Top Japanese Handbag Brands


    There’s a chance you can find a new style of high-end handbag you’ve never heard of from a brand based in Japan. There is a wide variety of purse styles and designs available from Japanese handbag brands, whether you’re looking for something simple and chic or more luxurious and designer. 

    Materials like ripstop nylon and hand-stitched leather are frequently used for trendy Japanese handbags. You can add unique pieces to your collection by looking into these top Japanese brands.


    Diu is a popular Japanese brand of handbags that has a factory in Bangladesh where they produce high-quality leather goods by hand. Additionally, their products are regularly featured in high-end Japanese women’s magazines. 

    Diu was founded on the premise that its products would be treasured and used for generations, like heirloom furniture and vintage cookware.


    The name Anello is synonymous with high-quality Japanese handbags worldwide.  In 2005, Anello entered the fashion scene, and its wide signature zipper was immediately a hit. The convenience of putting things in and taking them out of the bag contributed to its widespread adoption.

    Annello’s signature bag is the backpack, which has become a fan favorite due to its practicality and sleek appearance. Top carry handles and expansive zipper openings are two of the most sought-after design elements, as they facilitate the easy transport of large items. The canvas-and-polyester construction of the bags means they can’t get dirty or wet.

    These purses were a hit because of their convenience for people on the go. You can choose from a few messenger bag options, some leather bags, and a few PU bags.

    a woman in a dress holding a black handbag

    Bou Jeloud

    Bou Jeloud is a popular Japanese fashion brand for women that likes stylish apparel and accessories like bags and purses. The brand’s name comes from a location in Morocco known for producing some of the highest-quality maize in the world. This is so because the brand’s core values include respect for and communion with the natural world.

    Women who aren’t afraid to express their style will love these handbags. These items are perfect for the fashion-forward lady. The materials used in Bou Jeloud’s handbags are all eco-friendly.


    Bags, clothes, shoes, and more, Kitamura has been providing consumers with a wide variety of goods since its founding in 1882. The semi-shoulder bag is one example of its high-quality leather handbags. Kitamura’s long wallet has also become a best-seller.

    On the Kitamura online shop, you can choose the color of your bag for a more customized experience. If your bag ever needs repairing, the company will fix it.

    Legato Largo

    Legato Largo is Anello’s sister brand. This design company, founded in 2004, is known for producing minimalist, practical designs. The brand’s nylon and leather handbags come in various styles, from tote to bucket to structured.


    Kanmi is a popular and eco-friendly bag company in Japan. In 2000, the company began selling its products in Asakusa, Tokyo, a district of Japan famous for its abundance of fine leather. At first, it was just a humble atelier, but as time passed, it blossomed.

    One of the brand’s central tenets is eliminating unnecessary leather products. They utilize a special machine that recycles bag parts to reduce leather waste and make bags with a smooth and refined feel—their timeless and fashionable bag design results from years of skillful labor and eco-friendly leather manufacturing.

    different leather bags on wooden shelves

    Tsuchiya Kaban

    Tsuchiya Kaban was established in 1965, and it sells leather bags that have been meticulously hand-stitched by skilled Japanese leatherworkers. The business started out producing only schoolbags. 

    Traditionally, children were given a backpack with firm, structured sides when they started first grade. This backpack was meant to last the child through sixth grade.  The brand now also produces bags for women, and customers can choose from bucket bags, clutches, shoulder bags, and more.

    UN Billion

    Unsurprisingly, The UN Billion is a vegan leather handbag manufacturer. Its identifying square is shaped like a UN handbag. The UN billion is known for producing Oprah’s favorite winter bag: the Lacy Fur Tote, made of faux leather and shearling fur.

    Mis Zapatos

    Mis Zapatos has been gaining popularity over the past few years. This cute and easy-to-carry bag has two legs extending from the hand holding it.

    The Japanese handbag brand is famous for its innovative use of materials and eye-catching designs. Shoes are called “Mis Zapatos” in Spanish, which means “my shoes.” Every bag features a unique design for the shoes and feet.

    If you’ve been hunting for a handbag that stands out from the crowd but is still on the cutting edge of fashion, look no further than this Japanese brand. Famous anime franchises that have worked with Mis Zapatos include Radio Eva, Peanuts, and One Piece.

    Samantha Thavasa

    The company’s concept is “an overflowing aura of happiness.” The fashionable handbags come in a wide variety of monotones, pastels, and bright colors, perfect for formal and casual occasions.

    a woman in front of an establishment carrying a handbag on her shoulder

    Yoshida & Co, Ltd

    Although the company was already well-known for its Porter and Luggage bags, in 1962, it officially launched the Porter brand as its flagship product. The first brand aimed specifically at women, Porter Girl, was launched in 2009. Shoulder bags, duffle bags, messenger bags, and other bag types are all available in ripstop nylon.

    Osumashi Pooh Chan

    The Pooh Cat from Winnie the Pooh makes an appearance on these Osumashi Pooh Chan handbags. The most well-known style of pooh bag is the Pooh shoulder bag, which prominently displays a cat’s face with closed eyes on the purse’s front flap.

    Two cat-paw-shaped magnetic down flaps flip up to close the main flap and conceal the cat’s eyes, making it look like it’s playing peek-a-boo. Each bag design follows this theme uniquely, making them perfect for collectors.

    Bao Bao Issey Miyake

    Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has a handbag line called Bao Bao Issey Miyake. The hallmark of the brand is patterns made up of geometric shapes. These handbags come in various shapes and sizes, from clutches to totes to satchels.


    Zucchero is an everyday bag line aimed at seasoned professionals, and this Japanese bag manufacturer uses the “Sarai” brand of leather. The brand is one of many owned by Sarai, the parent company.

    All of Zucchero filato’s handbags are constructed from genuine leather. The one-of-a-kind feature of this bag is that it is crafted to look and feel like a woven basket bag.

    Laporta di Zucchero’s high-end synthetic leather is a great option for sophisticated women of any age. It’s an excellent choice for working women and many other professionals.

    the lower half of a woman carrying a bag in front of her

    You can find the perfect handbag by browsing the many different brands that are made in Japan, and with a plethora of Japanese bag brands, anyone can find the perfect bag to complement their style.


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