High-Quality Handbags for an Active Lifestyle

Surviving the long day outside the house without a handbag doesn’t make sense at all. Where to cram your all cosmetics – the lipstick, blush on, or a comb? – surely, in a clutch or a handbag! After all, handbags are a necessity – to carry such things and to make you look iconic through glamour! Be someone who is a working woman or the one who attends the parties and get-togethers, the fashion sense of both demands a signature over their glamorous outfit – that is a handbag! 

Things to Consider While buying a Handbag 

Whether you’re riding to online bags stores or walking to the offline shops, you’ll see all the brands are loaded with a bunch of different types of bags. Hence, it almost feels like being in deep water to find the right and the best one. You may be selecting the one considering the material, while the other calls for your style the most. Or with the aesthetic designs, fine touches and graceful color combinations, you may think of buying the whole shop, and want to create a hanging bar for bags in your closet. But, unfortunately, your budget can’t withstand your choice of buying scads of the bag. 

It becomes a minefield, you might never have thought it could be. So, there should be a few things you should consider to select one from a collection of hundreds and prevent buying the wrong one that doesn’t suit your style or budget. Below we have listed a few considerations for buying a high-quality handbag. Go ahead, and make your way easy in the purchase of an iconic piece. 


The size of the handbag should be compatible with your daily outgoing accessories and also where you’re going. Carrying a laptop-sized bag to the get-togethers makes you look odd. 


Weight of the bag matters because sometimes the material used in the manufacturing of handbags is heavy. In the way, even if you put lightweight stuff into it, it gets heavier that you can’t hang on your shoulders nor carry in your hands for much time. 


Storage is also a crucial thing to consider while buying a stylish handbag. Check the zippers and compartments of the bag, make sure you can keep your necessities in it easily and it will not give a look of a balloon. 


Style doesn’t mean you buy a handbag that looks classy and chic, Instead, you’ve to consider buying a bag that goes best along with your outfit and your shoes. Also, keep in view the color of your handbag. 

For instance, not just embroidered and fringed clothes, but fringe bags are also trendy and demanding. Making a duo of plain apparel with a fringe bag of any graceful color is just no exception! Or carrying a tote bag at the party makes you look dumb, instead go for the messenger bag. 


Choosing a good material after having a look at the design style is crucial. Because you’re not going to buy a bag that just last month or the color gets faded, or it gets worn out. The materials that get dirty easily will always be going to give a creepy look to your bag. Look for a bag that is made of durable and dirt-proof material. 


You may think if you want a high-quality branded handbag, then the price would certainly be high? But sometimes, you have to do research to look for the same bag with the least price that is available in multiple stores with different prices. But in the other case, if you compromise price over the quality, that’s for sure wrong. Look for all the above factors in your selected bag and then go to pay the price for it, if it is worth it. 

Handbags With Different Styles 

Embracing grace and style, the fashion market always puts forth something unique and incredible on the table each day. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types and styles of handbags that you can buy.

Types and Styles of Bags


Strap Length



Shoulder Bag

  • Shoulder bags are all around handbags - for every place

  • Available  in a variety of canvas designs, colours and sophisticated finishesList Item 2

  • The strap is usually short to hang them tightly over the shoulders

  • You can also keep them in the crook of your arm

  • Highly durable shoulder bags are usually large-sized and width to carry on weighted products

  • The shape of these bags is a little more rectangular at the upper end and less at the bottom.

Satchel Bag

  • Satchel bags are like a workhorse - can be taken both at the workplace and at dinner.

  • Two small straps and one long.

  • They can hold large size and high mass items.

  • The same shape as shoulder bags and are spacious. 

Tote Bag

  • Tote bags are simple yet the most iconic pieces. 

  • They have a small yet sleek and durable strap

  • A large body having and zips inside to keep small things organized 

  • The wide body gives them a rectangular shape. 

Bucket Bag

  • Bucket bags are unique and trendy pieces.

  • Have a drawstring that can be loosened and tightened easily.

  • The strap is long to hang easily on shoulders without keeping in hands

  • Size may vary from small to medium

  • Bucket shape

Saddle Bag

  • Saddlebags are iconic pieces, a blend of classic and modern. Made of leather or hard material

  • One long crossbody strap

  • Small size yet spacious inside or with one zip inside

  • Have no sharp end, usually curved bottom or flat body

Messenger Bag

  • Messenger bags are like courier bags. But not simple, they may have fringes, embroidery or tassels attached for designing

  • One Long strap

  • Small or medium size, few have more width or few with high length 

  • Vertical and horizontal rectangular

Clutch Bag

  • Clutch bags are usually carried on events, these are fancy or lightly designed giving glamour

  • They have long chains instead of straps that give a sparkling touch

  • Small-sized but may have sections inside

  • Rectangular or also in the form of boxes

Crossbody Bag

  • Crossbody bags are like messenger bags but with more zips inside

  • Long crossbody strap

  • Small to medium in sizes

  • Usually, rectangular


Recommended High-Quality Stylish Handbags 

Where to Buy
EMPERIA Women's Small Front Flap Messenger Crossbody Bag
CuteClear Women Clear Box Clutch Crossbody Bag Transparent Purse for Concert & Stadium Approved
KILAMAL Drawstring Bucket Bags
Nodykka Women Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel Handbags
The Sak Kendra Hobo Shoulder Bag
Forestfish Ladies Black PU Leather Shoulder Bag Evening Clutch Purse Crossbody Bag with Metal Chain Strap

1. EMPERIA Women's Small Front Flap Messenger Crossbody Bag

An iconic piece made with an outer flap zipper and a tussle, providing an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the fine material touch in the outer skin is giving a great look. The magnetic snap touch gives extra security to keep the stuff inside safe.  The easily cleanable shoulder bag is also dust and waterproof and available in a variety of colors. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry according to your height. 


  • Not too pricey but still a perfect bag
  • Secure to keep the things safe


  • Can’t fit many items.

2. CuteClear Women Clear Box Clutch Crossbody Bag Transparent Purse for Concert & Stadium Approved

It's an all-rounder bag and can be carried along with you at every place. From providing a signature look to your lovely dress through its glamorous style and a shiny transparent touch, it also adds a security check through the clutch button. Simply made and equally spacious, this bag provides room for lots of small accessories like a mobile phone., glasses, or other small cosmetics. 


  • Gives you an elegant look.
  • Best for those who are looking for clutches or crossbody bags.


  • Not-adjustable strap.

3. KILAMAL Drawstring Bucket Bags

This is a bucket-shaped bag without zipping. But you can provide security to the inner items through a drawstring strip that can be tightened to close the bag and loosen to open it. Because of the bucket shape, it has enough space to keep a lot of items easily bearing the weight of all. Simple yet aesthetically designed this bag having fine finishes and matches give a charming look. 


  • Even sensitive items like DSLR cameras stay safe in them.
  • Doesn’t get stained.


  • A frayed strap edge has been reported, which makes it hard to get through the secondary loop.

4. Nodykka Women Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel Handbags

Sophistication is the best narrator of fashion. This tote bag made with high-quality leather provides sturdiness to carry a lot of things -be it a small smartphone or large and heavy books, and can hang it easily on shoulders. Having the shape of a square throw pillow, and finished design on the outer side make it iconic. It's easy to use, open and carry everywhere. 


  • Fits all your requirements at a reasonable price.
  • Size is just perfect, not too big, not too small.
  • Durable and reliable, can be used for years without getting worn out.


  • It gives a faux leather odour.
  • Wider straps would have been better.

5. The Sak Kendra Hobo Shoulder Bag

With the timeless styles and class design, this slouchy bag is amazing for everyday wear. The hobo silhouette catches attention at first. As the outside of the bag is crafted from leather, it gives a sleek and attractive surface and the inner side is made with polyester which serves as a strong foundation for carrying the bulky things in it. Besides the inner wider space, outer pockets, back and inner zippers give elevation to its functionality. To retain its condition, you’ve to clean it with care. 


  • Spacious enough to fit multiple items.
  • Its soft leather adds up to its beauty.
  • Thick and durable stitching,


  • It may give a chemical odor when you open it. 
  • Straps are not adjustable.

6. Forestfish Ladies Black PU Leather Shoulder Bag Evening Clutch Purse Crossbody Bag with Metal Chain Strap

Want to keep a lot of things together outside and don't want to carry a big stuffed bag? At the same time, want to look stylish by carrying on something chic? Then, this bag is the perfect duo for your functionality and style. A small yet the most spacious handbag having three zippers inside to keep the things separate. The central hook closure and the two golden zips give it a timeless look. Also, the lower half golden chain and the long leather strap is unique about this handbag. Hence, high quality and a perfect fit for your fashion sense! 


  • It’s a cute alternative for wallets.
  • Ample space to fit in the necessary items like your phone, wallet, etc. 
  • Suitable for every woman, regardless of height.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The strap keeps unhooking. 

Specifications of the Above-Mentioned Handbags 

  EMPERIA Women's Small Front Flap Messenger Crossbody BagCuteClear Women Clear Box Clutch Crossbody Bag Transparent Purse for Concert & Stadium ApprovedKILAMAL Drawstring Bucket BagsNodykka Women Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel HandbagsThe Sak Kendra Hobo Shoulder Bag
MaterialFaux LeatherLucite with Golden Metal framePu leatherPu leatherLeather, polyester, polyurethane
Dimensions8.5”  x 7” x 1.5” 7\" x 4.3\" x 1.9\"13.7\" x 10.6\" x 4.3\"14” x 12” x 0.8”15.5”  x 3.8”  x 8.8”
ZipsTwo zips, front flap and zipper closureOne clutched openingOpen tightened with a drawstringNo zipper, open, close with a magnetic touch button and one compartment insideMain zipper, one inside, back zip and slide pockets
StrapsOne long adjustable strapDetachable chain strapOne long strapOne short strap and a tussle attachedMedium-sized strap
FunctionalUsed to carry small items and is durableUsed to carry for few items, go wear for partiesSpacious to carry small essential itemsLarge provide space for many items, easily used as a college bagShoulder bag, hold a few items. Not enough spacious
  Forestfish Ladies Black PU Leather Shoulder Bag Evening Clutch Purse Crossbody Bag with Metal Chain Strap
MaterialPu leather
Dimensions8.3” x 3.5” x 5.5”
ZipsMain closure with hook
StrapsLong golden chain
FunctionalSmall but with compartments can be used for saving many small things


Hence, all things considered, you know the various factors in the above guide of buying a high-quality handbag for your active lifestyle. If you keep in view the style then it’s self-expression of your personality or highlights your status symbol. Or if you consider it a functional accessory, then it’s a necessity and for this, look out for better quality bags as well besides just iconic pieces. 

A high-quality handbag serves a lot of benefits like it would be durable and hence last longer, it won’t get damaged or worn out easily, and will give you a plus point of adding a charm to your personality.

You can choose from the above 6 recommended products of different styles and designs. Not only makes you look fashion updated but also helps to keep as many accessories in those highly durable handbags.