What Tools Are Needed for the Swedish Cleaning Method?

The ultimate purpose of the Swedish cleaning method is to minimize the time and effort spent decluttering by those you leave behind. Having less stuff lessens the stress on loved ones who are already grieving and must deal with your possessions. However, Swedish death cleaning is a time-consuming and arduous process, not a quick remedy.

While death cleaning is fundamentally about preparing for death, it is not limited to persons nearing the end of their life. Swedish death cleaning notions can occur several times throughout one’s life, such as downsizing, ending a relationship, or caring for what remains after a loved one’s death.

Swedish death cleaning also entails just determining what you no longer want. While death cleaning is rooted in preparation for the inevitable future, it can—and should!—also be about making life more efficient and easier in the present. The following are the death cleaning tools you’ll need to tidy your own home.

Margareta Magnusson’s The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter (The Swedish Art of Living & Dying Series)

Magnusson, an artist and author, began writing the book after dealing with the losses of her husband and parents and attempting to decide what to do with their belongings. As a Swede, she writes about döstädning, which means death cleaning; dö is death in Swedish, and städning means cleaning. The book’s main point is to gradually start decluttering so that your death isn’t such a hardship for people you leave behind.

This book is a sure must-have for book lovers.



A timer is incredibly handy for breaking down decluttering activities into small bits. A watch or an app is acceptable, but a digital timer or an egg timer are excellent options.

Bags, Baskets, Bins, or Boxes

Giving up a large portion of your stuff is part of the Swedish death cleaning method. This is a major decluttering endeavor that will demand the use of many more containers.

To begin, you’ll need a container to hold the stuff you’re sorting through as you declutter. You’ll probably find some things you want to toss away and some that you want to keep; you’ll also find things you want to give and others that you know go somewhere else in your home.

To maximize your time, keep a container for every one of your sorting categories when you are death cleaning. The containers don’t need to be fancy – a trash bag, a basket, a bin, or a box from around the house will suffice. However, if the pieces are enclosed somehow, it will be easier to work with and remove them.

Whether you plan on donating stuff or storing clutter, you will undoubtedly require some storage containers. You may “dumpster dive” at the back of local retail establishments, but you can also acquire different-sized boxes online for a reasonable price.

Cleaning Gloves

Heavy cleaning is frequently required as part of the decluttering process. This means you’ll need some hand protection.

The Playtex Living Gloves offer several advantages:

  • Enhanced protection
  • Reinforced fingers/palm
  • Comfort wear due to its soft cotton inside
  • Protective drip-catch cuffs

These gloves are known for providing high-quality protection for both indoor and outdoor housework. They come in a convenient 3-pack, allowing you to get numerous uses out of a single purchase.



You will undoubtedly require a marker for your decluttering project since it will require writing lists of the items you store and labeling boxes for sale, storage, and charity. You most likely have several markers in your house. Though we’re sure, you’ll find plenty at your local convenience shop.

If you don’t, Sharpie is a high-quality permanent marker brand. These 5- and 12-pack pens are high quality and an excellent investment if you don’t already have a dozen of them lying around your house.

Where to Buy
Playtex Living Gloves
Sharpie Permanent Markers
Con-Tact Brand Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner in Virtu Black

Shelf Liner

Shelf liners will make your task easier when tidying and arranging.

Small articles are kept from falling through wire shelves with the help of these liners. They also make your shelves look more trendy and new. They also give a multi-purpose surface that is simple to clean with water and soap.

There are more than a dozen various shelf liners to pick from, so one will undoubtedly be ideal for your shelving.

The Con-Tact Brand Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner in Virtu Black is simple to apply and comes in a convenient two-pack of sheets measuring 18′′ H X 120′′L.

Post-It Notes

You can utilize these not only for decluttering but also for your business. Nothing beats a Post-It Note for marking locations (and ideas) on stuff you want to transfer or store.

You can do a once-over of space with a Post-It Note, marking items with notes of what needs to be done. This can be a quick approach to plan out your death cleaning project.

Stepping Stool/Short Ladder


During your death cleaning, you will need to climb high shelves in almost every room. A stepping stool or short ladder is a useful gear to have on hand.

You can acquire a basic and affordable stepping stool or small ladder with non-marring, skid-resistant rear glides and front leg tips for stability to reach those heights safely. Step stools are also simple to store, fold, and transport. This is significant since you do not want to carry a large object from room to room.

Moving Labels

You can utilize these labels to distinguish which rooms contain which boxes. These labels are ideal for neatly marking your boxes if you have a compulsive personality.

When you can utilize these labels to identify each item properly, you never have to deal with a disorderly collection of boxes. This is significantly more “professional” and neat than doodling boxes with a marker.

Cleaning Cloth

When cleaning, you don’t always need a specific cloth for each surface; paper towels will generally suffice. Rags and old clothes are also useful for cleaning surfaces. However, if you truly want the ideal cleaning solution, purpose-built, lint-free microfiber cloths are your best bet.

A Broom, Dustpan, and Mop

Of course, you can’t avoid dust building on your floor when you’re death cleaning. To clean hard surfaces such as wood, cork, tile, and linoleum, you’ll need the right tools. You should look at specific directions for different floors types, but most individuals can get by with a broom, dustpan, and dust mop.