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    This solution is a little more radical and involves downsizing your lifestyle to have more money to spend on healthful and nutritious food. While this might sound overwhelming, the benefits gained from improving your health and reducing financial stress far outweigh the initial inconvenience.


    Good health is one of the most precious things in life, but sadly it is something most of us take for granted until we no longer have it. To stay healthy, we need to eat great food regularly and make it a top priority. If you are struggling to meet this expense, then we suggest you budget out your monthly expenses


    Begin with creating expense categories. Most people involve mortgage or rent payments, utility bills (electricity, gas, home phone, cell phone, and internet), food, taxes, health care, car payments, gas, and car maintenance. Do not forget to add beauty and personal care, clothes, entertainment, and eating out. Be sure to also check your monthly credit card statement for recurring monthly charges. If they do not fall into one of the categories already listed, you will need to create one. You may not count that new dress or shirt as a regular monthly expense, but if you spend $200 on new clothes every month, it is a recurring expense, and you need to add it to your budget.


    Once you have your list, it is time to be brutally honest about what you need and doesn’t need. Secure solutions would be cutting back on TV packages, eating out, and impulse buys. Maybe you have some magazine subscriptions that you are no longer interested in but have not gotten around to canceling. If you find that you often make impulse purchases, then try leaving your credit card at home. Or implement a rule that says you can only buy the item a few days later after thinking about it. Impulse buys are often things we regret, so try giving yourself a few days to decide before you splurge.


    If you want to make some radical changes, you might even consider downsizing your car or home. If you have a family of three, ask yourself if you genuinely need a 5-bedroom house. Or, is it necessary to upgrade both cars you own every year or two? Downsizing, some of these big-ticket items will make investing in a healthier lifestyle much more manageable. You can easily afford more nutritious food, but you also free yourself from unnecessary financial stress and worry. 


    Life is about priorities, and if raw food and healthy living are essential to you, then make that a priority. Although achieving this goal may seem daunting and uncomfortable at first, you will find that it is one of the best investments you can make once you get started.


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