Tips for Dusting Your Home

One of the common things we do when we clean our homes is dusting. This can be a daunting task and sometimes we might think it’s useless because the dust keeps coming back and keeps on coating every horizontal surface in our homes. But no matter how tiring this task can be, it still helps especially in reducing the allergies we experience inside our homes. This is why we are going to give you some tips on how to dust your home effectively.

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Before you start dusting, the very first step is to know the tools you should and should not use. Most of us might be using a feather duster because it’s a pretty tool and it can make the task more fun to do. But did you know that this is the worst tool you can use for dusting? Yes, because feather dusters only fluff the dust into the air, or it simply spreads dust from one surface to another. What you need to really clean the dust off is a tool that captures the dust.

Instead of using a feather duster, you can instead use an electrostatic or microfiber duster. These types of dusters will be able to remove the dust in your home’s surfaces by clinging to them and not just spreading to other surfaces. If you do not have these kinds of dusters, you can also use a soft cloth dampened with water as an alternative.

Dust Your Home from Top to Bottom

Another thing that may help you dust your home is the order of how you do the task. The most effective way of dusting is from top to bottom because this will prevent you from going over surfaces more than once.

You can dust ceiling fans and overhead fixtures first before dusting table lamps and side tables. In fact, you can do it by level. For example, start with all the ceiling fans in your home, then move down to the top of shelves, and so on.

Moving around your whole house is more effective compared to dusting it by section because it gives the dust some time to settle, meaning, you can swipe it up in your next “lower level” of dusting. Once you finish dusting your home by level, you can finish off the session by vacuuming your floors thoroughly.

Dusting Specific Parts of the House

Now that you know that tools and the order of dusting, we will also give you some tips on how to effectively dust specific parts of your home.

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

For ceiling fans and light fixtures, the best tool to use is a bendable duster. But if you do not have that tool, you can simply use some damp paper towels to wipe off the greasy dust from the casing, and a soft-bristle brush that is dampened with a mild cleanser to help loosen the dust on the blades. After that, rinse it with a damp paper towel. But before you do this, you should place a newspaper under the ceiling fan to catch all the dirt.


Dust can be trapped on walls as well and it will be great if you can clean it from ceiling to floor. The most effective tool to use when dusting walls is a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments because it can capture dust without making a mess. If you do not want to use a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a flat head mop and a microfiber cloth that is sprayed with a little water. Make sure that you also work from top to bottom when dusting walls.

Antique Cabinets and Furniture

Antique cabinets and other furniture usually have intricate carvings where dust can be trapped. To be able to clean them well, you can use a clean paint brush with a natural bristle or a makeup brush. Once you get the dust out of the carvings, you can simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

Corners, Moldings, Door Frames, and Baseboards

These parts are usually filled with dust and spider webs as well because they are commonly ignored when dusting. But you can easily clean these spots by grabbing a mop pole and a microfiber cloth. An old sock can work too if you do not have any microfiber cleaning cloth. You just have to place it over the end of the mop pole, secure it with an elastic, and start dusting these places.

Bathroom Vents

Bathroom vents can get super dusty because they suck up a lot of dirt and dust. The best way to clean them is to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The brush will help loosen up the dirt and dust and help the vacuum suck them up.


TV sets, stereos, computers, and other electronics are dust magnets, but wiping them gently with a microfiber cloth will do the job. If you see some dust stuck in crevices of your electronics, you can use a soft, long-handled brush to collect them. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust around cords and vents, preventing them to log machines and outlets.  Its important you don’t forget the outside as well and if your looking for a new clean grill check out Kettle Metal Best Traeger Grill Reviews for great options.

Use Entrance Mats

To prevent dust from entering your home, using two entrance mats can help. You can place one outside the door and one inside the door. Choose mats that can handle the wear and tear of your traffic. Also, remember that they should be cleaned regularly as well.

Change Air Filters

Checking and maintaining your air filters will also help reduce the dust in your home. Making sure that they are working well can ensure you that you have a better air quality at home. Plus, maintaining them can also reduce your energy bill.

Brush Your Pets

If you have pets at homes such as dogs and cats, it can also help if you brush them often to reduce shedding. Most pet owners will agree that most of the dust and debris in their home are from their pets. Therefore, brushing them will help prevent the amount of shedding which you usually dust away. Bathing them regularly can also reduce pet dander.

These are some of the tips we can share for dusting your home. We hope that these will help you in keeping your home clean and allergy free.