What Are The Types of Nose Hair Trimmers?


    During your night grooming routine, you notice a tiny strand of hair creeping out of your left nostril as you look at yourself through the mirror. You pick up a tweezer and pluck the strand out, slightly cringing in the process. You begin wondering whether nose hair has any purpose at all and consider looking at nose hair trimmers to purchase one.

    In this post, we will answer all your questions related to nose hair and nose hair trimmers. We will highlight the purpose of nose hair, understand how to safely use scissors to trim nose hair, discuss what nose hair trimmers are, their benefits & their types, and finally, some of the best nose hair trimmers on Amazon.

    Purpose of Nose Hair

    Nose hair is short among young folks, however, as one grows and becomes an adult, the nose hair also grows. By the time one is an adult, it is long enough to grow out of the nostrils and this can be super annoying. However, nose hair isn’t there to just irk you, it has a purpose.

    While breathing in, we don’t just inhale oxygen. We also breathe in a bunch of particles other than oxygen present in the air such as dirt, pollen, viruses, and bacteria. Dangerous particles produced by pollution sometimes are also present in the air we breathe in, especially in areas with a higher incidence of polluted air. Your nose hair stands as a barrier in the face of these particles and catches them thus preventing them from traveling into your body which can cause severe issues.

    There are two types of nose hair. The first type is cilia which are tiny hair deep in our nostrils that move back and forth to trap harmful bacteria in the mucus. It then moves this mucus full of harmful particles towards the throat and particles are ultimately coughed out or swallowed.

    The second type is vibrissae. These are longer and are a checkpoint before cilia, they catch larger particles before they get to the cilia. As these particles do not make their way to cilia, they remain trapped in the nose until they are sneezed or blown out. This is why you start sneezing a lot in the spring when there is a lot of pollen in the air. You can also sometimes see this type of hair further up your nostrils. You should consider using air purifiers for allergies to reduce the burden on your vibrissae.

    Tips for Safely Trimming Nose Hair with Scissors

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    One of the many ways to trim nose hair is by using a pair of blunt scissors. However, as scissors are sharp objects and the inner areas of your nose are sensitive, you must trim your nose hair safely. Let’s look at some tips to safely trim your nose hair with scissors.

    First of all, you would need a scissor especially made for nose hair trimming. These scissors have a rounded tip so that you do not accidentally harm yourself while trimming. These types of scissors are usually part of men’s grooming kits.

    Armed with a pair of trimming scissors, consider the following tips:

    • Find a room with good lighting, especially where you will trim your nose hair
    • Make sure you have a large and clean enough mirror to see what you are doing
    • Clean your trimming scissors before using them
    • Gently insert them into your nostrils and clip the visible long nose hairs
    • Remove only the hairs poking out of your nose
    • Tilt your head backward to get a better view
    • Clip any unnecessary nose hair up there 
    • Ensure to not touch any nasal cavity walls with your scissors
    • Do not trim the hair to the skin as this can be painful and harm your nasal cavity
    • Sterilize the scissors and place them in a designated bag or storage

    Nose Hair Trimmers and Their Types

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    Instead of using blunt scissors or tweezers to remove nose hairs, an easier and safer way of doing so would be using nose hair trimmers. Nose hair trimmers use a small circle-shaped blade powered by a motor that spins inside your nose to clip any excessive nose hair. 

    These nose hair trimmers are usually a part of a good beard grooming kit as the nose trimmers come as additional attachments with a beard trimmer. The process of using a nose hair trimmer is, most of the time, not painful as the trimmer spins to clip the hairs rather than pulling on them.

     Nose hair trimmers come in two types: electric and manual.

    Electric Trimmers

    Electric nose trimmers are more prevalent in the market as they are convenient and quicker to use. As aforementioned, these trimmers use a small circular-shaped blade powered by a battery that rotates inside your nose. All you have to do is to guide the trimmer where the hair is and the rest of the job is performed by the blade. As such, they are a time-saving device that is efficient and requires minimum effort from the user.

    Manual Trimmers

    Although relatively less dominant in the market, they are the old-school method of trimming your nose hair. You have to use both of your hands to spin the blade and clip the nose hair. But as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, they are less popular in the nose hair trimmer category nowadays.

    Benefits of Using Nose Hair Trimmers

    Man in his 30s trimming his facial hair

    There are many benefits of using nose hair trimmers over other methods. Let’s discuss some of them.

    Less Painful

    Using a pair of blunt scissors to trim your nose hair can be a painful endeavor as you can accidentally cut the insides of your nose. Moreover, scissors pull nose hair from the root which is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. This can lead to ingrown hair and therefore increase the chances of infection.

    Standardized Length

    Scissors are not specifically designed for trimming nose hair, and as such, using them can be a tedious task, lead to uneven trim, and you may miss some hair which will be a significant annoyance. However, with a nose hair trimmer, you simply guide it where you want to trim and it will clip all the hairs to a standardized length. As such, with a nose hair trimmer, you don’t need to worry about the length or miss out on any hair.


    Scissors are simply two blades attached as a pair. However, since nose hair trimmers are mostly electric, they come in with a lot of features that help you trim your nose hair. For example, some manufacturers include LED lights to assist you while trimming your nose hair. Moreover, many of these trimmers are multi-purpose as they can also trim your ear hair and eyebrows.

    Convenient and Time-Saving

    Unlike scissors, you simply need to maneuver the nose hair trimmer over the hairs you want to clip and it will do it for you. As you do not need to use your second hand, you can use it to navigate the trimmer more accurately over the areas you want it to trim. This is much more convenient than scissors where you must use both of your hands.

    In addition, nose hair trimmers will take approximately one to two minutes to complete the entire job whereas you would need much more time to do the same thing with scissors. As such, with nose hair trimmers, you can save a lot of time.


    In this article, we explored the purpose of nose hair, went over tips to safely remove nose hair using blunt scissors, discussed the nose trimmers & their trimmers, understood the benefits of using a nose trimmer, and looked at some of the top-reviewed nose hair trimmers on Amazon. 


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