Tips for Picking Fun and Unusual Handbags


    Handbags elevate everybody’s outfit as these pieces can be eye-grabbing and make your overall appearance well-thought-of. However, if you want to up your game, accessorizing using fun and unusual handbags never misses. 

    Fun and unusual handbags are very eye-catching pieces because they look different than your usual handbags. They come in different sizes and unusual shapes that would make your outfit look edgier and make you stand out among the crowd. 

    Many people like picking fun and unusual handbags as they could be their way of expressing themselves, and these handbags also add to their personality. They are an unusual yet bold fashion statement that anybody might want to try. 

    Buying fun and unusual handbags may be difficult as it requires a lot of thought about whether these fashion pieces are worth buying. However, if you are ready to look for something fun and unique where you can express your creativity and quirky personality, here are some tips that might help you find the fun and unusual handbag that’s perfect for you.

    Always consider your budget

    Despite their strange looks, fun and unusual handbags could be a bit expensive. It is because their designs are well-thought-of, and some are being sold by well-known brands. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are still unique handbags on the market which possess almost the same quality at a lower price. You can shop at some fashion boutiques in your area or go thrifting, where you’ll score a lot of fun and unique pieces. 

    However, when buying handbags, it is better to spend a huge amount of money for a bag that would last you a long time than to buy a less expensive, low-quality product that you could only use several times. Besides, you can use these fun and unusual handbags anywhere and easily pair them with anything, so they are certainly worth the money. 

    woman wearing a blue blazer holding a small black bag

    Know the size that you want

    Size is an important thing to consider when choosing a handbag. Fun and unusual handbags are known to have unique shapes and sizes, so expect to see very small to extremely large pieces. However, when picking fun and unusual handbags, always consider their functionality since what’s the purpose of having a handbag if nothing can fit in it?

    If you want a small handbag, make sure that it fits all your essentials, such as alcohol, keys, your phone, a small pack of tissue, and a wallet or cardholder. But if you bring many things when going out of the house, large unique handbags will also help you stand out in the crowd. 

    a red handbag with a small pocket inside

    Pick something that has enough pockets for you

    You can’t go wrong with having enough pockets in your handbag. Pockets are essential as they’re functional, especially if you have a huge handbag, such as a bucket-styled handbag that’s long and hollow. When picking fun and unusual handbags, make sure you pick one with pockets where you can fit some stuff, especially the small ones that are easily lost. 

    However, regardless of your handbag’s size, pockets come in handy as they allow you to access your valuables immediately. 


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    Pick a handbag that’s comfortable to carry around

    Aside from being fun and unusual, your handbag must also be comfortable to carry around. So before choosing a handbag, make sure you tried it out and that you’re comfortable with it. You can try putting it on your shoulder and see if it sits right on your shoulder. If it keeps sliding off or makes your arm feel uncomfortable, then it would be better to try other handbag options. 

    Just because you have a fun and unusual handbag doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. When buying a quirky handbag, it is crucial that you’re comfortable with it and that you love it because if not, you’ll end up regretting buying it.


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    Choose a handbag that fits your personality

    There are plenty of fun and unusual handbags to choose from. Some handbags are in the shape of food or animals, such as burgers, watermelons, and cat-shaped handbags. There are also handbags that look like things we find inside our homes, like a teapot, a bucket, or a radio. It might feel overwhelming to see many quirky options, so picking one that suits your personality is essential. 

    When you choose a handbag that fits your personality, it will be easy for you to pair it with your outfits since what you wear will also match your personality. You could pick a pineapple-shaped handbag if you’re into Hawaiian or tropical style. And if you are a fan of ethnic fashion, you could accessorize with a Potli handbag or a small colorful, embroidered handbag. 

    Nonetheless, whatever your style is, it would be easy for you to pick a fun and unusual handbag when you search according to your personality. It’s an assurance that you’ll love the handbag you picked and that it wouldn’t go to waste as you’ll use it more often. 

    woman shopping for handbags in a thrift store

    Shop in the right place

    If you do not want to buy unique handbags from well-known and high-end brands, visit your local boutiques, fairs, market stalls, thrift stores, and vintage shops because they’ll probably have the quirky handbags you’ll like. These stores will give you many beautiful options at a lower price. 

    If you want a unique and valuable handbag, you can check in vintage stores because they sell fun and beautiful pieces, and most are probably custom-made. Another option is to go to thrift stores, wherein you’ll have a lot to choose from. Plus, thrift stores usually sell designer bags that are cheaper than the original. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score a quirky handbag at such a great deal. 

    You can also shop for fun and unusual handbags at your local boutiques. These small boutiques usually sell products that locals and budding designers design. Some of these designers also have better designs than those well-known designers, so their handbags are worth the buy. 

    Shopping for handbags in market stalls or at community fairs guarantees you’ll get that fun and unusual handbag you like. It’s fun to shop at the market and fairs because you’ll see many handmade items, which makes the handbags more special and unique. For such an affordable price, you can already bring home the quirky handbags you desire. 

    Fun and unusual handbags help bring out your personality. They are very eye-catching and are certainly good conversation starters. So if you’re still debating whether or not to buy that quirky handbag you’re eyeing, this is your sign to do so. 


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