Top Japanese Handbag Brands

American goods may be dear to your heart but perhaps you know that there are plenty of well-made fashion pieces that come from all around the world. One nation across the Pacific comes to mind: Japan. Japanese goods, not only in technology, are one which Americans also hold into high esteem. Their handbags are made with mastery, style, and functionality. With the top Japanese handbag brands, you can be ensured that your bag is of high quality because they treat their bags with care. 

Here are some of the best Japanese brands for women’s handbags:

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Anello Official Black Japan Fashion Shoulder Rucksack Backpack Casual Diaper Bag
Anello Mini Leather Square Shaped Backpack
Anello Polyester Canvas Waterproof Unisex Flap Backpack
Anello Polyester Canvas Unique Texture Surface Backpack

1. Anello

One of the most recognizable brands from Japan, Anello is highly praised for its authentic style. The word “anello” is borrowed from Italian, and it means “ring” or “loop,” which stands for the simple yet well-balanced design that the brand became famous for. Born in 2005, the bag brand is highly praised for its golden zipper, and for their bag designs with wide-open zipper compartments, making it easy to take what you put inside the bags. They are popular for their awesome backpacks as well as their shoulder bags, in which you can store a lot of things even in a compact package. A lot of designers today copy the styles of their bags. Annelo bags are popular for their dirt-resistant polyester bags that is suitable for ladies in school and universities, and for active people and parenting mothers. Here are some amazing Anello finds:

A typical and popular backpack from Anello, this bag is great for carrying your everyday essentials. The construction is of top-quality, and you will be surprised about how much items it can handle. It also offers a huge space for clothes, computers, books and more. It’s perfect for travelers, students, and nursing mothers. There’s also a variety of colors to choose from. 

This bag has the typical Anello structure, but in PU leather. It’s a mini backpack that can easily fit your everyday essentials stylishly. The gold zippers make the bag even more stylish. This bag is available in neutral colors.

If you want a bag with flap, here’s a quality choice from Anello. This bag is made of waterproof polyester canvas. This bag is padded at the back for comfort. It’s available in unisex color choices.

This polyester canvas bag is a bag suitable for your casual outings. It’s made of a soft material that is very durable. It’s a flat backpack that can carry your laptop and other essentials. Its zipper pocket in the front can carry your small items, while the pockets on the side can carry bottles and umbrella. 

2. Legato Largo

If you love Anello, you can check out its slightly more minimalistic and classy sister, Legato Largo. Born in 2004, Legato Largo is a sister brand of Anello. It focuses on simple, minimal design, functionality and long-term use. It is recommended for those who want to be simply stylish. Their designs are matured and its durability is tested. The bags also feel luxurious to the touch. If you need more space for your items for school or work, you can opt for their stylish backpacks and shoulder bags. If you need something small and pretty for your date night, Legato Largo also has a variety of clutches and small bags. They offer both leather and fabric bags to match any personality such as a crocodile leather purse. You can check their products here

3. Tsuchiya Kaban

For more than half a century, Tsuchiya Kaban is manufacturing top producing bag brands for women. During its inception in 1965, this brand only began manufacturing traditional backpacks for elementary school children in Japan called the randoseru. It’s a firm-sided backpack made of firm leather, or leather-like synthetic material that is traditionally given to a child beginning his or her first year in school, and the child uses the same bag until sixth grade. Because of this, the randoseru is made to satisfy picky parents with their timelessly appealing designs, and really sturdy to survive six years of wear. Now, the brand also makes bags for adults. Their other bags are also made of high-quality leather, which makes the bag sturdy to be used for a long period of time. They offer bags of timeless design, so it will stay fashionable for years. Check out their chic leather bags here

4. Kitamura

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Kitamura Semi-Shoulder Tote Bag
Kitamura Semi-Shoulder Bag
Kitamura Long Wallet

Kitamura is another excellent women’s bag brand form Japan. Established in 1992, the company’s mantra in manufacturing bags are based on gentleness, loveliness and cultivation. Hence, they provide the nice and cute designs with colors and fodders. They allow the customer to pick a color of their choice for the bag, making them produce a unique bag they could personally use. Their goal is to make their customers happy, so the brand makes high-quality products and provides excellent service, including aftercare such as repairs and care for their products. Their products and services made them earn a lot of long-term customers. 

This is a semi-shoulder tote bag that looks simple yet stylish. The great thing about this bag is it has an option to expand – just unzip the zippers on the side if you want to place more items in this tote. 

Need a small yet organized handbag for your everyday hustle? This simple leather bag has got you. Inside, this bag is separated by a central zipped compartment. It comes with a convenient mini pouch that can be used as a wallet. 

Kitamura offers a long wallet that can carry all your cards and cash. Plus, it looks so stylish to bring on its own.

5. Samantha Thavasa

Founded in 1994, Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese luxury fashion house that interprets the fun and stylish side of women. It was founded by Kazumasa Terada, who primarily manufactured handbags that are popular among women in their twenties. They base their designs on the concept of overflowing aura of happiness, and you can note their bags for their rich style and glamor, while being trendy in catching up what is hot in today’s fashion. They ensure their customers that they will be choosing from a wide range of casual yet elegant bags for their everyday needs. If you love Kate Spade bags, you’ll love Samantha Thavasa’s bags.

By the way, the name of the company was derived from the characters Samantha and Tabitha Stephens from the hit American sitcom series entitled, “Bewitched.” Since the company is a fashion house, they offer a lot of other fashion products. Know more about it here.

6. Unbillion

Unbillion offers vegan leather handbags designed in Tokyo. Their women’s bags are stylish and perfect for the sophisticated woman. Their bags are picked up and featured in many popular fashion magazines in Japan and abroad every month. With premium material and high-quality craftsmanship, the brand offers luxurious-looking bags at an affordable price. They attract women who like to keep it simple yet fashionable. The brand aims to release styles that are more varied, more colorful and more enjoyable. If you want to learn more about the brand, click here.

7. Yoshida kaban

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Porter Tanker Shoulder Bag 06963 Yoshida Bag
Porter Original One Shoulder Bag Yoshida Kaban
Porter Official Two-Way Duffle Bag L Force Yoshida Bag

Yoshida kaban is a Japanese bag brand with a rich history and an even richer line of products. Their brand is best known for their Porter and Luggage Label brands of products great for both men and women. Kichizo Yoshida, who established the brand in 1935, was a craftsman in Kandasuda-cho Tokyo. Since then, this bag became well-known around Japan for its high-quality products that are proudly made from Japan. The craftsmanship of the brand is said to be nurturing the heart and soul into every stitch. Since their bags are made by passionate craftsmen, they ensure that their products are made with top-of-the-line quality. 

This shoulder bag features a lot of storage pockets to carry your personal items. It’s a stylish satchel-like bag that is small and appears like a messenger bag. 

Here’s a stylish one-shoulder bag that can carry your essentials easily. It has one large compartment and a front zipper pocket for smaller accessories. 

This duffle bag is a perfect companion for travel. It has a spacious compartment, plus three chunky pockets on the outside. It’s made of nylon ox and a nylon ripstop fabric. 


HERZ specializes in leather bags and small goods. It’s a small Japanese-based craftsman workshop, which started in 1973. The brand started handmaking non-mass produced, made-to-order leather bags and accessories that are beautiful in both construction and looks. These are built to go the distance, and the pieces stand out for their meticulous attention to detail. They offer timeless and functional design that are made of genuine leather. Sometimes, you can find some genuine leather versions of the nylon body bags and camera bags you often see on streets made by HERZ. Learn more about their brand here

9. Sazaby

Established in 1972, Sazaby is a Japanese brand that has been developing and manufacturing bags, which are noted for their distinct craftsmanship. It is a good brand of choice, and their bags reflects the moods, emotions and sensitivities of the times. The brand follows the current trends and has produced countless products that are distinct and made of high-quality materials. Carrying a Sazaby bag can make you look really stylish. Shop for their amazing bags in their website.

10. hobo

Hobo is actually a US-based brand, but it made the move years ago to Japan. Their bag styles are inspired by the traveling workers in 19th century America. While celebrating quality Japanese craftsmanship, this is a carry tale of East meets the West. The brand’s bags are designed to have versatile use and robust functionality, with a healthy dose of urban-friendly styling. It offers a variety of bags, including backpacks, wallets, totes and messengers. Check out their full collection here.