Raw Food on a Budget-Forage for Wild Food


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    Foraging for food will mostly apply to those living in the country and accessible to those who live in the city. Foraging may not be well-known means for adding to your pantry each week, but it is a great way to save money and add fresh, seasonal produce to your raw food diet.


    Before embarking on this foodie adventure, it is crucial to plan and do your research. An excellent resource for foraging is We suggest spending some time researching this site and others to find the best local foraging resource for you. It is even possible to forage in New York’s Central Park. 


    One word of caution is that many plants look like others that may be harmful if eaten. In addition to the many books available on foraging, websites like Wild Edible and The Foraged Foodie can help you identify wild plants, so you forage only those safe to eat. 


    We have found wild strawberries, blackberries, various types of nuts, a few mushrooms, and plenty of greens during our foraging adventures. In addition to all this great food, we benefited from exploring our local area and getting plenty of exercises and fresh air. Although foraging may not be for everyone, it is an option to consider, especially if you have a minimal budget and still want a healthy raw food diet.

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