Tips for Finding Affordable Handbags That Look Expensive


    A good high quality and stylish purse or handbag can be a considerable investment.  Due to the necessity with which we frequently carry our handbags, it is easy to overestimate the value we place on this accessory. We’ll show you where to find affordable handbags that give the impression of being high-end.

    You can easily locate a chic bag that won’t cost you a fortune and will serve you for years, regardless of the season. Here are some tips for selecting a handbag that appears expensive but won’t break the bank. If you desire it, you should get it and enjoy it.

    Purchasing the Mini Version

    Smaller bags might be more cost-effective for high-end materials like suede and leather. Choose a small shoulder bag or clutch from your favorite designer if you must have a bag with that label.

    You may take your elegant, compact handbag with you from day to night or on the road. Grab a bunch of these handy clutches and carry one everywhere you go.

    Widen Your Current Search

    Many shoppers only think to check at the designer’s store or website when trying to purchase an affordable, high-quality handbag. This is a terrible idea because there are lots of stores offering discounts. Walk around your neighborhood or look at online deal forums to find what you want to buy.

    a person taking a photo of two orange leather handbags on a table next to a plant

    Shop by Shape

    When in doubt, focus on structures. In the same way that a sleek tote may be carried from day to night with ease, a clean shoulder bag is always appropriate for business. You may feel compelled to buy every hobo bag, but consider that structured satchels give off an air of sophistication and expensiveness more than their counterparts.

    Sales Are Your Best Friends

    We get how hard it is to not buy anything the second you set eyes on it. However, waiting for a sale is ideal when purchasing a handbag. And while it may seem like an eternity, consider all the deals offered throughout the holiday season.

    For example, there are many different holiday sales throughout the year. Wait until a major holiday weekend rolls around, and you should notice rates plummet.

    Keep It Real

    Try to get authentic fabric wherever you can. Genuine leather and suede handbags can be located in the “high quality” section of many online stores, as can those of other retailers. Fabric choice while shopping might help you look expensive without breaking the bank.

    Don’t Be Fooled

    You’ve finally discovered the perfect purse without breaking the bank! Ensure that what you’re buying is the real deal before you pay for it. Sadly, there are many scammers out there that are ready to rip off enthusiastic buyers.

    a close up shot of two handbags: one black and one green

    Hold Off on Hardware

    Excessive embellishment on a bag, especially in the form of inexpensive hardware, can give it an instant impression of being of low quality. Avoid anything that draws too much attention to itself, such as flashy logos, bright colors, busy patterns, bows, or scalloped edges. To sum up, keep things straightforward.

    Define a Budget

    You should determine how much you have to spend on a bag to avoid being tempted to spend more than your initial budget, or worse, you may become overwhelmed and make a rash purchase. Instead of becoming lost in a sea of options that don’t work for your body shape, price constraints can help you zero in on a specific item that does.

    Mind Your Colors

    Poorly made bright imitation leathers and cheap metallics can seem tacky. Totes in light colors like cream, white, and beige may show dirt quickly and require more maintenance than other bags. If you’re concerned about dirt, ink marks, or bleeding denim on your bag, black, chocolate brown, and navy are good possibilities.

    Think Inside the Box

    Hard-case bags are almost guaranteed to look costly regardless of their material, proving once again that bigger isn’t always better. Although beautiful for formal occasions, these minaudieres have more practical uses. You can also use a box bag to spice up your style for a romantic meal with your special someone.

    Consider Mega-Brands

    Bags that serve a specific purpose can often be found at trend-driven boutiques or fast fashion chains. For instance, this season, every retailer seems to have its interpretation of a fringe bag, and several less expensive options seem just as elegant as their pricey counterparts. Do your homework before buying into a new trend, and you can find exactly what you’re searching for at a price that works for your budget.

    a small orange handbag held by a person wearing an orange crop-top sweater

    Compare Bag Prices

    Do some homework on that particular handbag if you’re seriously considering buying it. Do a web search for the exact bag you want and see the market rate.

    If the price difference is large, you should check with stores in your area to see if they sell the bag and at what price they are selling it. This is helpful not only when comparing consignment stores but also when comparing physical to online ones or antique dealers.

    Feel free to walk away if the offer is not acceptable. Saving $10 or $20 on a small item may not seem like much, but if you’re trying to develop a capsule wardrobe made of high-quality pieces that will last for years, every little bit helps.

    Don’t Buy Knock-Offs

    Hermès, Chanel, Fendi, Celine, and other high-fashion brands’ iconic handbags are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, details, and trademark silhouettes and command astronomical prices. These handbags are well-known and frequently imitated; however, you should be wary of knockoffs.

    Neither luxurious nor stylish, they usually just come off as pretentious. Also, with so many creative options available, why not choose something unique that reflects who you are without breaking the bank?

    a person holding a beige leather handbag

    Historically speaking, handbags have never been merely a practical accessory. Both your style and character can be seen in them. Considerations like these help you zero in on the perfect affordable handbag with a high-end appearance.

    You should do your homework before going handbag shopping. If you abide by these tips, you should be capable of finding a bag that looks expensive but won’t cost you a fortune. 

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