What Eating Raw Food can Do to Your Body


    Switching to a raw food diet helps you get back to eating foods in their natural form. It’s one of the healthiest ways to eat, since you’ll be keeping most of the enzymes and nutrients of food that are mostly destroyed by cooking. If you replace unhealthy and processed foods from your diet with raw, fresh and healthy foods, you’d be doing great things for your body. Trying out 50 percent raw food diet and eating some cooked foods for the rest has a lot of benefits.

    These are some great benefits of eating raw foods to your body:

    Eating raw foods help you take in more enzymes and nutrients.

    Foods lose a lot of nutritional content when cooked or frozen. The full nutritional potential of plant-based foods can be unlocked by eating them raw. When foods are heated over about 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the food retains less vital enzymes. Enzymes help the body break down foods to smaller and more operable nutritional units.

    Also, there are a lot of high-antioxidant foods that lose their benefits when cooked because phytonutrients doesn’t stand up well to high temperatures. During cooking, chemical configurations start to change within the food, so enzymes are lost and the health benefits you get from the food is lessened. So, when you eat raw, you can be sure that your food will be high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals.

    It can help you lose weight.

    The most common reason why people start following a raw food diet is for weight loss. Because switching to raw encourages you to stop eating deep-fried foods, processed foods and sugary foods and you end up replacing them with raw and healthy alternatives, it helps you avoid getting obese. And maintaining a raw diet will also help you maintain a body weight that is appropriate for you.

    Obesity is a big problem in the USA, and it is because of the typical American diet rich in junk foods, processed meats and processed foods. It is common for Americans to stock up chips as tasty snacks, eat store-bought cereals for breakfast, order large pizzas for Friday nights and drive thru a fast food chain during rush hour. People are busy and mostly lazy to prepare an organic, natural and hearty meal, so people tend to settle for easy-to-eat alternatives. These foods cause unwanted fats and extra weight to accumulate in the body. Because of this, a lot of weight-loss diets surfaced, yet the obesity epidemic still continues to worsen.

    This is where going for a raw food diet can help. No, you don’t need to eat full raw – thousands of people who eat around 50% raw food or more have managed to slim down to their ideal size and stay in shape. In the process, the body gets healthier. Since you’ll be eating plenty of fiber and nutrients with a raw food diet, you can curb your cravings. Plus, on a raw diet, you can fill your tummy with as much fruits and veggies as you want but won’t lead to weight gain. 

    A raw food diet is also a low-fat diet. Since you’ll be consuming unsaturated fats coming from seeds, nuts and avocados, they are much healthier and less likely to cause weight gain.

    It can help your body detoxify.

    It can help your body detoxify.

    Another popular reason why people follow a raw food diet is to detox the body. Most people nowadays know the importance of regular detoxing, and eating raw foods is a great way to do this. Perhaps you’ve heard about fruits and vegetables being mixed and juiced up together to form a detox concoction. This is a way to detoxify with raw foods, but of course, you can eat them whole to help the body get the nutrients it needs while helping you feel more full. 

    If you are overweight, obese or have some serious health issues, you don’t need some expensive and complicated detox programs. Just ditching all the junk and changing your diet to a healthy diet is all you need to do. Simply giving up junk food, fast food, processed food, sodas, sweets can give your body a break from ingesting toxins – but replacing them with real and raw foods can provide your body essential nutrients to help your body detoxify.

    Also, when you eat raw foods, it helps neutralize the acid and alkaline levels in our bodies. When acidity rises within the body, diseases develop easier because it lowers immunity. The body can be acidic due to stress, environmental pollutants, lack of nutrients and processed and refined foods. Cooked foods also add more acidity to the body, while raw foods neutralize the acids and help alkalize the body.

    Once you start enjoying and embracing the raw food lifestyle, the thought of going back to your old ways will seem absurd when everything else in your life is now clean. Your former bad habits like regularly eating chips and fast food or drinking all night will be replaced with healthy living. As you indulge in a cleaner diet, you might find yourself finding new habits like yoga, exercise and meditation because of your renewed mindset. 

    It can help prevent and overcome diabetes. 

    A lot of scientific studies shown that a raw vegan diet can reduce the risk for diabetes. One study lined vegan diets to lower risk of type 2 diabetes to 12 percent. Additionally, when a diet is rich in nuts, seeds, legumes and sprouted grains, it further helps lower blood sugar levels.

    Also, there has been stories of people who had incurable diabetes who switched to a raw food diet and reversed their condition. These people were told by their doctors that their diabetes was incurable and they would need to rely on insulin injections to keep living. But when they followed a raw food diet, they reversed their diabetes and no longer had to take insulin. That’s powerful! Simply changing your diet to a raw and healthy one can help your body replenish and repair itself.

    It is good for your heart health.

    Without fatty animal products and added salts, the raw food diet is low in cholesterol and low in sodium, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that due to its focus on fruits and vegetables and inclusion of nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains, the diet can help improve blood cholesterol levels and lower risk of developing heart-related diseases. Because there will be less bad cholesterol that can block your arteries, this diet can boost the efficiency of your blood flow and help the heart pump blood more efficiently.

    It improves your digestion.

    Since the raw diet consists of simple, fresh, plant-based foods, it is easily digested by the body. The simple carbohydrates found in fruits and veggies can be processed with little effort for the digestive system. Since raw foods supply more enzymes than cooked foods (and enzymes aid in the digestive process), the easier it is for the nutrients in the food to be fully digested by the body. This way, bowel movements will be much regular and it reduces the likelihood of constipation.

    A smooth digestion can also be aided by the high amount of fiber in plant foods. These add bulk to the stools and help food move quicker through the gut. It also helps feed the good bacteria in the intestines. 

    As raw diets help waste get eliminated easier, it lowers the likelihood of digestive problems caused by food fermenting in the gut, such as inflammation, gas and toxic waste accumulation in the intestines. 

    It can give you glowing skin.

    Fruits and vegetables help you have a glowing and radiant skin. Have you used a lot of skin care products lately, yet you skin doesn’t improve a lot? Then, you may have a problem with your diet. If you have problems like acne, pimples spots and blemishes, it’s a good idea to try a raw food diet to see the results for yourself. People who have been eating raw – not necessarily 100% raw – usually have glowing and radiant skin that became clearer and healthier looking.

    It makes you more conscious about health and nutrition.

    It makes you more conscious about health and nutrition

    As you incorporate more amounts of raw foods in your diet, you increase your fruit and vegetable consumption. Fresh fruits are mild in calories, vitamin-rich and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized. When eaten whole, their fiber aids in healthy digestion and helps control your appetite. You can also juice them or make a shake or smoothie out of them to add variety to your raw diet. Meanwhile, vegetables provide minerals and small amounts of proteins. Veggies can be eaten as smoothies, salads and sides.

    Because you intentionally include these goods to your raw food diet, you become more obsessed with healthy foods, and you will tend to search for more healthy, raw and organic recipes. It will spark your curiosity about the health benefits of certain types of food and you’ll end up being wiser about health and nutrition with most of your peers.

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