What are the types of beard and mustache trimmers?


    What Is a Beard and Mustache Trimmer?

    Close up of old man trimming his beard.

    A trimmer is a device used to trim your hair. These trimmers use two or more sliding blades configured to trim your hair when they pass through the blades. Trimmers are usually small and can only cut a small width of hair, allowing you high levels of precision and control. Due to this, they are often used to style facial hair. 

    There are many different kinds of trimmers available that are designed to cut hair of various lengths and textures. There are hair trimmers, beard trimmers, ear and nose hair trimmers, etc. Beard and mustache trimmers, in particular, are designed to cut hair evenly, which results in a smooth trim. These razors come in contact with your skin, which is why it is essential that you purchase a high-quality one. 

    If you do not purchase an appropriate beard and mustache trimmer, it may catch and snag your hair or scratch you. Due to this reason, you should ensure that you choose one that is designed to be precise and accurate. 

    How Do You Use a Beard and Mustache Trimmer?

    Man getting his beard trimmed.

    Using a beard and mustache trimmer is extremely easy, which is why it is preferred over regular razors. The first step is to comb your beard or mustache in the direction where it naturally grows. By doing so, you are allowing the hair to extend to its maximum height. Next, you should decide the style you want to have. 

    The next step is to trim your beard hair le ngth. To do so, put the trimmer guard attachment on. Then, turn the trimmer so that the front of the cutting unit faces the other direction. 

    You should start trimming from under your chin. The best way to get a smooth trim is to follow the natural contours of your face, meaning you should trim along your jawbone line. Then, work towards your ear and the upper beard line. Ensure that you use an upward motion. You can cut against or with the direction of your beard hair. 

    After your beard is of the ideal length, you should define the beard line. To do so:

    1. Remove the trimmer guard attachment and rotate the trimmer so that you are holding it vertically. The cutting blade should be facing you.
    2. Once your trimmer is in the correct position, start at the edge of the beard line.
    3. Ensure that the blade rests lightly on your skin.

    Trimmers make trimming your mustache and beard so much easier as they have trimmer settings. You can adjust these to cut your hair at various lengths. This helps significantly avoid human error, and you will get a smooth trim every time. Ensure that you always start with a longer hair length, so you do not accidentally cut off too much.

    You should put on some beard balm and mustache wax when you are done to keep your facial hair hydrated and soft.

    Why You Should Get a Beard and Mustache Trimmer Over a Regular Razor

    Man shaving his beard.

    Before beard and mustache trimmers became common, razors were the preferred tool. A regular razor only allows you to shave your face and depends on how stable your hand is. If you press too hard, you may cut some hair shorter than others. There is also a danger of scratching yourself with a razor.

    With a beard trimmer, you can maintain a uniform beard of your preferred length. They usually have multiple settings to choose from, which allow you tremendous variety and flexibility to get your mustache or beard to the ideal length. You are also at a lower risk of nicking yourself because most trimmers only lightly touch your skin. 

    What To Consider When Purchasing a Beard and Mustache Trimmers

    Beard and mustache trimmer on a wooden surface.

    When purchasing a beard and mustache trimmer for yourself, you must first decide the length of hair you want to maintain. You should also consider the styles you want to try with your trimmer. By knowing its exact purpose, you can choose one that fits your needs the best.

    You should consider various factors when making your purchase, and knowing your purpose will significantly help you when you shop. Here are a few factors that you should take into consideration. 

    Powerful Motor

    One of the first things you should check out when purchasing a beard and mustache trimmer is its power. If you have a big beard or are trimming the edges to neaten your beard and mustache, your trimmer should have a strong battery or motor. This helps make the task a lot easier.

    Ensure that the trimmer you choose has a powerful motor if it is wired and long-lasting batteries if it is wireless. If your trimmer has motor problems, your grooming routine is bound to get painful. Trimmers with weak motors cannot work fast enough to trim your hair. Due to this, you may need to go over the area multiple times. Additionally, you may not get that smooth trim if your trimmer lacks power. 

    Battery Capacity

    If you want to purchase a cordless trimmer, you must choose one that has a long battery life. Most trimmers claim to charge in minutes, but if you purchase a high-quality one, it is bound to last you longer than cheaper trimmers. In such cases, checking product reviews before deciding on a trimmer is a good idea.

    Cordless batteries are usually preferred over corded trimmers because they are much more convenient. Still, you must ensure that it has a quick-charge feature. Additionally, it should also use rechargeable batteries. This feature allows you to have an extra set on hand just in case the ones you are using die.


    Since beard and mustache trimmers are handheld devices, you want to ensure they are lightweight and easy to hold. If you purchase a heavy trimmer, you will likely get tired quickly. Due to this, you may want to buy the plastic body one. Silver stainless-steel trimmers look much fancier but are heavier, making them difficult to hold for extended periods. 


    Another important consideration when purchasing a beard or mustache trimmer is how it feels in your hand. Ideally, you should buy one that has an ergonomic design and is easy to hold. Such trimmers are often slender in shape and also durable. A slimmer design is also handy as it allows you to easily see where you are trimming in the mirror and does not block your face too much. Such trimmers are also better to grip, and you are less likely to drop them.

    Ensure that the trimmer is not too slim, as that can be difficult to grip and use. 

    Sharpness of Blades

    A trimmer’s blades are responsible for cutting your hair, which is why you should aim to purchase a trimmer with sharp blades. The sharper the blades are, the smoother your trim will be. Dull blades bring with them a host of issues. You may get split ends, ragged edges, and an uneven trim. It is also very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful to use dull blades. 

    The best kind of blades on trimmers are self-sharpening blades. These blades use the friction created when moving back and forth to sharpen themselves. Due to this feature, you will never catch the trimmer’s blades dulling. Self-sharpening blades extend the life of a trimmer and save you from having to replace full blades. In the long run, you also save money. 

    If your budget does not allow for self-sharpening blades, you can also look into trimmers with high-carbon steel blades. They are designed to stay sharper for longer and offer the best cutting performance.

    Multiple Settings

    Everyone likes to experiment with their hair every now and again, which is why you should aim to purchase a trimmer that offers that flexibility. Choosing a trimmer with multiple settings allows you to choose the length you want your beard and mustache hair cut to. Most trimmers come with guards that will enable you to vary the length of your cut. These guards are set to move the blade away from or towards your face. 

    To change these settings, some trimmers use a dial to adjust the length of the blade guard to cut your hair at different lengths. 

    Variety of Attachments

    Ideally, you should purchase a trimmer that comes with a variety of attachments. These allow you more flexibility and enable you to experiment with different beard and mustache styles. Guide combs are one of the most valuable attachments that manufacturers can include with trimmers. These are extremely useful in helping you create your desired look.

    You can have a close trim, a short stubble, etc. It all depends on the comb you are using and its size. Here are the standard guide comb sizes. 

    Size In mm
    1 3mm
    2 6mm
    3 10mm
    4 13mm
    5 16mm
    6 19mm
    7 22mm
    8 25mm

    If you want a close trim, you should choose one of these comb sizes.

    Size In mm
    0.5 1.5mm
    1 3mm
    1.5 4.5mm

    Some other attachments that trimmers usually come with include tools that help trim nose, ear, and chest hair.

    Length of the Cord

    If you are purchasing a wired trimmer, ensure that you buy one with a long cord. A long cable allows you to stand at your full height and even lean toward the mirror to see better. With a shorter cable, you will be restricted and unable to move around freely, making trimming more difficult. 


    When purchasing any electronic, buying one of good quality is essential. If you are in the market for a beard and mustache trimmer, you must choose a durable and long-lasting one. As these devices go near your face, you must ensure that all the parts are well-built and that you won’t need to replace them often. 

    Good quality trimmers are often more expensive, but they are much more long-lasting and worth the extra money.

    Dry or Wet Trimming

    When you will be trimming also affects the kind of trimmer you should buy and the ones you should avoid. If you tend to trim during or after a shower, you should purchase a trimmer designed for wet styling. If you prefer to do it before your shower or any other time of the day, it is best to go for a dry trimmer. Some people do both, which is why you can also find ones designed to be wet and dry trimmers, giving you the best of both worlds. 


    Beard trimmers come in a variety of different price ranges. The price usually depends on the brand and the features it offers. The more features a trimmer has, the more expensive it is. Trimmer prices can vary between $30 to $100. More expensive trimmers include attachments that allow you to use them for your whole body. 

    How To Maintain Your Trimmer

    Man cleaning his beard trimmer.

    Maintaining your trimmer is also crucial for its longevity. Some trimmers come with self-sharpening blades, designed to sharpen themselves each time you shave. For others, you need to upkeep their maintenance and ensure that the blades are always sharp.

    It is always a good idea to oil your blades before you use them for the first time. Additionally, you should always brush excess hair off the blade and oil them after each use. This practice helps avoid rusting, which extends the life of your trimer. 

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Beard and Mustache Trimmers

    Man trimming his beard in front of a mirror.

    Advantages  Disadvantages
    They are easy to use, and can be used by anyone. They are expensive.
    They help save money as you do not need to visit a stylist every time your beard or mustache needs styling. They can cause skin damage if not used carefully.
    They help save time.
    They are more convenient and easy to use compared to razor blades.


    When purchasing a beard and mustache trimmer, you must choose one that is of high quality. Cheap mustache and beard trimmers are often tricky to use and can snag your hair. Branded trimmers are relatively expensive, but they use the latest technology to ensure that you have a precise and pain-free shave. They are also made using high-quality materials that are easy to hold and use. Some popular brands that manufacture trimmers include Wahl, Philips, and Panasonic. 


    Wahl produces some of the best beard and mustache trimmers on the market. You can find both affordable and expensive trimmers based on your needs. They also have corded and cordless options available, meaning any kind of trimmer you want, Wahl will have it. Trimmers from this brand come with various accessories and feature powerful motors that are run using Lithium ion+s. This allows the cordless types to last longer.

    Some popular models from the brand include the Wahl peanut and the Wahl Model 9864SS Stainless Matte Gray Beard Trimmer.


    Philips’ beard and mustache trimmers are some of the most versatile trimmers on the market. They utilize a lithium-ion battery on their cordless trimmers to ensure that you can use your device for up to 6 hours on just an hour’s charge. Their devices are also washable, which means you can easily use them in the shower. Philips also includes several accessories with its trimmers, so you can use them to trim your eyebrows, nose hair, and more. Some popular models include Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 MG7750 and the Philips Norelco 7500 Beard & Hair Men’s Electric Trimmer with Vacuum.


    Panasonic is known to manufacture trimmers that are extremely simple to use. They are designed for beginners and are versatile, so you can use them to create whatever style you want. Most Panasonic beard and mustache trimmers also come with adjustable combs that allow you to control how much hair you are trimming. Some of the most popular models from the brand include the Panasonic Multigroom ER-GB80-S and the Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Precision Dial.


    1. What size trimmer should I use for my beard?

    If you plan on trimming your beard, choose a setting that cuts from 1-3mm. Check the chart for the comb size as it changes from brand to brand. Ideally, you should trim your beard twice a week. If you do it daily, you may damage your skin.

    2. Should I trim my mustache up or down?

    It is best to trim your mustache in downward strokes. Professionals caution against cutting in upwards strokes because you can end up cutting it too short.

    3. How do I choose a mustache and beard trimmer?

    To choose the best mustache and beard trimmer, focus on the quality of the trimmer, the length options it offers, your budget, and the accessories it comes with.


    There are a variety of mustache and beard trimmers available on the market. Still, if you want one that allows you to trim your beard exactly how you want it, you should consider a few features. When choosing a trimmer, ensure that it is of high quality and the blades are sharp. You should also check the accessories it offers and how powerful the motor is. By considering these factors, you should be able to purchase a trimmer that fits your needs best.

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