Raw Food on a Budget-Shop at Local Farmers’ Markets


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    Shopping at local Farmers’ Markets has become increasingly popular as people look for fresh, organic produce. These markets are an excellent resource for those who want to add seasonal variety to their raw food diets without incurring the costs often found at the grocery store.

    Another benefit to buying from local farmers is that the produce is picked fresh and has more nutrients. Fruits and vegetables from the supermarket are often picked too early not to ripen before they arrive in stores. Thus, store-bought produce is often less nutritious than the food that can be found at your farmers’ market.

    By shopping locally, you are also helping the businesses and the environment in your area. If you look at the produce department in your supermarket, you will notice that some of these fruits and vegetables come from around the world. Shopping at your farmers’ market means that your purchases help support your local farmer and reduce the amount of pollution caused by transporting produce worldwide.

    If you live in the country, some farms near you would be happy to sell you some of their produce. Some farms will even deliver their products to you. With these delivery services, we find it best to opt for a box of seasonal fruit and vegetables, usually the cheapest and the freshest. It is good to eat seasonal produce, as this is what our bodies typically need. In summer, salads work well, but warmer root vegetables are often what our bodies need in winter.

    You can find a local farmers’ market near you by going to this website: Farmers’ Market Search.



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