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    Do not think that you need to have a big garden and a green thumb to take advantage of this money-saving tip. We have already mentioned sprouting, and you can do that even if you live in the smallest of spaces. But growing your own is not just about sprouting. 


    Although herbs can be expensive to buy at your local store, they are practically free if you grow them. And like sprouting, you can make sure they are organic, fresh, and always available. Herbs have so much nutrition and are an excellent way to liven up any recipe.


    If you want to grow more of your food, you can accomplish this even in a small space such as a patio or balcony. Fruits and vegetables can be grown in a wide variety of containers. We have yet known people to grow potatoes right on their small balconies. You grow depending on your local climate, but almost anyone can grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, zucchini, and other salad vegetables.


    You will also be amazed at how much pleasure tending a small garden can bring you. It can also liven up a drab space, and even bring some wildlife to your property. Birds and butterflies love gardens, even small ones on balconies.


    If you have a house with space for a more extensive garden, you can grow almost anything, including fruit trees. We will admit that gardening may not be for everyone, but if you have space, we urge you to try. You do not have to plant a huge garden all at once. It is better to start slowly. Plant a few things, watch them grow, and then harvest and eat them. 


    Anyone who eats food straight from the garden agrees that it tastes so much better than produce from the supermarket. Farmers pick much of the produce at supermarkets before it is ripe, and it travels long distances to get to the store. So, it is no surprise than it can lose a great deal of its nutritional value in the process. But food picked right from your garden is at its healthy best. You get cheaper food, but you are getting food with a higher nutritional value. A bonus to gardening is the exercise, fresh air, and Vitamin D you get from all the sunshine. Gardening is truly a pleasure and a simple way to save money while adding much to your overall health.

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