10 Essential Tools That Every Home Car Mechanic Needs


When you do your own car repairs, it saves you from spending a lot of money and it can also make you proud that you’re able to fix your car by yourself. It is also cool because you’re able to set up your vehicle by simply buying the best car accessories you …

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Top Sandalwood Car Air Fresheners: A Comparative Review

Due to their airtight enclosure, cars can easily suck in awful odors penetrating seat covers leading to undesirable and stressful driving experience. To relax, a sandalwood car air freshener will provide not just fresh, relaxing and calming air but also mental clarity and protection from virus and germs. When looking for one, …

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The Guide to Car Mirror Fuzzy Dice


Whenever you are a passenger or a driver on another person’s vehicle, you may have noticed several decorations placed on the car’s dashboard or hanging at the bottom of the rear view mirror. As many people drive cars that sport the same color like blue, black, or red, one of the few …

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Best Car GPS Devices


Today’s smartphones are loaded with maps and traffic guides that serve as quick solutions for travel. These devices that are with us at all times are becoming increasingly more powerful and capable of providing accurate GPS navigation. While you can rely on it to get to places, you may realize that a …

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Keeping a Clean Car with Young Kids


Keeping your car clean with young kids seems an impossible task. Irrespective of their age, kids are mess magnets. They will leave traces behind in the form of mess, and this can be food wrappers, clothes, toys, sports equipment, or fluid splashes.  It is said that your mood goes up with great …

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Must-Have Car Accessories


Aside from essential car apps that provide stress-free driving, there are a handful of cool car accessories and equipment that may help you relax while driving and keep your vehicle on the road. YI Mirror Dash Camera A dashcam is among the best automobile gadgets you can get because it allows you …

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Must-Haves to Keep in the Car at All Times


Hitting the road, whether to buy some groceries or go on a road trip, your car becomes your temporary encampment. Aside from the different tools for car maintenance, there is more to the list of car essentials that every car owner must bring every drive out in case needs arise. Here is …

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Tips for Dealing with a Dead Battery


In simple words, without a working battery, you won’t be able to start your car with the switch. And there is nothing more depressing than seeing your car’s dead battery, especially on a cold winter morning. However, there are ways to tackle this problem. For example, the best gadget to use in …

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