Ultimate Guide to Mineral Makeup


What is Mineral Makeup? By definition, mineral makeup is made up of finely milled minerals like iron oxides, zinc oxide, talc, and titanium oxide. It is considered better and healthier for the skin than traditional makeup products mainly because: It usually does not contain irritant compounds. Mineral makeup is free from any kind …

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The Best Makeup Sponges

different colored makeup sponges

To be able to apply makeup products effectively and beautifully, there are different tools that we use. These can include different makeup brushes that come in different sizes for various purposes. But aside from makeup brushes, another useful tool that you can use to apply makeup products are makeup sponges. Makeup sponges …

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The Best Makeup Vanity Tables

Bobkona F4071 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, Cherry

One of the most important items that you need to have in your makeup studio, bathroom, or in your favorite spot where you usually apply your makeup is a vanity table. Having the right one can help you in organizing your makeup products and accessories. Aside from that, it can also make …

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Retro Inspired Makeup Products

Tokyo Milk Lip Balm

From overdrawn lips, elegant eyes, loads of powder, long falsies and pale pink hues, vintage make up tricks are definitely making a comeback. Do you remember that time where you were curious about the products in your grandma’s or mom’s vanity? Well, these products are on the scene again. We are here …

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Getting Started with the Top Organic and Natural Makeup Brands

100 Pure

There is no doubt that different toxic chemicals could be hiding in your makeup bag. The skin can absorb about 80% of these chemicals unfiltered. Therefore, applying unnatural makeup to your skin poses a serious health risk to your body. However, since in recent years organic products have been increasing in popularity, …

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How to Achieve the “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

A no-makeup makeup look

With the summer heat getting hotter and hotter every season, our willingness to go out with full makeup has taken a stark decline. Who wants to spend hours perfecting makeup only for it to melt off a few minutes after stepping out the front door. However, most of us are not willing …

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Should You Use Cheap Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes in a jar

Anyone who loves makeup and knows a thing or two about it knows that a good formula will only get you so far. You can own the best and most expensive makeup on the market, but if you don’t use a quality makeup brush, the difference will show all over your face. …

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Easy Airbrush Makeup with Luminess Air

a makeup artist applies foundation to a model’s face with an airbrush

These days, there are many ways to apply makeup, specifically foundation. First, there are the types of foundation – powder, liquid, stick, tinted, and so many others.  Makeup enthusiasts now have more choices of applying a makeup foundation. Depending on the abovementioned types of foundation they will use, they may apply any …

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