Raw Food on a Budget-Avoid Over-Hyped Superfoods


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    Avoiding over-hyped superfoods could easily be the number one way for many people to eat raw for less. Many people who have decided to start a raw food diet think they need to eat all the raw superfoods advertised on raw food guru websites. While these foods are mostly good for you, we find them to be over-priced and over-hyped.

    Take goji berries as an example. There is no doubt that they are suitable for you, but are they worth what you have to pay for them on many raw food websites and upmarket stores? For many, the answer is no. The Chinese and other Asian people have been eating goji berries for thousands of years, yet you can buy them at low prices in Asian markets. Add the word superfood in front of the name, and the price suddenly quadruples, or more. You can often find apples costing $1 at your local store but costing $5 at a raw food website because they are now called superfood apples and have some marketing hype added to the description.

    You have to understand that many raw superfoods are over-hyped and over-priced. The more we look at the pricing of some items, the less we know them. There are cheaper alternatives to almost all raw superfoods. Do not get caught up in thinking you need to pay these outrageous prices.

    One way to spot what is over-hyped is to read the marketing. Go to the store to buy apples, and you will see a sign saying apples. Go to a raw food website to buy some raw superfood, and often, what you find is lots of marketing trying to justify it the high price. If you want goji berries, get them at an Asian store. Goji berries are nothing special in Asia. It is no different buying goji berries in Asia than purchase apples in the US.

    We do not really like about the over-hyped raw superfoods that most seem to be powders and dried foods. We prefer to eat real, fresh food. And to many, that is what eating rawer food is all about. It is about eating a delicious, ripe mango, not adding a few tablespoons of powder to your smoothie.

    It would help if you were shopping for, and eating, mainly fresh produce, not taking powders and pills. Sure, they have a place in your diet sometimes, but they are unnecessary for most people.


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