Guide to Alarms for Bikes


A bike is an excellent thing to have to be more cost-efficient in commuting to work or school. Biking does not only help you spend less money on bus or train rides, but it can also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it can give you a good exercise. Because … Read more

Best Key Cores for Locks

Door key and keyhole on a gray background. Side view. Free space for text. The system of protection of the house.

Security has become one of the most important concerns these days. Earlier, locks were quite sufficient as burglars were unaware of the techniques to break down these locks. As we progressed, the conventional lock systems became inefficient, mainly because breaking them was so easy. The criminals were aware of the modern techniques … Read more

A Buying Guide to Smart Security Cameras

a display of various CCTV cameras

Security and privacy are two essentials of a person’s life. It is human nature to expect peace and space without the fear of being invaded in any way. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to statistics, there are more property crimes in America than violent crimes. In 2019 alone, there were … Read more

Top 10 Smart Door Locks

smart door lock

Since the advent of smart door locks, old standard door locks have almost lost their charm. The reasons behind the popularity of smart door locks are the extra features and accessibility they offer. If you are looking for the best and high-quality smart door locks for your home or office, the following … Read more

Maglite vs Nitecore Flashlights

Maglite vs Nitecore Flashlights

Using a flashlight when the power is out is a no-brainer. For most people, the first thing they look for is a flashlight, and hope that the batteries have enough remaining charge to allow them to see whatever it is they need to see – to read a book, play a game, … Read more

Best Smoke Detectors for Kitchen

Smoke Detector mounted on the ceiling

Smoke detectors play an important role, especially in places that are prone to picking up a fire. They are specifically important in the kitchens because, during cooking, carbon monoxide and smoke can be produced. Therefore, you need to invest in a reliable smoke detector for quality performance. If you are looking for … Read more

Developing a Family Preparedness Plan

Disasters can happen anywhere. Being prepared for an emergency is important for the whole family! If only one person in the family has a plan, but nobody else knows about it, then the plan is not as helpful as it could be. If that one person becomes incapacitated, it could leave the … Read more

Different Types of Storage for Prepping

Since a large part of being prepared for a disaster is storing up supplies, finding a way to store them that works for you is crucial. There are probably as many different options for storage as there are things to store, but there are some that are used more often than others, … Read more

Making Your Windows Shatter Resistant

A ball gets out of control. A rock gets thrown from a lawn mower. A bird flies a bit too quickly toward what appears to be a hole in the wall – but is not. These are only a few of the things that can cause a window to shatter.  Because there … Read more

Top 8 Flashlight Brands

JETBeam JET 3M PRO LED Flashlight

A high-quality flashlight isn’t just made to illuminate dark areas, but it can also be used for survival and emergency situations. You can use ultra-bright flashlights with high lumens to disorient an attacker, etc. For instance, if you are a prepper, you should opt for a sturdy tactical flashlight that can withstand … Read more

Useful Health, Safety and Medical Accessories

Health Safety and Medical Accessories

You never know what type of health challenges you might face whether it be a small cut or an ear that causing you problems or even a bee sting.  There are some amazing products available to handle many of these situations and also some that can be preventative as well like DNA … Read more