Quirky and Cool Gadgets to Clean Your Home


    To have your own living space truly is a milestone. It is a marker of a new chapter in your life and some level of independence. To ensure that a house remains fully functional and good in appearance and to avoid developing any sicknesses due to the dirtiness of the place, one must make sure it is clean and tidy. 

    However, cleaning can be a tiresome chore at times. We spend most of the day working hard to bring food to the table and make ends meet. When we get home, it feels like we have already expended so much energy and time. All we want to do is sit back, relax and give ourselves self-care.

    Fortunately, advances in technology have granted us opportunities to make time for ourselves but, at the same time, keep our living spaces spotless. 

    Many gadgets can be used to clean the house, and not only are they good at their job, but they’re also quirky and cool! Although some of them don’t completely replace your role in cleaning the house, they are very handy and make the chores easier and faster to accomplish. This article will discuss these devices!

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    These compact robots are an amazing addition to your cleaning arsenal. They do the vacuuming and sweeping for you and are also easy to manage and keep in the house as they do not take up too much space. It has sensors that detect walls so that when it bumps one, it will reverse its movement and go to another space that needs cleaning. Studies have shown that some gadget brands already perform as well as a normal vacuum. They can also clean hard-to-reach areas, such as the bottom of a couch. If you have a hard time lifting heavy sofas, then this device can certainly help. Some of them also come with valuable features such as a schedule so that you can choose what time your robot vacuum cleaner will do its job. 

    Portable Sanitizing Wand

    This cleaning device is a portable gadget that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria by simply waving it slowly over items at home you want to disinfect. Avoid any chances of getting sick by using this handy gadget!

    Cleaning Mop Slippers

    Bee mop slippers

    It’s important to stay healthy and have physical exercise at least 3-4 times a week to reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases in our later years. However, there are times when it is such a hassle to wear workout gear, tie the laces of our running shoes, and prepare everything to head to the gym or go for a walk. Luckily, walking is a great exercise you can do at home. You can maximize this time by wearing cleaning mop slippers with extensions on the bottom of its sole with microfiber. This allows you to clean the dusty surfaces of your floors while walking around. There are also many adorable and funky designs, such as these resembling a bee. 

    Automatic Cord Wrap

    Many wires attached to extension cord

    If you have a lot of cords and wires at home, then you know how difficult it can be to wrap them all up when done using, especially if they’re very long. To cut time in fixing all your cords and wires, you can have a cord wrap that will automatically reel and wrap them neatly. By safely keeping these things at home, you’re preventing accidents such as if one of your family members trips over due to the messy wire and cord management. This is especially something to consider if there are children in your household.

    Compact Steamer

    Clothes Steamer being used by a lady at home

    For some of us, ironing clothes is the worst chore. Not only is it tiring to sway your arms back and forth to straighten your clothes and rid them of creases and folds, but ironing clothes also expends a lot of electricity when using the iron for long periods. It is also hot and warm, so you are prone to burn accidents. Fortunately, compact steamers allow you to do the job irons do without all of those aforementioned woes. It can also freshen up clothes that have recently been worn. 

    Electronic Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

    air purifier at work

    You know those moments when it is very sunny, and the sunlight enters your home, but when you squint closer, you can see many dust particles suspended in the air? Well, you can stop worrying about that when you get yourself an electronic air purifier and/or air cleaner. Are these two the same thing? How are they any different? Well, both of these devices play a part in removing impurities in the air. However, air purifiers sanitize the air, hence removing particles such as pollen and dust mites, while air cleaners filter it. Additional things to consider when getting either of the two is that the air purifier is good for only one room, while the air cleaner is a solution for your whole living space. Air purifiers are also excellent for eradicating pathogens such as viruses. 

    Robotic Window Cleaners

    This device is great if you have many windows at home or have windows that are very tall and hard to reach when cleaning. It’s important to consider your own safety while cleaning. When standing on a stool to wipe away those hard-to-reach areas of your windows, you may easily fall if you lose balance, when the kids are running around the house, or when your stool simply just gives up. To avoid getting hurt and ease yourself from window cleaning duties, you should purchase a robotic window cleaner to keep your windows spotless. Due to multiple innovations in this device, you don’t have to worry so much about it causing scratches or streaks on your windows. 

    Generally, the prices of these gadgets may feel like a heavyweight, but in the long term, it’s a great investment in prioritizing yourself while ensuring the optimal cleanliness of your home. 

    Although cleaning the house is something we must all do, there are still ways to make this burden lighter and more achievable, especially when there is a great hustle and bustle in our lives. Take a break! You deserve it. Make your life easier without neglecting your family’s health and your home’s cleanliness by using these quirky and cool gadgets!

    Aside from gadgets, there are also homemade cleaning products that you can use to keep your home clean, which you can learn more about in our Guide to Making Natural Home Cleaning Products.


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