Keeping a Clean Car with Young Kids


Keeping your car clean with young kids seems an impossible task. Irrespective of their age, kids are mess magnets. They will leave traces behind in the form of mess, and this can be food wrappers, clothes, toys, sports equipment, or fluid splashes.  It is said that your mood goes up with great … Read more

Must-Have Car Accessories


Aside from essential car apps that provide stress-free driving, there are a handful of cool car accessories and equipment that may help you relax while driving and keep your vehicle on the road. YI Mirror Dash Camera A dashcam is among the best automobile gadgets you can get because it allows you … Read more

Must-Haves to Keep in the Car at All Times


Hitting the road, whether to buy some groceries or go on a road trip, your car becomes your temporary encampment. Aside from the different tools for car maintenance, there is more to the list of car essentials that every car owner must bring every drive out in case needs arise. Here is … Read more

Tips for Dealing with a Dead Battery


In simple words, without a working battery, you won’t be able to start your car with the switch. And there is nothing more depressing than seeing your car’s dead battery, especially on a cold winter morning. However, there are ways to tackle this problem. For example, the best gadget to use in … Read more

Dry Battery or Wet Battery – Which One to Choose?

car engine; car battery; jumper cables

Batteries provide the spark to kick start our lives. They are used in almost all devices, vehicles, or electric utilities, and with a single click or push allow us access to the technological wonders of this century.  When it comes to cars, there are two basic options: dry battery and a wet … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Car Jump Starters

a close up of a jump start attached to a car battery

Imagine riding along a fun road trip and suddenly your car battery dies down. Worrying, right? Such scenarios not only make the trip turn sour; they can also create difficult situations if you don’t have proper backups planned. Car jump starts are one way to counter these unexpected situations. A car jump … Read more

Cool Car Accessories

Cool Car Accessories

  Having a car means maintaining and taking care of it and also having some fun as well. With the car accessories detailed below, you can have a lot more enjoyment with your car. They would also make for a safer drive, so keep on reading: You Shall Not Pass Car Sticker … Read more

Must Have Items for Every Car

Traction Mat

Cars, as we all know, are developed for transportation purposes. Unfortunately, its nearly impossible to predict when a car might develop a problem or ehwat types of situations you may find yourself in. A simple car failure might occur in a place where it is difficult to get help from people or … Read more

Must Have Items for a Road Trip

Travel Board Games

The road trip is an adventurous and fun way to travel from one place to another and also see the hidden gems of the country. Though it has its inconveniences and challenges, it can be an unforgettable experience. To help ensure a successful and fun road trip, we have compiled a list … Read more

Gift Ideas for Car Lovers and Car Owners

Shopping for a gift for someone who loves cars may appear easy, but in reality, it can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a gift for your best friend or family member who is into cars, you will want to be sure you pick out an item they will … Read more