Tips for Choosing a Practical but Stylish Handbags for Women


    Being practical doesn’t mean you have to give up on your style. It applies on everything – dress, shoes, hats, accessories and most of all, bags.

    Bags are made to serve their purpose – to carry one’s belongings. At the same time though, they also represent one’s personality and taste in fashion.

    That’s why women’s handbags, in particular, usually serve the double purpose of the functional and of the aesthetic.

    So here are the following points on how to pick the perfect handbag – not just as an “everyday” bag but also as a fashion accessory.

    1) Comfort
    Comfort is the number consideration when choosing a handbag. Make sure that it is easy to handle and comfortable to carry around. It all boils down into the make and the design of the bag. The sling or strap should not slip or fall easily from your shoulder, and it should tuck comfortably under your arm.


    2) Pockets

    It depends on a woman’s personal needs or preference on how many pockets or compartments she would like in a bag. Some women would be fine with a couple of main compartments. Others though, would prefer bags with multi-compartments, plus smaller pockets for their pens, make-up, smartphone and its accessories, car keys and other odds and ends. Some handbags are so spacious inside that they can hold a folded umbrella or a mineral water bottle.

    3) Zippers


    Security is also one thing that most women look for a good handbag. They want a bag that can be fully zipped or closed up to prevent the contents from peeking out or dropping. Especially in the case of bigger bags or totes, they should have a full zip closure to make sure that the contents are kept safely inside.

    4) Weight


    If there’s another thing that women look for in an ideal handbag, it should not be too light and flimsy, but it should not be too heavy, either.

    While genuine leather handbags are durable and can withstand scratches (which make them a good investment), they otherwise tend to feel heavy, even when empty. A heavy bag can hurt the shoulders and back, and that’s not good. So before buying a bag, make sure first how light (or heavy) it is before you can put anything into it.

    5) Durability


    Sure, your handbag looks really beautiful, chic and stylish. But if it won’t last for long, it is worthless, especially if you spend a big fortune on it. Make sure to find a reputable and trusted retailer who will guarantee the bag’s durability.

    6) The ability to match your clothes
    This is another important consideration, but many women tend to ignore it. If you find a certain bag beautiful, you would purchase it. But what if it doesn’t go well with your everyday getup? Chances are, it is more likely to stay inside your closet than on your shoulder. All the money you have spent will be of no use. So pick a bag that will really go well with your clothes so that you can carry it more often and get more chances to show off your personal style and taste in fashion.

    7) Versatility (in function and in looks)


    There are bags that are made for specific purposes (such as an evening bag or a make-up). But the handbag is considered an all-around bag into which you can fit everything. Not just that, a handbag should look fashionable and chic too, no matter where you carry it – for the office, for catching-up coffee dates with your girlfriends, for getaways, for parties and many other occasions.

    If ever you’re on an errand or a surprise meeting with a friend or loved one, you don’t have to stand too long in front of your closet and playing “eeny-meeny-miny-moe” while trying to decide which type of bag you are going to use.

    With an excellent combination of functionality and style, the perfect bag you have chosen will be your all-around companion no matter where you go.

    Functional handbags can look great and even unique in their own way. Check out this article “25 Functional, Fun, Unusual and Strange Handbags


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