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    You are most likely aware, eating 100% raw food can be costly. But the benefits of eating even 50% raw are immense if you are currently only eating a minimal amount of raw food. And eating only 50% raw will be so much cheaper.

    We follow a 50% raw diet and find that it is a diet that works very well. We feel much better in all ways by following this diet than eating 100% raw. A 100% raw diet is challenging to follow for many reasons, and it just does not work for some people.

    Many raw foods, especially vegetables, are more challenging to digest. If your digestive system is not functioning at optimal levels, you may be following a high diet but still not getting all the nutrients you need. This could be a particular problem if you are over 50, as our digestive systems tend to weaken as we age. So, by aiming for a 100% raw diet, to begin with, you could be wasting your money by buying expensive food that your body cannot digest properly.

    So, if you are on a budget, eating 50% raw will save you money, but it may also give you better health. It is always right to transition slowly into a new diet, so starting with 50% raw is a good idea even if you plan to eat 100% raw eventually. But even most raw food enthusiasts do not eat 100% raw but follow a high-raw diet. How high depends on the individual.

    If you are starting, do not feel like you have to go 100% raw from day one. Start slowly and work your way up. And take note of what your body is telling you. It can be a real shock to the system, from 0% raw to 100% raw. It may work out for some people, but not for everyone.

    A 50% raw diet is possible in different ways. It could be that you have a raw lunch and a cooked dinner. Or you could make each meal 50% raw and 50% cooked. But do not get caught up with aiming for exact amounts. Your aim should be to eat more raw food in general, not worry about whether you just ate 40% or 50% raw.

    If you are interested in following a 50% raw diet, see my book 50 Percent Raw – A Beginner’s Raw Food Diet Guide to Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, and Abundant Energy. It is a great book to get you started on your raw adventure.

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