Best Gear for Beach Camping


Beach camping is one of the ultimate summer getaways, and even if it’s not summer, you can still enjoy it. Nothing beats spending some time in a place where there is a crisp sea breeze and waves yearning to be surfed. It will allow you to disconnect from the hectic life back …

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Best Socks for Hiking


Hiking is an activity that is best for people who love to connect with nature. Some people also hike to sweat, to drop some pounds, and to keep their heart rates up. But the best part about hiking is that whenever you conquer a mountain, it makes you forget about everything else …

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Best Hiking GPS


Hiking is fun, right? But it is also really important to keep track of your path while you are exploring in unknown territory. Most people can rely on their smartphones to navigate their way, but if you’re doing remote hiking or in a challenging location a dedicated GPS can be invaluable. For …

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The Best Bodyboards for Beginners


Bodyboarding is a fun and exciting activity to do at the beach. It’s a water sport that both kids and adults can enjoy. It is popular because the surfers ride the boat lying down (as opposed to surfing where you need to stand) making it easier to learn and enjoy.  It also …

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Top 7 Stand Up Paddleboards


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming more and more popular. Its popular because of its relative ease to learn and less demanding physical requirements compared to surfing.  It can also be used in many different water conditions. The rider will use a paddle to propel the paddleboard through the water – be …

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15 Fun Float Ideas for Your Pool or Next Vacation


Pool Floats have become the ultimate summer accessory for pool goers and beach lovers alike. Whether you have your own pool in your yard or heading to the beach for the ultimate summer vacation, picking up an inflatable float will be the best purchase you will make this summer. From giant unicorns …

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Guide to Buying Getaway Cabins on Amazon


With all that’s happening around us, a lot may be dreaming of having a place to wait out an SHTF scenario. If you have the means and you are serious about having a good contingency plan when SHTF, then one of the things you should have is your own getaway cabin or …

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Top Brands for Jumping Stilts


This year we all have learned different things about life. While everyone’s learning is different, one thing we all can agree upon is learning to devise new ways to keep ourselves busy. People have valued how their trekking and walking as a passion can come in handy when they are forced to …

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