Kitchen Containers, Storage and Organization Ideas

Having struggle in organizing your kitchen? The struggle is real but there’s hope and solution to this problem. From food preparation to entertaining to cleanup, this kitchen collection will help you save time and get organized in the kitchen.

Datable Lid Storage Contaner




Many average households in the US and UK throw away food chiefly because of food spoilage. To prevent your food from getting past the expiration date and thus becoming inedible, you have to keep track on how long they will stay fresh. But because you have been doing so many other things, you may not be able to do it regularly as you should.

Discarding expired foodstuffs means you have wasted a lot of money, too. But avoid these scenarios with the Datable Lid Storage Container. It comes with a contra-rotating lid which lets you to set the date the contents more clearly, either with a “use by” or “when stored” date. To set the month, turn the dial clockwise; to set the date, turn the dial counter-clockwise. There, you can clearly see the date through the lid’s window.

While the container itself doesn’t prevent food spoilage, by looking at the date you will be able to tell how long the food should be kept fresh so that you may consume it. This helps in preventing excessive food wastage.



Flexible Silicone Lunchbox



With this awesome flexible silicone lunchbox, it keeps your perfectly assembled sandwiches stay in place no matter where you go or what you do. It is made of high-quality elastic silicone skin, while its base is durable and sturdy which is great for holding your sandwiches togeher. It is great not just for sandwiches but for any other food as well.

When unused, this lunchbox goes literally flat, which makes it easy to store away.


Fold Up Placemat Lunchbox




This is a smart picnic companion! The concept of a lunchbag doubling as a placemat sounds like it’s too far to happen, but this manufacturer has made it possible. This bag, when unzipped and folded down, easily transforms itself into a wide (20″ x 20″) placemat, providing you with a clean and healthy place to eat. This bag/placemat is also ideal for people with health and eating concerns, especially those who suffer from food allergies.

This product is made from lightweight and durable neoprene, and is 100% machine washable.


Steel Insulated Food Containers




This insulated food container will keep your food warm for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 10 hours, making a perfect companion for your lunches whether you’re in the office, at a work site, or going camping, fishing, beach outing, mountain climbing, tailgating and so on and so forth. Its compact design makes it easier to store. With its leak-proof design, it can hold fold without ever spilling, even soups, yogurt, salad, rice bowls or saucy dishes.

Unlike other thermal containers, this one has a 2-cup capacity, allowing you to pack hearty meals.


Reusable Fold-Out Shopping Cart Bags


Reusable Fold-Out Shopping Cart Bags


These bags were designed to provide additional convenience and ease to many American grocery shoppers. They are specifically designed to fit standard grocery carts found at major American grocery and retail stores like Walmart. These colorful bags help you to sort the items you have just bought (food, toiletries, cleaning products) and they also help in eliminating the use of plastic bags and paper bags which kill trees and damage the environment

These bags are made of high-quality double-stitched materials, so they can be used as needed again and again.


Seal And Pour Bag Clip




Are you annoyed and tired at tying and untying bags of food? With the Seal and Pour Bag clip, you don’t have to do that. It has a handy spout with a lid, which makes opening and emptying the contents of easy, quick and mess-free. This tool also seals in the contents tightly, keeping them in the bag fresh for several months. It is ideal for certain bagged foodstuffs like coffee, cereal, sugar, rice, popcorn, flax seed and even your pet’s dry food.

The Seal and Pour Bag clip works on every material, from paper to plastic bags. It is also reusable, and also have a memory — in case it loses its shape, simply place the lid in boiling water and it will regain its original shape.


Seven-Pack Bottle Holder


Seven-Pack Bottle Holder


This Seven-Pack Bottle Holder can hold your favorite beer or any other beverages in one go. This is ideal for camping, beach outing, picnics, tailgating, fishing, boating, sporting events, outdoor concerts and music festivals, backyard and pool parties and many other occasions. While it is not a replacement for your traditional cooler, this holder is made from Neoprene material that keeps your cold drinks stay cold.


Mighty Handle – 2 Pack


Mighty Handle - 2 Pack

Is carrying lots of grocery bags a struggle to you? This Mighty Handle finds a way to make carrying and transporting grocery bags less burdensome. This patented product distributes weight of the bags evenly, which lets you to carry more loads in one go. If you’re carrying lots of grocery bags on the way to the parking lot or as you go climb a flight of stairs, the Mighty Handle will make your grocery errands more quickly, easily and comfortably.

Simply place your grocery bags on the Mighty Handle and you’re own your way to an easier and more convenient shopping experience. The Mighty Handle also has the unique Twist-Lock feature which prevents messy spills.


The Smart Lunchbox


The Smart Lunchbox

This lunchbox is a product of ingenuity and the intelligent use of natural and man-made materials, as it is made with high-quality natural bamboo and a precision-engineered polymer. It is a modular lunchbox which also includes one large and two small containers, keeping your food fresh for long hours as you go.

This cleverly-designed lunchbox also comes with a recipe app which allows you to make healthy lunches.

Get rid of a messy kitchen by using these kitchen containers and storage. Aside from looking unique, these items help you keep your kitchen organized.