Quick and Easy DIY Teacher Gift Ideas


    I believe we can all agree that teachers need to be appreciated and thanked greatly for all of their efforts. Throughout the academic year, we all make an effort to express our gratitude, especially on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even during Teacher Appreciation Week. For teachers, handmade artwork is incredibly precious. You might paint them a landscape or perhaps even a picture of the teacher to display in their room, or you could make them something to hang there. A homemade gift is the best way to show someone you care, and you can turn it into a fun activity to do with your friends! Here are some quick and easy DIY Teacher Gift Ideas you can do.

    1. DIY Clipboards

    Teachers are fond of bringing in clipboards during their classes. That is why, why don’t you gift him or her a DIY clipboard? This homemade teacher present is hitting two birds at the same time: customized and useful. You may prepare materials that would suit best with your teacher’s personality. It could be washi tapes, your teacher’s favorite paint color, glitters, etc. Once done, you may start designing the clipboard! But make sure not to overdo it. Anyone can complete this project because it is that simple, I guarantee it!

    2. DIY Bookmarks

    Floral Bookmark Design

    Since many teachers enjoy reading, gifting them a homemade bookmark will be greatly appreciated. A lot of them are made of cardboard or heavy paper, but they can also be made of paper, ribbon, cloth, feeling, steel, wire, tin, beads, wood, plastic, vinyl, silver, gold, and other precious metals; some of them even have gemstone decorations. There are a lot of designs available on the web to choose from.

    3. DIY Message on Succulents

    Cactus in a Pot

    Giving someone a plant can signify a variety of things, but most importantly, it can convey your good wishes and care. Plants are one way to a teacher’s heart! Succulents are commonly considered a representation of perseverance, courage, and unselfish love. So giving succulents as a gift to the one you care about the most would be a wonderful way to express your unwavering love. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, may it be a zebra plant, jade plant, crassula, aloe, a string of pearls, or the famous cactus plant. You can add a bit of personal touch by adding a ribbon and/or placing your message. 

    4. DIY Coffee Sleeves

    Coffee Cup with Design

    Coffee and tea are quite common drinks for teachers. Why not design a unique or customized coffee sleeve? There are a lot of coffee sleeve templates on the Internet that you could choose from. Next is to treat your teacher with a coffee or tea, whichever is his/her favorite. Then you may add the coffee sleeves with your note! You may also add an envelope with your words of gratitude for your teacher. How lovely this could be!

    5. DIY Gift Basket

    Makeup Essentials Gift Basket

    When you have a lot of gift ideas, you can incorporate them all by giving a Gift Basket to your teacher! It could be anything, her favorite snacks, a scented candle, post-it notes, colorful pens, a customized cup, makeup essentials, or anything with his/her favorite color. For sure, it would make him or her giggle and appreciate your thoughtfulness!

    6. DIY 100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

    Jar with curled notes

    We often have a lot of things to say to our teachers because we are grateful for them. For instance, because she cheers you up, or maybe because she is a good listener. That is why; why not write these words of affirmation in strips of paper? These strips of paper would help you express your gratitude and love for your teacher! Curl these notes and place it inside jars of any size and add some accessories to it. It is a quick, easy and fun to do! 

    7. DIY Flower Bouquet

    Artificial Flower Bouquet

    The student-teacher relationship is one of a kind which is what makes flower bouquets special. Flowers are the perfect way to show appreciation and add cheer to their desk or work stations. It would be more special if the flower bouquet would be crafted by you! You may use colored papers, twines, and a lot more for this DIY project. You can also watch YouTube videos on how to make simple but elegant flower bouquet origami.

    8. Personalized Water Bottle

    Water Drinking Bottle

    Our teachers can become really worn out from teaching. Because you never know when you’ll develop a scratchy throat, it’s crucial to stay hydrated! Why not offer him or her this gift given the numerous benefits of using a water bottle? Choosing the best brands of this water bottle will not be a problem. There are numerous brands on the market which includes Hydro flask, Contigo, Takeya, Nalgene, Origin, Iron Flask, etc. Not only its eco-friendly but also its budget-friendly. You may add in some personal touch like stickers and accessories that would bring out the personality of the teacher who’ll be receiving the gift!

    9. DIY Notebooks

    Embossed Notebook Cover

    Just like the previously mentioned clipboard, teachers are also fond of using notebooks. They usually jot down some important notes, write some memories they made or even make a journal out of a simple notebook. You can transform such boring notebook into a fantastic one! You may use any material that would suit best for your teacher. You may add in some quotes or phrases that would help and inspire them every day. You may also use the readily available templates found on the Internet. 

    10. DIY Goodies

    Sweet Cupcake

    Children enjoy the idea of making presents, wrapping them, and surprising their favorite teacher, so involving them in the baking process at home is a wonderful way to strengthen their relationship with their parents and give them a sense of ownership over the present itself. If you love baking, might as well use it to give something for your teacher as your sign of gratitude. It may be cookies, brownies, pastries and the like; it would be up to you. You may also add in your dedication in your cupcakes, cookies, etc. using icing, sprinkles, and a lot more. Not only that it will be a sweet treat for your teacher but also an exciting journey in the process of making such thoughtful gift.


    In a nutshell, giving gifts to your teachers will be very much appreciated, whether it is a clipboard, bookmark, succulents with dedications, coffee sleeves, gift basket, and jar of affirmations, flower bouquet, mirror, notebook, or baked goodies. All of these will make his or her heart happy and feel loved. Most especially that homemade gifts or gifts specially chosen by children are dearly treasured.


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