Choosing The Right Beard Balm and Mustache Wax


    A beard is more than just some hair on your face. It is a statement, a way of life, an expression of manliness. Many assume that a beard is just grown, something that naturally occurs when you stop shaving for some days. It is not; a beard must be crafted and fed, cared for and nurtured like a prize bull. Most men find that their beard, like a good bull, grows fuller and faster with the help of good nutrition.

    Feed the Beard

    The hair of a man’s beard is a little different than the hair on the head. Most beards are made up of robust and curly hairs. Those very thick hairs are more delicate and prone to drying out exactly because of their curly and thick shafts. Not just any product will do – one needs a good balm or wax.

    A good beard balm and to some extent a good wax will moisturize and nourish the hair. This keeps it soft, strong, and stroke-able. They also help to keep a bushy beard under control. Varying holds allow the user to style the beard and mustache into fanciful shapes-or just keep a neat and tidy appearance. Many balms and some waxes provide skin moisturizing benefits, too. Finally, most men enjoy a pleasing beard aroma. Many waxes have subtle hints of such refreshing smells like eucalyptus, tea tree, patchouli, even a manly hint of sweet pipe tobacco.

    Groom the Beard

    Balms and waxes are applied with fingers and tools. First, the product is warmed by the fingers. You can roll it about on your palms until it is soft. Inhale the smell, feel the potential of your beard as you gently rub it into the hair. Work from the bottom up. Remember, the hair at the end of the beard is older and drier. It has the most need of a good feed.

    Most beards will enjoy the use of a beard comb or brush at this time. A horn comb with wider teeth is best for a longer beard. Horn combs with more narrow teeth are best on shorter beards and mustaches. Most beards prefer to use natural horn or wood, not a plastic substitute. Natural material distributes oils better and is gentler on the hair. Men with short beards will appreciate a boar bristle brush too. Short strokes groom skin and short hair. Longer strokes help work in waxes and style the beard. Be gentle with the beard.

    Why Should You Use Beard Balm and Mustache Wax

    Jar with product for styling hair and mustache

    The first step towards ideal beard maintenance and styling is to keep it clean and soft. The best beard shampoos and conditioners can help out here. However, you also need to follow several other steps before your beard is healthy, manageable, and properly cared for. This is not just for the actual facial hair, but also the skin it’s growing out of. 

    Basically, the best beard balms and mustache waxes can help you achieve a smooth, problem-free skin as well. Before we order the first ones we see on the market, though, it’s logical to check out just what these products are. 

    What Exactly is Beard Balm?

    Handsome Young Man Applying an Aftershave Moisurizer after a Morning Shave

    Beard balm can be similar to beard oil in some ways, but there are some striking differences between the two products. It’s much thicker, for one. It will also take more time to absorb than beard oil does, but is also expected to last longer. The balm will provide a strong hold on your beard, which is especially convenient for those sporting longer beards. 

    Even if you check out the top sandalwood beard oils in the market today, they won’t completely replace a quality beard balm. Let’s now have a closer look at beard balm and what it offers:

    The texture

    Beard balm is like pomade, but it acts like an oil on beard hairs. You may have to work a little to spread it all over the beard. 

    The ingredients

    The exact ingredients in any beard balm will depend on how it’s formulated and manufactured. There are some general similarities, though, as beard balms will probably have at least one moisturizing agent as well as a sealant for retaining moisture. Shea butter and beeswax are among the most popular choices here. Along with moisturizing the beard, the use of these ingredients can also make it seem fuller. 

    How to choose the right kind of beard balm

    Most experts in beard grooming will recommend going for a beard balm that contains 100 percent natural ingredients. That goes for beard shampoo, conditioners, and any beard-related products as well. 

    Benefits of beard balm

    Here are just some of the benefits we can expect when regularly using beard balm in the proper manner:

    • Adds volume to the beard
    • Makes the beard easier to comb out and style according to your preferences
    • Moisturizes both the beard hair and the skin underneath it
    • Conditions the facial hair and locks in moisture to ensure softness 
    • Gives a shiny appearance, which can make a bearded man stand out in a crowd

    Tips for Applying Beard Balm

    The general steps for applying beard balm and mustache wax have already been discussed above. The following tips can help make things a little easier and might even give better results: 

    • Apply the balm to beard hair that is slightly damp, but not excessively so
    • Lightly pat the beard after taking a shower, and then apply the beard balm
    • Use enough beard balm to ensure that the entire beard is covered. Coat your fingers with the product first and then start running them through the beard
    • You may feel like the product isn’t getting abroad at first, especially if you’ve only used oils or nothing until this point. However, this is normal; the product will eventually absorb into the hair by itself

    What Exactly is Mustache or Beard Wax?

    male hands of barber, clipper with professional tools at barbershop. Beauty, selfcare, style, fashion and male cosmetics concept

    Again, beard or mustache wax shares several ingredients with beard oil and beard balm. However, its purpose is quite a different one; wax is mostly meant for styling the beard after the washing and moisturizing processes. Below are some details that can help us understand this product better:

    The texture

    When it comes to texture, beard or mustache wax will be thicker than beard balm. It may hence require a little more effort, along with some knowledge of how to style your beard. 

    The ingredients

    Beard wax will usually have carrier oils such as jojoba or argan oil, mixed with an essential oil such as cedarwood, peppermint, etc. Beard balm may also have these ingredients, but the difference lies in the ratios and proportions used. The wax products will also use more beeswax as a base.  

    Some beard wax manufactured may also add lanolin to their product. This is another natural ingredient, derived from sheep or lamb wool (probably not the best option if you’re vegan). This addition is also wax-like, which gives the product even more hold over thick and wiry beard hair. 

    The function

    All of these ingredients come together to make a great styling product. At times, you may also have heard the term ‘beard hairspray’ to describe beard wax. 

    Since there are also oils inside beard wax, the predict will serve to moisturize and condition beard hair a little. However, it usually won’t be as nourishing as beard oil or beard balm. The scent will also be fainter if you use an all-natural product. 

    Tips for Applying Beard or Mustache Wax

    Applying beard wax is similar to the process for beard balm. However, the following tips can help you make sure of the right method:

    • Take around a thumbnail-sized amount and rub it using the palms. Once the wax is melted, it’s ready to apply to the beard
    • Again, begin at the roots and work your way up
    • When the wax covers the whole beard, you can style the hair however you choose. Any style you pick should hold well throughout most of the day or night

    What Product Should You Go For?

    Male lumber jack model with beard twisting, pinching and waxing his mustache

    So, should you go for beard balm or beard wax? Some experts state that we should combine beard balm and beard oil, as the former goes on the hair and the latter can also enhance the skin underneath. However, some people may wonder whether the balm may also provide the same function as a wax and vice versa. 

    The best answer about what product to use is: a combination of both. This is especially true if you have a long beard that tends to get out of control quite often. 

    The first step after washing should probably be to use a bit of beard oil. Follow this up with beard balm, and then use beard or mustache wax for a special occasion. 

    Beard balm as a middle product

    Beard balm lies somewhere between oil and wax. It has the nourishing properties of oil, while also providing easier styling similar to wax. If you just have to pick one product for your beard (apart from shampoo and conditioner), the balm should be a great do-it-all option. 


    The following questions will hopefully clear up a few loose ends:

    1. What is the main purpose of mustache waxes?
    2. Mustache and beard waxes are mostly for holding the facial hairs in place and making sure they stay in the style you want them to.
    3. Are there wax categories? 
    4. There are usually 3 categories of beard and mustache waxes. These are hard (for handlebars), soft, (for short mustaches), and medium (for styling longer facial hair).
    5. What kind of ingredients should we be looking out for in a beard balm or mustache wax?
    6. Since the skin on the face is more sensitive than anywhere else on the body, it’s recommended that we only use products with certified ingredients that are also all-natural. This precaution will greatly reduce the risk of allergic reactions, irritation, and other unwanted side effects. 
    7. What kind of a scent should beard balms and waxes have?
    8. The exact choice of how a product smells is usually up to an individual’s preference. Still, we venture to say that men usually like lighter scents that won’t overpower your nose. At the same time, they still want something that will make a statement. The scent of a natural beard balm will depend on its ingredients, so make sure to check and decipher the smell before making a purchase. 
    9. Do beard and mustache waxes come in different colors?
    10. Beard and mustache waxes can come in various colors according to the shades of hair one has or is aiming for. If you’re choosing one, make sure to get something that already matches your current beard color.  


    We may conclude that beard balm, mustache wax, and similar products like beard butter are important for proper beard maintenance. If you want to take your beard styling and self-grooming to another level, the beneficial ingredients in such products are indispensable. 

    Ready to get the best balm, wax, and other products for maintaining your beard? It might help to check out just what you need in a good beard grooming kit before shopping around. 



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