Must-Have Mustache Accessories


    A good mustache can be hard to grow. However, once you do get full growth, it is very important to maintain the health, and style of the hair. You don’t have to worry though. We’ve brought you the complete list of mustache accessories, and how to use them with perfection. No matter what style of mustache you’ve chosen, these mustache accessories will help you with all of them.

    A Good Pair of Scissors

    This is perhaps the most obvious mustache accessory on our list. You need to trim your mustache regularly to maintain its shape. Let your hair grow out before you think of trimming it. This will give you an idea of what your maximum growth is, and what styles you can choose from. 

    Always make sure to trim your mustache in a well-lit place, so you don’t accidentally cut yourself or cut the mustache extra. We also recommend washing your mustache with a mustache shampoo. This will not only rid the mustache of dirt but will also make the hair follicles soft. Softer and malleable hair is easier to cut. 

    While a good trimmer is also one of the things you need to take care of your mustache, a pair of scissors has its own merits, especially if you’ve recently grown a mustache. You have a lot more control over scissors when compared to trimmers. It is very easy to make a mistake with trimmers.

    A Good Mustache Comb

    A comb is one of the most important mustache accessories out there. You can never trim your mustache unless you comb it first. The first thing a comb does is straighten the hairs. This makes them easier to cut, as you have a clear idea of their true length. Also, brushing downwards helps keep split hands, and short hair in place. 

    Invest in a good-quality wood comb. If you do intend on using a plastic comb, make sure it has a smooth finish. Cheap plastic, or a finish that’s not smooth, will lead to breaking in the hair. The teeth of the comb should be soft too. Below that mustache, the skin of the face is sensitive. Since the mustache isn’t as dense as the hair on the head, the comb will always grate against your face.

    A Good Quality Trimmer

    A man trimming his mustache using a trimmer

    A lot of big brands out there have their beard trimmers. Regardless of what brand you prefer, here is what you should be looking for in a beard trimmer. The first thing will always be stainless blades. You want your trimmer to last you a long time. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, nor does it break easily. Another good feature to go for is a rubber grip. If your trimmer accidentally slips out of your hand, you could get seriously injured.

    Trimmers in the market are available in both cord and cordless designs. This comes down to your personal preference and circumstances. If you travel a lot or don’t have a power outlet in your bathroom, a cordless trimmer would be perfect. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of charging the trimmer, a cord is the standard option.

    Finally, let’s talk about what you want to achieve with the trimmer. Always go for the trimmer that provides you with a lot of length options. A trimmer is also made according to whether it is to be used for wet, or dry trimming. If you have a habit of trimming your mustache after the shower, a wet trimmer is for you. If not, you can go for a dry trimmer. If you’re not sure what you prefer, some options provide both wet, and dry trimming. 

    We recommend trimming your mustache while it’s dry. Wet hair recedes upwards when it dries. If you trim wet hair, the dry result will always be shorter than expected.

    Mustache Shampoo

    Beard and mustache shampoo are very important. The shampoo that you use on your head, rids the hair with grease and oil. However, beards need these oils to stay strong. If you remove these, the hair becomes brittle, and itchy, and starts forming split ends.  This is why a separate shampoo is an essential mustache accessory. 

    A good beard shampoo doesn’t remove these natural oils, and instead only cleans the dirt in the beard. A lot of food and other fluids get caught in the mustache too. The shampoo removes all these, and in turn, makes the hair soft and pliant. This makes it easier to maintain and cut.

    You use this shampoo just like regular shampoo. Simply lather it between your hands, and then rub it into your mustache. Wash the hair with warm water, and dry it. You can use a mustache shampoo 3-4 times a week. 

    Mustache Oil

    Mustache oil is one of the mustache accessories that can be used for a lot of purposes. It is used to moisturize the mustache, and the skin under it. Mustache oil often contains jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil.  It is also used to increase hair growth, both for people that don’t grow mustaches, and people that have empty patches or thin hair. 

    Oil gives the mustache a shine and makes it softer so your skin doesn’t itch. The best way to use the oil is to apply it after a shower. Simply take a few drops of oil, and rub them into your beard. Your beard should be damp, but not wet. Oil should always be massaged into the hair in a downward motion. You can brush your beard to make sure the oil is evenly distributed. 

    Mustache Balm

    A mustache balm is also used to moisturize the hair and skin. However, it has a thicker consistency than oil and is preferred as a styling option. As a beard balm is thicker, it can be difficult to apply it correctly to the beard. Fear not though, because we’ve brought you all the steps you need to use this mustache accessory right. 

    Take a pea-sized amount of the thick balm onto the palm of your hands. Rub them together, so the heat melts the balm. Apply the balm to the mustache, and run a comb through it. This will make sure the balm doesn’t clump your mustache hair together. 

    Mustache Wax

    A person waxing his mustache

    Mustache wax is an essential mustache accessory. The main purpose of the wax is to hold the mustache hair in place, especially at the ends. This prevents the hair from fraying, developing split ends, and keeps long hair safe. Also, mustache wax has ingredients like beeswax, and kinds of butter, to keep the hair moisturized.

    To apply mustache wax, simply take a small amount between your fingers. Rub the fingers together to warm the wax. Then apply the wax to your mustache. Pinch the hair together, and drag it out from the middle towards the ends. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What are some common mustache accessories?

    Some of the most common must-have mustache accessories are a pair of mustache scissors, a comb, wax, shampoo, oil, and trimmers.

    • Can I use beard oil on my mustache?

    Yes, you can use beard oil on your mustache. Beard oil is a grooming product that is designed to moisturize and nourish the hair and skin on your face. It is made from a blend of oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, which are known for their hydrating and conditioning properties.

    • What is mustache wax and how do I use it?

    Mustache wax is a grooming product that is used to style and hold the hairs of a mustache in place. To use mustache wax, simply scoop a small amount out of the container using your finger or a small tool, warm it up between your fingers, and then apply it to your mustache. Use a comb or brush to shape your mustache as desired, and then allow the wax to set for a few minutes before styling further or wearing it out in public.

    • What is a mustache comb and when should I use it?

    A mustache comb is a small, narrow comb with teeth that are specifically designed for combing and styling mustaches. You should use a mustache comb when you want to groom, shape, or style your mustache. 

    • How do I keep my mustache looking fresh and clean?

    Wash your mustache regularly with a mild shampoo or soap to remove dirt and oils. Use a beard oil or conditioner to add moisture and prevent dryness. Trim stray hairs and maintain the desired shape and length of your mustache. Use a mustache comb or brush to groom and style your mustache. Avoid using hot water or rough towels when washing your mustache, as these can cause damage to delicate hair fibers.


    Mustache Accessories are important investments to take care of your facial hair the right way. Since facial hair is difficult to grow, it should be treated with care. Trimming and grooming your hair will be difficult in the beginning. The most important things in this process are to have all the required information and to have patience. Perfection in your grooming will only come with time.


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