Introduction to the Delightful Empanada


If you are looking for a tasty snack for the whole family or to serve your friends, one of the delicious options is the empanada. It is a type of baked or fried turnover that is made of pastry and filling. This snack is popular in Southern European, Latin American, Indonesian, and …

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The Ultimate Guide to Refried Beans

Refried beans are a traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. It is a dish of cooked and mashed beans that is also popular in many other Latin American countries. In northern Mexico and as well as in Tex-Mex cuisine, refried beans are usually made with pinto beans. But there are also other kinds …

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What Are the Different Types of Rice?


Rice is one of the most commonly consumed foods in the world. There are hundreds of famous dishes of rice each of which is distinctive to the culture, ethnicities, and types of rice. In fact, there are many different types of rice each of which has its own uses, benefits, and drawbacks …

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