Choosing The Right Beard Balm and Mustache Wax

A beard is more than just some hair on your face. It is a statement, a way of life, an expression of manliness. Many assume that a beard is just grown. It is not; a beard must be crafted and fed, cared for and nurtured like a prize bull. Most men find that their beard, like a good bull, grows fuller and faster with the help of good nutrition.

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Feed the Beard

The hair of a man’s beard is a little different than the hair on the head. Most beards are made up of robust and curly hairs. Those very thick hairs are more delicate and prone to drying out exactly because of their curly and thick shafts. Not just any product will do – one needs a good balm or wax.

A good beard balm and to some extent a good wax will moisturize and nourish the hair. This keeps it soft, strong, and stroke-able. They also help to keep a bushy beard under control. Varying holds allow the user to style the beard and mustache into fanciful shapes-or just keep a neat and tidy appearance. Many balms and some waxes provide skin moisturizing benefits, too. Finally, most men enjoy a pleasing beard aroma. Many waxes have subtle hints of such refreshing smells like eucalyptus, tea tree, patchouli, even a manly hint of sweet pipe tobacco.

Groom the Beard

Balms and waxes are applied with fingers and tools. First, the product is warmed by the fingers. You can roll it about on your palms until it is soft. Inhale the smell, feel the potential of your beard as you gently rub it into the hair. Work bottom up. Remember, the hair at the end of the beard is older and drier. It has the most need of a good feed.

Most beards will enjoy the use of a beard comb or brush at this time. A horn comb with wider teeth is best for a longer beard. Horn combs with more narrow teeth are best on shorter beards and mustaches. Most beards prefer to use natural horn or wood, not a plastic substitute. Natural material distributes oils better and is gentler on the hair. Men with short beards will appreciate a boar bristle brush too. Short strokes groom skin and short hair. Longer strokes help work in waxes and style the beard. Be gentle with the beard.

Recommended Brushes and Combs

Where to Buy
Diane Double-Sided Men’s Club Brush (Boar Bristle Brush)
Kent The Handmade Comb – 73 mm (Small Comb) – Great for mustaches and short facial hair
Kent Hand-Made 113mm – FOT (Comb )- More of an all-around brush that is a bit bigger and wider

Pick Your Product

There are many products to service every man and his beard. The trick is to pick a balm or wax whose hold you prefer and whose ingredients sooth your manly nature. And then of course, there is the matter of the fragrance for you and those who are blessed by your beard’s presence. We’ve picked a medium hold balm and a really intense sculpting wax, so whatever your style, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Buy
Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.
Stache Bomb Stache Wax

1. Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

This is a premium balm and provides a medium hold while adding shine and softness (and strength) to your facial hair.

It’s super high-quality ingredients make it not only great for your coarse beard hairs but for the skin underneath. We have to remember that by taking care of the base of our beards (our skin), we’ll have a better chance of having a great beard growing out of it. The mixture of various premium essential oils plus shea butter and some beeswax puts this in a league of its own.

All natural ingredients are carefully handcrafted in the USA and the attention to detail on this product is amazing – truly meant for a man who wishes to break away from the pack and get noticed for all the right reasons.

It’s got a light eucalyptus scent which is natural, a little outdoorsy, and almost minty but subtle enough not to overpower you – just enough to get you feeling sharp, refreshed, and in touch with your roots in nature.

Highly recommended!

2. Stache Bomb Stache Wax

This is a product for a man into multifunctional beard products. It is a handmade product from Portland, Maine. The Stache Bomb Stash Wax has a manly lumberjack smell of a freshly cut pine tree. It comes in an unapologetically hipster-friendly tin covered in retro art. In fact, she has a name. The blond bombshell on her mustachioed bomb is named Stache Bomb Sally.

The creator of this product was a competitor in mustache competitions. He was disappointed in the waxes available for those seeking a firm hold suitable for a fine handlebar look. So, one day he created his own. His creation has a secret formula but relies heavily on beeswax.

This is a firm wax with a stiff feel. It will hold a curl in all but the most stubborn of beards. Use it when you need to do some serious shaping.

When you’re done choosing your balm or wax, make sure you know everything else about grooming your chin fur!