What Tools Are Needed for the Swedish Cleaning Method?


    Just when you’re lying in your bed on a random non-busy day and contemplating what to do next with such a sporadic surge of vigor, you realize how it’s the perfect time to do what you put off on most days: cleaning and organizing! 

    The number one enemy when it comes to cleaning is the big land mines of clutter that are full of stuff you just can’t seem to let go of, well, maybe on a normal day. Many cleaning methods have been used for years, but nothing seems to hold when everything has an instant sentimental value at the last minute. This actualizes when you’re about to throw another object in the trash pile along with the candy strips, worn-out jackets, and old t-shirts – all of which took you an hour to decide if you should discard them. 

    Fortunately for you, there is the perfect antidote to this decluttering problem thanks to the Swedish cleaning method!

    What is the Swedish Cleaning Method?

    Organizing cluttered junk in hallway before and after

    Swedish Cleaning may sound jarring at first, but as the Swedish artist and writer Margareta Magnusson puts it in her book, the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, you don’t have to be an obsessive cleaner to use this trick. You need to develop a strong mentality to live with less so you would not be loaded with too many possessions. Rather, it is a lasting method that can help you empty your living space while dealing with the struggles of clutter and letting things go. 

    You will later discover that letting go of a life of clutter is the best way to relieve your mind and soul of all kinds of disorders. To get you started, here are the tools that can help you in getting the Swedish Cleaning Method right:

    Tools for Swedish Cleaning Method:

    Board or Wall Organizer 

    Starting from scratch is both a pain and a joy, but you always have to start somewhere. Creating a taxonomy for everything you own is a great way to start. After all, you will only know what you have until you clean your space! Having a writing board or an organizer where you can jot down your list of things can help you sort through your possessions. After curating the list, you can rank them based on how easy or hard it is to let go of them. 

    Storage boxes or bags

    Open storage boxes with labels for segregating what to keep and throw away

    Swedish Cleaning doesn’t happen in just one afternoon as you may need to re-organize first, which can go on for as long as you need to. To better segregate all the stuff that needs to be kept and the stuff that has to be given away, you will need storage boxes or bags to safe-keep your belongings. 

    For cost-efficient options, you may also use heavy-duty black trash bags to eliminate clutter. This specific material can work best in conditioning your mind in decluttering and not tempt you to hoard. In simpler terms – out of sight, out of mind. 

    This is especially helpful when cleaning out your so-called memory lane or stuff depicting sentimental value for you that you may not even use in reality. Don’t let temptations distract you, so be sure to use bags that keep you focused on the decluttering!

    Markers and Tapes

    It’s easy to lose track of your things despite being in your vicinity. One minute you’re putting your cardigan in one pile; the next hour, you keep looking for it until you find it stacked away with some of your camisoles. It’s better to label the different boxes according to their contents depending on your taxonomy or method of labeling. Ultimately, it would easily pave the way to your segregation as you won’t have to wonder what’s inside your bags and containers. It may sound too cliche, but labels make the process a lot easier. 

    Lint Rollers

    Using lint roller to remove pieces of hair and debris from clothes

    Sometimes, you can find the weirdest pieces of debris inside of the stuff you’ve stacked away in your cabinets. Your pet’s hair, threads from worn-out clothing, and even small pieces of wrappers can be found all over the place when you’re cleaning. Using lint rollers is a great way to get all the crumbs and pieces in one sweep. Rolling it over the area helps in ensuring that no tiny pieces remain and makes it appear as good as new. More so, it can help you clean up while also organizing well. 

    All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths

    Microfiber cloths are essential for removing dirt from objects with glass or stainless surfaces. This works as a magical cloth that can easily capture dirt from drawers or cabinets, which you may find dusty when retrieving all the boxes or bags you’ve kept for so long. This also comes in handy when you’re decluttering in a space where you might need to do things other than decluttering, such as exercising or taking a nap. You have to keep the space clean, and this cloth is the perfect tool for it!

    Miscellaneous Containers

    Storage boxes and containers of different sizes for decluttering

    While bags contain the big stuff, you need the little bins and baskets to hold the smaller items. Any neat freak would say that you can never have too many containers! It is a great way to ensure that the small items aren’t mixed up inside a big container, so it’s better to keep them all clustered in one smaller container. Having this in your declutter tool kit is the best way to ensure your small-scale belongings are neatly tucked away.

    Hanging Organizers

    One of the most common reasons for the cluttered cabinets and lofts is the lack of storage space. This tool will add some order back into your life, especially if you have a lot of random possessions you need to organize. Easily fit sweaters and jeans into the larger compartments. 

    Hanging organizers are not only for your closet but also for your door, cabinet, and kitchen drawers. You can also utilize this as a storage space for the most unusual places in your room, such as your headboard, cubicle walls, and even hidden compartments. These organizers can also be double-sided to give you 16 pockets of decluttering goodness while not being as bulky as caddies. Hang the organizer over the back of any sturdy backside, and you can find yourself stuffing up the compartments to your heart’s content! 

    More than simply cleaning your living space, the Swedish Cleaning Method takes the decluttering game up a notch by helping you realize and actualize what matters to you. The minimalist lifestyle helps you keep things imbued with sentimental and permanent value and practicality. At the end of it all, the best things in life aren’t always things.

    The next time you find the urge to clear out your living space, consider the Swedish Cleaning Method and the cost-effective tools you can use towards a calmer house and a calmer life!

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