround.

    3. Do a decoration swap.

    For a fast and easy fireplace mantel refresh, gather decorative items you already own to quickly swap out your mantel décor. Items like colorful vases, potted houseplants, unique candle holders, and vintage collectibles can quickly turn your plain mantel into something nice to look at. If you’re getting tired of the artwork displayed at your mantel because it has always been the background of your visitor’s pictures, swap it with another artwork from another part of your house, say your bedroom.

    4. Display three coordinating frames.

    Instead of using an oversized piece of art, choose three coordinating frames for a more budget-friendly décor. This set of prints displays a world map in three parts, forming an eye-catching display that stretches across most of the mantel. You can punctuate the arrangement using a few glass vases and votive candle holders.

    5. Make an asymmetrical arrangement.

    Most people tend to balance decorative items on their fireplace mantel. But if you’re getting bored of your same old decorations, you can make an asymmetrical mantel arrangement – it feels fresh, breezy, and cheeky. It’s also a subtle design strategy. For example, you can arrange a large artwork on the right side of the mantel instead of the middle and keep simple accessories on the other side to keep the focus on the artwork. This way, the eye is naturally drawn to whatever is on the right side of the room (for instance, a welcoming couch with cushy pillows).

    6. Add simple accents to a mantel with character.

    If you’re lucky enough to have a mantel with character, let your mantel be the star. Minimize your accessories by adding just a simple mirror and a few well-placed items. Glass vases and hurricane candle holders can easily fade into the background, keeping the emphasis on the mantel itself.

    7. Add wallpaper.

    If your room badly needs a pattern as a break from all the solid colors in your walls and furniture, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your fireplace mantel by adding wallpaper. Sometimes, patterned wallpaper is enough to create that wow element, while everything else hangs back.

    8. Mix and match styles.

    Mix and match your fireplace mantel decorating ideas across different design styles for a personalized, eclectic look. If you have a white fireplace with a traditional mantel, display a bold contemporary painting on top to add color and the needed fresh change. Should you add other accessories, keep it simple to keep the focus on the striking artwork.

    9. Layer artworks.

    If setting up a gallery wall is overwhelming to put together for you, a great solution is to layer your art on top of the mantel. Hang one piece – preferably the biggest one – and lean the others to create a more casual look. Also, decorating your mantel this way can let you easily switch up the art whenever you’re looking for a change.

    10. Layer some frames.

    If you want to skip the fancy artwork, do it! Let fun frames shine for fun farmhouse-inspired décor. Simply layer several empty frames of different sizes and finishes on your mantel shelf. Complete the look by adding a few display accessories and finish it with a flourish of flowers or greenery.

    Stick to two colors to keep it coherent. For instance, you can have a thick, cerulean blue square frame and a thinner baby blue rectangular frame. Display it along with a long, wooden, thin frame and another frame with a distressed wood finish. It’s best to get inspiration from the colors already existing in the room, like the color of your vase on the coffee table or throw pillows so that the empty frames won’t look out of place.

    11. Decorate with a mirror and matching sconces.

    The right mix of accessories can enhance a simple mantel. For an easy decorating idea, hang the mirror in the middle and install sconces on either side. Anchor the accessories to the mantel using a larger vase put in front of the mirror. Then, fill in the mantel with smaller accessories, like candlesticks, vases, and other decorative objects. Make sure you pick up on colors, materials, and textures found elsewhere in the room.

    12. Display a statement art.

    A large, striking painting can quickly transform a timeworn mantel for a refreshing and eye-catching look. Add neutral-toned decorative items to put on top of the mantel to add while letting the painting be the center of attention.

    13. Create an accent wall.

    Dress up your simple, cookie-cutter fireplace by painting the surrounding wall with a solid and striking accent color. A dark-hued paint can elevate an average white fireplace. And, when mixed with a gold, sunburst mirror, the mantel now becomes the center of attention.

    14. Extend the mantel to make shelves.

    Do you have a long and chunky mantel that extends beyond the fireplace? To make it more coherent with your space, coordinate it by installing some open shelves off to the side of the fireplace. Decorate it with items like frames, vases, and other pretty knick-knacks you like to display.

    15. Show off your collection.

    If you have a collection or two, the mantel is a great spot to show it off. Line up your collection against the wall or on top of the mantel to make a united and coherent design element that can serve both as a focal point and a conversation starter with guests.

    16. Install built-in shelves on both sides of the fireplace.

    Depending on the layout of your living room, sometimes, the only acceptable place to put the TV is above the mantel. In this case, where the TV becomes the focal point, you can work with it by using the areas next to the fireplace to decorate. You can set up built-in shelves and cabinets on both sides of the fireplace to add some décor. However, try not to put too much on the shelves to prevent it from feeling too busy and cluttered.

    17. Frame the fireplace with antique mirrors and frames.

    Different sized mirrors can give depth and character to the room while also framing the fireplace to make it the real focal point. Place a large mirror on top of a mantel and layer it with smaller ones. Then, hang some smaller mirrors and frames on both sides like you would a mini gallery wall. To prevent it from looking kitschy, it’s best if the frames are of the same color. Gold would be sensational.

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