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    Shopping at the end of the day applies mostly to fresh produce, as it is the produce that stores and markets need to sell quickly before it goes off. I find that this works particularly well at farmers’ markets because they usually need to sell all the products they have brought to the market. Having to bring it back the next day is not an option, so they would rather sell it at a discount.

    Big box stores also have these offers, as they have fresh produce arriving daily, so they need to get rid of the older produce. At the bigger stores, you may see these offers at all times of day, so sometimes it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

    If you see lots of products at a deep discount, don’t forget that you can follow one of the previous tips, and dehydrate or freeze it if it’s too much for you to use at once. To take a simple example, dried bananas at a store are usually more expensive than fresh bananas. But if you see bananas at a discount because they are starting to over-ripen, you can buy them and dehydrate them yourself. You will then have dried bananas at a fraction of the store price. You will find that when you dehydrate fruits yourself that they are much more flavorful than shop-bought dehydrated food.

    But to find these end of day bargains, you will need to be familiar with the stores and markets in your area. You will need to follow the earlier advice, and get out in your neighborhood and start exploring. Many people do not ever see these offers because they shop at the same store week. Shopping around has always been one of the best ways to save money on food shopping, and it still is.

    End of day offers can appear at random times, but some stores have the suggestions at predictable times. If they have new deliveries on a Thursday, they tend to have the reductions on a Wednesday afternoon or evening. But you will not know this unless you are familiar with the store. With farmers’ markets, the offers tend to be at the end of every day, because their produce is direct.

    Take the time to get out there and explore all the different stores in your neighborhood. Get to know the owners and staff, and be sure to ask questions. It is incredible what you will find out, and what information they will give you without even asking, once they know you regularly. It does not happen often, but we have received offers before they are available because the staff knows what we usually buy.

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