What You Need In A Good Beard Grooming Kit

What does it take to be a great man? A jacked physique? That’ll help. Stylish clothes? The ladies will love them. A little extra junk in the trunk? That’s probably never hurt. But if you really want to express your manliness and prove that you are on a completely different level than most guys, then you have to have something that only a select few are able to have.

That’s right, the perfect beard is what it takes to truly express yourself and show just how manly you truly are. But having the perfect beard doesn’t mean that you just let things grow wildly and out of control. Instead, it means that you keep it groomed and looking great like you would with any other body hair you may have. In order to have that perfectly groomed beard, here are some things that you need in a good beard grooming kit.

High-Quality Beard Trimmer That Suits Your Needs

When it comes to growing your beard out, you don’t want to cut it too frequently. After all, a few cuts here and there will mean wasted time that you were letting certain areas grow out. However, it’s unlikely that your beard is going to grow out evenly and you are surely going to have some strays that get out of control.

Instead of grabbing a pair of scissors and turning into Edward Scissorhands, grab yourself a reliable and trusted beard trimmer. Keep in mind that you’ll want to opt for something that can handle the coarseness of your hair. On top of that, also look for something that is adjustable and that has a guard to make sure you don’t start getting too close in certain areas on your face. A trimmer is the most fundamental piece of your kit, and if you have nothing else, make sure you have one of these.

View our recommended beard trimmers here, or see the top selling units on Amazon.

Electric, Disposable, or Straight Edge Razor

Gillette RazorBeard styles vary depending on the type of look that you are going for. However, most guys will get a little bit of extra hair going up towards their eyes or have hair that grows along with their neck that won’t look great. In order to get rid of these spots, be sure to have a great razor in your beard kit as well. If you are always on the go and in a hurry, or if you simply just don’t mind shaving every day or so, then you can get an electric razor (find the top-rated ones on Amazon here). These can be quick and easy fixes for troublesome stray hairs.

However, if you want a cleaner looking shave that will last a few extra days, get yourself disposable razor (best units on Amazon through this link) (or if you’re feeling particularly testosterone-filled, get yourself a straight edge or safety razor). In doing so, you’ll be able to get a closer shave that will really accentuate the remaining hair that you have.

Beard-Specific Comb Set

Diane Double Sided BrushYou have to envy those guys who can just roll out of bed and have the perfect messy hair look. However, not all of us are built that same way up top. In the same regard, maintaining a beard can also be equally as difficult when it comes to keeping things in line and not straggling all over the place. Therefore, having a special comb set for your beard is a worthwhile investment.

This comb will allow you to brush your facial hair in a way that goes with your natural growth, while also keeping everything looking tidy. Instead of using the same comb that you use for your head, opt for a brush with strong bristles, which will work great with coarse hair.

Recommended Boar Bristle Brush

Where to Buy
Diane Double-Sided Men’s Club Brush

Recommended Comb

Where to Buy
Kent The Handmade Comb – 73 mm


Skin Protection and Potentially Manly-Smelling Aftershave

Proraso Afershave LotionRazor burn is not only incredibly painful and irritating, but it also looks weird when you are in a business meeting and people can’t stop staring at the bumps on your face and neck. In order to avoid this, make sure that you have a good aftershave that you can apply to your shaven areas.

Granted, this may only be the spots that you use your razor to clean up. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel obligated to go with an aftershave based on smell. Instead, get one that is safe for your face and will allow for the proper moisture to the area after you’ve shaved.

Recommended Aftershave:

Where to Buy
Proraso Aftershave Lotion SV-17X

Recommended Full Kit (Face Wash, Shave Cream, Aftershave, Beard Oil)

Where to Buy
Grooming Lounge The Greatest Shave Ever Kit

Small Nose Hair Trimmer For Stray Nostril Hairs

Panasonic Ear Nose and Hair TrimmerA great beard looks incredibly manly and will show people how much you care for appearance. Allowing that beard to get out of control with nose hairs, well, that’s probably not the look you want to go for.

Therefore, having a simple nose trimmer that you can stick up the old nasal cavity. Not only will this keep things looking great, but it’ll also help you get rid of any annoying hairs that may be tickling you all of the time.

Get the full run down on our dedicated nose hair trimmer page here, or see the top selling units on Amazon here.

Manly Conditioner For Your Beard

virtu Beard Balm by Liberty PremiumYou wash your hair with a certain type of conditioner, so it only makes sense that you give your beard the same type of love. Applying a leave-in conditioner to your beard will allow you to have hair that is softer and more healthy. You’ll also keep the skin underneath your beard cleaner, without having to worry about buildup developing around the roots and follicles.

Apply this every day after you shower and towel dry your beard and you’ll be on your way to softer, shinier, stronger, and a generally more manly and luxurious mane in no time.

Recommended Conditioner (for long or short beards):

Where to Buy
Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Styling and Conditioning Oil or Wax

Stache Bomb Stache WaxIf you want to style your beard, using oil, balm, or wax is the key. A great pair of handlebars on your mustache can really accentuate your beard, as can other designs and old-fashioned styles. But before you dip your hand in that hair wax that you have, consider using an oil or a wax that is specific to beards. These are better for your face and will also help you get the maximum hold on your beard.

Visit our page outlining the best waxes here, or check out what’s for sale on Amazon.com.

You can have a sweet looking beard if you put in the work. Don’t think that just because it’s facial hair, you can let it go without any maintenance. Instead, if you do the tips mentioned here, you’ll have a beard that other guys admire and chicks totally dig.

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