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    If you have read any raw food books or websites, you will have noticed that they mostly suggest buying expensive equipment for preparing your food. These include food processors, blenders, juicers, dehydrators, sprouters, and many other items. While these items are not essential, they will make your life much easier when preparing raw food.

    But the good news is that you do not need to pay the full price for these items. You can find all these items for sale at websites such as and local thrift stores. A friend of mine found an almost brand-new juicer for sale, a thrift store for just $5. It was so cheap that the front-end parts were missing, so the juicer was pretty useless without them. But she recognized the brand and knew could buy the parts separately. She ended up getting the parts she needed for an additional $50, so paid a total of $55 for her almost brand-new juicer. The retail cost of this juicer is around $300, so she made a significant saving.

    You will not spot these bargains all the time, but if you visit sites like regularly, you will see real deals on used equipment. Sites such as or allow you to set up alerts to receive an email each time an item you are looking for is listed. Take advantage of this option, and finding high equipment at bargain prices will be much easier.

    With so many people getting into juicing and raw food these days, you may also have friends and neighbors who have bought equipment that they no longer use. So, let friends and family know what you are looking for, and maybe someone will have what you need. Be sure to stop at yard sales when your friends and acquaintances have them, and you might get lucky.

    You can also be pro-active in other ways, such as listing under the Wanted section on websites such as Also, keep an eye on local listing sites and newspapers. Health food stores often have community boards that allow customers to list items for sale, so check them out.

    The bargains will not just fall into your lap, so you will need to do some work to find them. But the amount of work involved is minimal compared to the discounts you will find. As with most things in life, you need to put yourself out there to see the bargains. There is no point sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself because you need equipment you cannot afford. If you genuinely want something, be sure to try to get the things you want.


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